7 Tips How to Feel Great, Improve your Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness

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  5. Quality Probiotics help combat the HUGE amount of bad things processed foods do to us through our GI systems! Raw live enzymes are the building blocks that rebuild our bodies! IMO, GMO is Satan's food and a huge amount feeds the livestock we eat as well. Organic and grass fed are the best way to go.

  6. Hey girl, you left out deep breathing!! To me, it's the single best health tip for improving overall health! Sit up with shoulders relaxed. Breathe into the belly (not the chest) through your nose and out your mouth all done very slowly. Only your belly should move (out as you inhale and in as you exhale). OK, start! Get that much needed oxygen into your body! Peace!

  7. What about floridated water? Flouride is good for the prevention of cavities when directly applied to the teeth. Why ingest it?
    Also plastics emit gases when heated and I know of Dr.s who tell their pateints not to drink out of plastics. Think about what kind of shower curtain you have. If it is vynol, you get gassed everytime you take a shower!

  8. @orasis A lot of drinks and foods contain corn syrup (which labels are now changing to corn sugar! can you believe that ?) Most corn in the U.S. is genetically modified! They use ecoli to enter the cell call, then they add a bacteria they found that is immune to round up! Our food system is in a crisis. They way we raise animals, grow our crops and process our foods….. no wonder I see so many small minded people!!

  9. @Zralf

    I was thinking the exact same thing. When I'm at work or relaxing with friends asking for a 'glass of water' usually initiates looks and an offer of a soft drink…

    I'm quite worried about society's addiction to things that are 'sweet' even the bottled waters are marketing (mostly to women) 'flavored' waters, laced with all sorts of artificial sweeteners.

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