8 Dangerous Strength Myths Pushed by Juiced Lifters You Should Ignore

Whether they’re Hollywood stars, professional bodybuilders, or influencers with gobs of followers, a number of the blokes peddling health recommendation on social media are pumped up on PEDs—whether or not they admit to it or not. That’s a threat to their well being, after all, with steroids and different efficiency enhancers being persistently proven in analysis to have deleterious results, particularly on cardiovascular well being.

But for the non-steroid-using guys on the market seeing their recommendation, there’s one other downside: Many of their suggestions received’t work with out the juice, and will put you in danger for overuse accidents, or simply crushing disappointment when you possibly can’t meet their enhanced requirements.

“Everything about a natural lifter is going to look and be different, and repair differently, than with an enhanced athlete,” says professional bodybuilder Brandon Lirio, director of Battleground Fitness, a web-based private coaching firm.

Lirio ought to know: He’s a three-time Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Mr. Olympia in Classic Physique—which suggests he’s received competitions drug-free. He’s constructed about as a lot muscle as he can with out chemical help.

Natural bodybuilder Brandon Lirio in competitors.

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The 35-year-old says he doesn’t personally have something in opposition to lifters or bodybuilders who use steroids. But males who need to be more healthy and safer and skip PEDs have to be reasonable about their targets. And they need to not examine themselves with guys who may be juicing. “They’re like going into a time chamber where you can do 5 or 10 years’ worth of what a normal person could do in a fraction of the time, then turning it up to the 100th percentile.” Add on to this the truth that health influencers on gear ceaselessly don’t admit to it, telling pure guys to easily work more durable, and also you get some very skewed, misguided perceptions.

If you are attempting to construct severe muscle with out resorting to medication, study from Lirio’s hard-earned knowledge. Ignore these eight myths that get promoted within the enhanced bodybuilding group, to assist shield your self from damage and maximize your all-natural features.

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Myth: With onerous work and self-discipline, you possibly can construct that physique, too. Steroids are only a shortcut.

Fact: It’s not a matter of extra time or extra work. No pure lifter can match one other on PEDs.

“[PEDs are] essentially like having a cheat code in a video game,” Lirio says. A steroid person reaps the utmost results from each gram of protein they eat, and each rep they raise within the fitness center. And once they’re accomplished, they recuperate sooner, in order that they’ll construct extra muscle after which do all of it once more sooner.

So irrespective of how onerous you’re employed, or for the way lengthy, “even if you are the number-one human embodiment of genetic coding, it is physically and physiologically impossible for you to look like one of the 16 [top-rated] bodybuilders in the world on a juiced stage,” he says. “Even if I started lifting from the time I was five years old, there is a 0.0 percent chance I would be able to look like that or do that.”

That shouldn’t discourage onerous work, Lirio provides, however mood lifters’ expectations and permit them to give attention to what they really can obtain in a sustainable method.

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Myth: Eat 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of physique weight per day, and also you’ll get enormous too.

Fact: Consuming the intense quantities typically advised by lifters on gear is overkill and will not get you to their dimension.

Whether you construct muscle or lose muscle relies on the stability between two mechanisms: muscle protein breakdown (MPB), the place proteins separate into part components to be used in varied bodily processes, and muscle protein synthesis (MPS), the place amino acids are used to repair micro tears in muscle groups and construct extra muscle fibers. When there’s extra MPS than MPB, your physique is including muscle.

Strength coaching triggers a interval of MPS, throughout which your physique makes use of the protein you’ve eaten to amass muscle. If you aren’t consuming sufficient protein, your physique doesn’t have the uncooked supplies it wants to do that. So, sure, rising your protein consumption may also help you construct extra muscle, however consuming like a juiced lifter will not make you appear like one. 

Steroids ship MPS into overdrive, which permits customers to gas the method with much more protein. “If you take lab-derived testosterone and boil it down to what it’s actually doing, it’s enzymes for protein synthesis,” Lirio says. But in case you’re not artificially boosting your T ranges, you possibly can solely stimulate a lot MPS, and so you possibly can solely use a lot protein.

How a lot protein is correct? In a 2014 examine, resistance-trained topics who ate two grams of protein per pound of physique weight per day every didn’t construct extra muscle than one other group that ate lower than one gram per pound of physique weight. Other research, like this one, have discovered that consuming greater than 0.82 grams per pound of physique weight a day doesn’t present any extra profit to physique composition. Since research are primarily based on averages, the higher restrict may very well be a bit of greater, so Lirio suggests topping out at 1 to 1.2 grams per pound of physique weight (for instance, in case you’re 180 kilos, contemplate ingesting as a lot as 216 grams of protein in a given day for muscle-building functions).

If you eat greater than that, and also you’re natty, your physique received’t flip it into extra muscle. But extra protein shouldn’t be essentially wasted, Lirio stresses. For males who’re attempting to limit their energy to drop some pounds, extra protein may also help stave off starvation, since it’s digested extra slowly than carbohydrates. In which case, by all means, take pleasure in one other plate of grilled steak; simply don’t anticipate steroid-sized ranges of MPS.

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Myth: You can add 10 kilos of muscle every year.

Fact: Experienced lifters want not less than three or 4 years to achieve 10 kilos of muscle.

When bodybuilders on PEDs underperform, they’ll generally get suggestions like “you need to come in 10 pounds heavier next year, or you’ll get dwarfed,” Lirio says. “And when they say 10 pounds, let’s be clear: That’s 10 pounds of muscle.”

If you’re pure and it’s your first 12 months of energy coaching, this may be potential: During the primary months of lifting, trainees can expertise “newbie gains,” vital jumps within the quantity of muscle on their body. In a 2003 examine, scientists experimented on two teams of lifters—a gaggle of newbies, and one other with lifting expertise. Both teams executed the identical applications for greater than 5 months. At the tip of the examine, the beginner guys had gained 3 times as a lot muscle because the seasoned lifters.

For superior lifters, Lirio says, 10 kilos of muscle acquire will take three or 4 years, and that’s with an ideal program. If you’re attempting to bear a muscle-adding transformation in a 12 months, perceive that “what your body looks like is what it’s going to look like, plus or minus two or three percent.”

You can add muscle progressively, in addition to seem extra muscular sooner by shredding fats, he provides. But impossible-to-believe fast muscle growth is simply that: a fantasy.

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Myth: You can bulk and minimize in a couple of months so as to add vital muscle.

Fact: Natural lifters want considerably longer bulk and minimize cycles.

Bulking is a multi-month course of the place bodybuilders and different athletes acquire weight, hoping to pack on a number of muscle together with some further fats. At the tip of the bulking section, they’ll “cut,” shedding simply the fats, and accentuating the newly constructed muscle.

Juiced lifters can bulk and minimize a number of occasions in the identical 12 months and see vital features. But natty lifters have to do each steps for longer to see outcomes, Lirio says. “Anyone who is in a bulk should be doing it for a very specific purpose, even if that purpose is just ‘I want to be bigger next year.’ But next year should be the timeline, not three months.”

Gaining weight too quick means the vast majority of it’ll be physique fats, he provides. And dropping the burden—or reducing—too quick received’t carve off as a lot fats as you hope. “The majority of the weight lost is either going to be muscle fiber, or you’re going to lose size on the muscle because you’re just losing glycogen [a carbohydrate stored in muscle], salt, and water out of the cells—in which case, you’re not really losing anything. What you’re going to do is eat away a lot of muscle, and your kidneys will start to produce a water-holding hormone called aldosterone, and you’ll look worse.”

The resolution for pure guys: take a breath and provides your self loads of time. To acquire notable muscle, Lirio suggests bulking phases ought to be 6 to fifteen months lengthy, and cuts ought to span a number of months of weight-reduction plan. You can do a “winter bulk” and “summer shred” every year to look leaner on summer time trip, however you received’t acquire a lot muscle 12 months over 12 months.

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Myth: No days off! Start at 4 a.m.! Nothing ought to get in the way in which of your coaching!

Fact: Consistency trumps depth. 

In a analysis evaluation from July 2023, scientists discovered that whereas heavier masses do promote barely extra energy than lighter ones, and extra units present barely extra dimension than fewer, the actual distinction comes from the entire quantity of labor accomplished over time. Basically, a much less intense exercise accomplished extra typically will possible create extra features than sporadically performing a exercise that leaves you completely drained and wasted for days.

But you additionally should think about relaxation to see enchancment, Lirio says. That’s since you aren’t actually forming muscle or energy within the fitness center in any respect, however relatively, you set off bodily processes that construct these as you recuperate. Not giving your physique that restoration will sabotage your features.

“Sleep. Rest. Recover. These are the things that will make you stronger and keep your injury rate down. Your metabolic hormones, like testosterone, go up [when resting]. Your estrogen balances during REM sleep,” he says. “This idea that you’re supposed to only sleep four hours per night and never take a rest day—I guess it sounds cool, but that’s not how the body works.”

To that time: In a small 2021 examine of younger women and men, getting fewer than seven hours of sleep per night time decreased MPS by 18 p.c, decreased testosterone ranges by 24 p.c, and elevated ranges of cortisone, a stress hormone that eats muscle, by 21 p.c.

Lifters utilizing PEDs, in the meantime, can get by with much less relaxation as a result of the substances do the recovering for them, per Lirio. “When their testosterone drops, they can get it from a syringe. When their metabolism drops, they can use clenbuterol to keep muscle while leaning out a little bit. And they can reach for some anavar when their sleep is bad.”

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Myth: Athletes in drug-tested sports activities are greater than you, in order that dimension have to be potential.

Fact: Pro athletes dedicate extra money and time to their restoration than is reasonable for regular of us.

Competitors within the CrossFit Games and NFL and NBA gamers all construct vital muscle, and so they’re all examined for PEDs. So, the scolding on-line knowledge goes, you’re simply making up excuses for why you don’t appear like Christian McCaffrey.

Even in case you purchase that these athletes are all absolutely with out the help of substances, Lirio says, they’re nonetheless doing issues you possibly can’t fairly entry, or afford. “Stem cell therapies multiple times per day, cold and heat shocks, protein therapies, personal chiropractic medicine, massage therapists, physical therapists… All you have to do is watch the recent Quarterback documentary series on Netflix, and you’ll see that six days of the week that they’re not playing football, these guys are spending four hours per day on recovery and restorative therapies.”

These therapies, many unrealistic for these of us who do different, extra boring issues to make a residing, have goals much like steroids: They assist athletes recuperate sooner and higher to allow them to prepare more durable and extra typically than us mortals. If you don’t have the time or cash to dedicate to such practices, you’re unlikely to match your idols.

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Myth: Legal dietary supplements can get you a similar outcomes as PEDs.

Fact: At finest, good dietary supplements can solely present marginal boosts that may’t examine to PED features.

Supplements can doubtlessly make a distinction. Lirio takes quite a lot of them to hone his competitors physique (and he owns two complement shops). With high quality dietary supplements, he says, it’s potential to get small will increase in muscle protein synthesis, testosterone launch, and estrogen management—all hormonal modifications that may enhance muscle constructing. But these dietary supplements will solely bump you up a share level or two on every of those metrics.

“Get a nice stack going, and you’ll give yourself a five-percent edge on the guy you’re competing against,” he says. For non-competing guys, it’s in all probability too small of an edge to actually matter. And it received’t stack as much as PEDs. “None of these things are ever going to match even a 25th of a degree of the substances being used by enhanced lifters.”

Lirio additionally warns athletes to be cautious of dietary supplements attempting to trick you into pondering they will act like PEDs. Their names finish with “var,” as an example, to sound like Anavar, a well-liked oral steroid. Others begin with “clen” to imitate clenbuterol, an bronchial asthma drug used to spice up metabolism and fat-burning.

“It’s a natural supplement that’s playing on words to make it sound like it’s not a natural supplement,” he says. But that’s simply advertising and marketing.

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Myth: When you’re enormous and minimize, you’ll really feel like a God.

Fact: After the frenzy of a contest fades, bodybuilders typically really feel like crap.

Building a number of muscle and torching fats to point out it includes a ton of labor, with or with out steroids. “We look at these guys, and they look like titans. And we think they must feel like a God on that stage,” Lirio says. “And maybe for the 30 minutes you’re up there, and the crowd goes wild and the adrenaline spikes, you do.”

But for the remainder of the time that bodybuilders or CrossFit athletes are wanting their most ripped? That gratification is uncommon, he says. (*8*)

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