A Healthy Diet for Insomniacs & Night Shift Workers | Ramya

A Healthy Diet for Insomniacs & Night Shift Workers Shiny Surendran – Cheers …


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  1. I watched your other fitness videos and out of curiosity searched for Diet for Night shift workers. I wondered you already made one and it is very very helpful. Mentioning the details in writings is your absolute care. Love you!!!

  2. I know for night workers losing weight is big headache and we are facing lot of issues. But I start my weight loss journey from past 6 months and I lost 13k and I believe diet 80% and 20 % exercise. Our body required nutrition, protein and vitamin and mineral.

  3. Very informative ..Thank u for sharing…please make a video about how much calories should we reduce in daily basis to lose weight in correct time..And how much calorie can we take daily in keto??

  4. Thank you so much Ramya…..😍 Very useful…I am gaining too much of wait because of doing night shift. So pls give a detailed diet and home workout video to lose weight…..pls…

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