Can Pooping With Your Hair Down Cause Acne?

When you’re headed to the toilet, your hair is perhaps the final of your considerations. However, in keeping with some TikTok customers, the best way your hair sits in your again whilst you’re pooping may trigger new pimples in your face and physique.

The viral TikTok video with virtually 3 million views was posted by a medical scholar and influencer who calls herself @dr.mehss and claims utilizing the bathroom together with your hair down may cause breakouts in your face.

According to the video, lengthy hair that hangs near the bathroom seat can entice the micro organism present in poop. And even when you don’t have lengthy hair, flushing the bathroom with the duvet open may trigger micro organism to spray out and keep on with your hair, face and physique. The TikTok claims that because of this, chances are you’ll get breakouts and infections from the poop micro organism caught to your hair.

“It can cause breakouts and irritation that most commonly appear on the forehead,” stated Daria Sadovskaya, a nephrologist who seems in one other TikTok video on the topic, seen above. “When you poop, all the bacteria spread from the stool to the bathroom and on your hair first. When your hair is down, it rubs against the skin on your face and transmits all the germs to your face.”

But precise board-certified dermatologists say that these claims is perhaps slightly overzealous.

Although it’s attainable that micro organism may be trapped in your hair, the bathroom may pose your largest danger for breakouts, stated Dr. Joshua Zeichner, an affiliate professor of dermatology and the director of beauty and scientific analysis in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital. Instead, pimples can kind from the oil in your hair coming into contact together with your face, fairly than trapped micro organism from poop.

“Theoretically, if you are straining on the toilet for an extended period of time, and oily hair is rubbing against the face … it may contribute to blocked pores,” Zeichner stated. “However, there is no greater risk for this whether you are sitting on the toilet or on the couch watching TV with your hair down and over your face.”

“The bacteria in our feces is different to the bacteria that is attributed to acne, so this transferability is unlikely.”

– Dr. Emma Craythorne

Normally, feces is made up of 75% water and 25% strong matter, together with lifeless micro organism, indigestible meals and different types of residing micro organism. The largest concern is that if the micro organism out of your poop comprises E. coli, salmonella, shigella or vibrio. You can transmit these micro organism to different folks when you don’t wash your arms after utilizing the toilet.

However, these micro organism don’t trigger pimples, because the TikTok suggests.

The bacteria in our feces is different to the bacteria that is attributed to acne, so this transferability is unlikely,” stated Dr. Emma Craythorne of the British Association of Dermatologists. “Acne is caused by a disorder of the pilosebaceous units in your skin, not because of exposure to bacteria.”

As a consequence, it’s fairly unlikely that pooping together with your hair down will trigger pores and skin breakouts or pimples.

That stated, some specialists we spoke to stated it’s price taking a couple of straightforward steps to stop micro organism from spreading whenever you go No. 2 ― whether or not it’s for the sake of your pores and skin or simply your general hygiene.

According to the Microbiology Society, placing your rest room lid down earlier than you flush can forestall the unfold of as much as 50% of pathogens which can be often propelled into the air whenever you flush with the lid up. During flushing, pathogens may be ejected from the bathroom and transmitted onto totally different surfaces within the toilet. As a consequence, closing the lid may also help to attenuate the potential of pathogen transmission.

“The bottom line is that bacteria from fecal matter can be harmful to your health, but it does not cause acne.”

– Dr. Joshua Zeichner

Pathogenic micro organism that construct up from rest room use over time may cause pores and skin infections, Zeichner stated. However, these pathogens are usually not identified to trigger pimples. “They can be spread to the face through the fingers coming in direct contact with toilet soiling. My best advice is to wash your hands after using the toilet, and to keep your face away from toilet water that potentially splashes when flushing.”

Here’s easy methods to actually defend your self (and your pores and skin) from micro organism.

Although pooping together with your hair down won’t be inflicting breakouts, your toilet is usually a breeding floor for micro organism and pathogens that you just are available in contact with every single day.

Cleaning and disinfecting with cleaning soap and detergents is essential for controlling your publicity to pathogens within the toilet — particularly in your rest room seat. If you don’t clear, biofilm, a barrier of micro organism, can construct up and pathogens together with salmonella will persist.

“Microorganisms like pathogenic bacteria can build up in the toilet from everyday use,” Zeichner stated. “That’s why it is particularly important to sanitize the toilet regularly and to wash your hands after using the toilet.”

Germs can unfold from individual to individual or onto surfaces when you don’t wash your arms. So, as an alternative of worrying about your coiffure whenever you poop, fear about hand hygiene, particularly earlier than making use of something to your face and physique after utilizing the toilet.

“It is always important to wash your hands after going to the bathroom and avoid touching your face before washing,” Zeichner stated. “The bottom line is that bacteria from fecal matter can be harmful to your health, but it does not cause acne.”

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