Cheap And Healthy Meals For The Week, Done In 1 Hour


I’m difficult myself to get shredded with meal prep… nevertheless it truly tastes good. Get My Cookbook: …


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  1. This is not a helpful video, Mr Weissman. Does not show much cooking, does not list ingredients, and requires machines I don't have – there is no alternative offered. The idea is great, but the execution on the video is not. ! לו טוב

  2. Yeah no one other than the other professional chefs in the comments are accomplishing this in 1 hour lol. Great meals and recipes, but holy hell. By the time you mention the time being a factor at the skewers versus the breakfast sandwich, most folks are still cutting tomatoes.

  3. I’m very hungry I haven’t eaten in a week. But I didn’t watch the video, because I think it would be a waste of time.

  4. Is there a way to avoid all the single use plastic in the sous vide and sandwich wrap? Convenience is killing our planet. Same for meat in every meal. What about some veggie protein options.

  5. So you consider 100$ per a week for one person food isn't expensive??

    I don't know guys if the whole world are rich people or I'm such a poor 💔💔😂

  6. but how do you store them… like how do you store bread and yogurt… your bread is gonna be cold and then the toasted doesn't taste right

  7. get minute brown rice, half and half it with regular white rice and cook em together. nutrition value is higher, but it feels and tastes like white rice. Try it and see what you think, box of minute brown rice isn't too expensive for trying it out

  8. I always boil my softboiled eggs for 5 minutes at then pour Cold water over them. Not that your method is bad but i could imagine that it is a little faster and easier that way 😉

  9. I love these cooking videos and I plan on making all of this but I do kinda wish these cooking videos could had a shopping list. Like you open the description thingy and it's like here's everything you need to make the food in the video and there's just a shopping list to copy and paste.

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