Eating Bread – Does Bread Fit Into Your Healthy Diet?

Dr. Klaper provides his suggestions on wholesome consuming practices in relation to consuming bread. He tells us that consuming sprouted …


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  1. I bought a breadmaker and am about to make a yeast free whole grain flourless bread. I'm reading the book, and it says you can't make yeast-free bread in it. If I make homemade whole grain bread, is it unhealthy to use yeast? Thanks!

  2. I make my own sourdough spelt bread with honey, no additives or preservatives. It is so delicious. I eat a slice everyday with my dinner. I don’t like to cut off things that I like like bread. Everything is good in moderation and it is part of a balanced diet like the Mediterranean one πŸ™‚

  3. White bread is 2.7% fibre, while 'wholegrain' is 6% fibre. Really not going to make much difference to your fibre intake, whichever you choose. They are both made from a fine powder. Both will spike your blood sugar levels. Both are best avoided.

  4. We love bread and make our own. Either Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast and Water or Organic Spelt Flour, Salt, Yeast and Water. We both have noticed that eating our own bread is totally different than eating store bought bread when it comes to how we feel after eating it. When it cools down after baking we slice it and freeze it.

  5. I just ate a 1000 calorie loaf of whole wheat bread, homemade πŸ™‚ Salt, flour and yeast. I add salt with a shaker. I mostly eat whole wheat pasta and black beans and sometimes whole wheat pasta with the tomato sauce but the sauce has a lot of salt and I feel hungry after, so the beans satiate. Thanks for the video!

  6. I start with local organic red fife wheat berries. We mill at home, mix it with some ground flax and make a wonderful, nutty sandwich bread. For a treat we add raisins or other fruits. There are so many ways to bake bread starting with whole foods.

  7. That sounds miserable. I eat at least 500 calories of bread a day as snacks between meals and weigh 100lbs. Why not just exercise rather than living off lettuce?

  8. Unfortunately, romaine lettuce seems to be the food that is most often recalled for E. Coli and there is another big recall from over 3000 heads of lettuce packaged on Oct 15th and 16th. These happen so often that I think people are probably better off eating a healthy whole grain bread. Also, open faced sandwiches can help so that you don't get too much bread proportionately.

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