Can Bacon Be Part Of A Healthy Diet?

Is bacon a wholesome sure or a dietary no no? Are there any well being advantages to it? Find out extra a few meat liked by many.


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  1. Bacon is super high in fat. Toxins are stored in fat tissue in an animal. When you eat animal fat, you are consuming all the toxins that the animal accumulated in the polluted water it drank, in the pollution that landed on the food it ate while the food was growing, and all the pollution from the smoggy air that the animal breathed in its lifetime. It's better to eat smaller animals that have less toxic fat if you want to avoid cancer. Thus, bacon is a carcinogenic nightmare. Oh, I forgot to mention that bacon is high in uric acid so expect arthritis and gout. Even the Bible says not to eat anything from a pig. And now you know the rest of the story.

  2. Bacon is a health food. 90-95 percent of my diet is 4 foods: bacon, eggs, sausage and steak.
    I have reversed all of my health problems since eating this way over the last year and a half…

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  4. "Eating Right" is highly subjective! For example, some people should eat bacon. Yet, to the health conscious layman or religious groups, bacon (pork) seems like a bad food item. And, it is—for most people. However, it may be good for you. The term used in the nutrition world to describe this phenomenon is biochemical individuality. Simply put, not everyone is biologically the same. This is the reason why certain well-tested medications work for certain individuals and not for others. Their individual biochemistry is compatible with that particular substance:

    "Biochemical individuality is the concept that the nutritional and chemical make-up of each person is unique and that dietary and other needs therefore vary from person to person. People have unique biochemical profiles based upon their own genetic structure, nutrition and environment". -Roger Williams, American Biochemist

  5. It's totally science doesn't support that claim Bacon's one of the worst things you can eat for your body I've cooked bacon all that fat and grease

  6. Bacon is a traditional winter food same as ham and salt beef. Stems from the pre industrial days of farming, when the food for feeding animals became scarce they were slaughtered and the meat preserved. when farming was done by hand and horse there was no choice but to kill the meat stock and try to over winter the horses and breeding stock. There is no reason in this modern world to eat so much of it. The only reason there is so much of it about is it has a longer supermarket shelf life than untreated pork.

  7. Sodium is good for you and some people need fat for their brains. Not everyone needs fat because they don’t have brains. Well, they have brains, but they don’t exactly work.

  8. if you just ate pastured bacon and drank water your entire life you would be healthy because it literally has all the nutrients you require.

  9. Bacon is a carcinogen. It is processed meat, and the World Health Organization, based on a wide array of nutritional science, has classified it as a Group 1 carcinogen. Good luck with that. 🙂

    In fact, ALL animal products directly contribute to a whole host of Western, chronic health conditions, including heart disease.

  10. It also contains lots of
    #PARASITES!! all these
    Misconceptions of what
    Is healthy and not
    Healthy foods to eat
    Are confusing..i watch
    Alot of documentary about parasites..and
    Eating PORK is very
    Unhealthy for the
    Digestive Tracts..

  11. The pork is such bad for you that you can ignore the "benefits" (which actually are not that special really since you can find choline in a variety of 120+ foods) it comes with. Got ya some stats.
    MG IN 100 G

    egg yolk raw 682.3

    caviar 490.9

    beef liver braised 426

    beef liver fried 418.2

    veal liver braised 310

    chicken liver cooked 290

    eggs raw 251.1

    eggs hard-boiled 225.3

    whey dried 225

    turkey liver simmered 220.2

    chicken giblets simmered 178.1

    bacon pan-fried 130.8

    Moms shouldn´t be afraid of bacon, they should simply eat other things that exclude pork meat.

    The pork and red meats are usually high in cholesterol that with the fact that the pork red meat is not pure meat but at an intracellular level, pork meat contains fat, a lot. Yeah you read it. The "benefit" is negligible. Then you have to consider that 70% of pork meat is infected with some forms of bacteria and parasytes. It really does not worth the trouble. And hey, you are free to do what you want to with your body, I am only here to advise you. Stay healthy and have a nice day!

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