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  1. I pull my bedding back and let my bed air all day👍🏻
    Everything else I agree with but I also recommend adding healthy fats and protein to your diet if you're not getting enough and stay away from junk oils and sugar.

  2. Dear Lucy – are you OK, or are you exhausted? Do you need rest and recovery from too much worku? If you were my sister, I would be worried for you. You're so helpful, a great coach and teacher, but has it taken a toll on your own health? One can't decide from a picture, but do you eat and sleep and rest enough, or have you been hit with a health issue? You suddenly look anorectic – why? Please check! Take care!
    Your tips are fantastic, as always! Tanks a lot.

  3. Excellent Lucy! I hope you are doing well. I have followed you many years and I’m sorry to say I hope your health is Ok and not from how very thin you appear. I say only out of concern. ❤

  4. Oh Lucy! You have the best exercise videos and you helped me a great deal during the pandemic. I love your physique and you are perfect. Please do not loose any more weight. So nice to hear that voice!

  5. Omg I had been seeing her YouTube for long. Didn’t see it for months now. Not sure what happened. She is looking weak!

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