Five Rules for a Healthy Diet | Chris Masterjohn Lite #72

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  1. would it not be a better rule to say like 5g potassium since you need a lot of high quality food to reach that amount meanwhile you only need a bit of like liver to get some b vitamins or vitamin a or even calcium if you eat cheese

  2. What about egg shells for calcium when unable to consume dairy? And, could egg shells cause calcification in arteries like other calcium supplements?

  3. I think the first thing to do is don't follow the standard American diet of high carbs. All carbs are turned into glucose whether it's grains bread pasta or sugar. This leads to high triglycerides resulting in metabolic syndrome including CVD and diabetes.

  4. Excess is the name of the Beast. Greek numerical shorthand, excessio = χξϛ = 666 = Excess. Think about it. It totally makes sense.

  5. How much is a serving of bones? How much bones to consume? It wasn't clear from the video. Figuring out dairy amount is easy, bones.. not so much – I don't get it

  6. For calcium, what about Calcium-set Tofu? Or drinks fortified with calcium carbonate. When it is in the matrix of a food, I don't think added calcium is harmful.

  7. 1) Consume 0.5-1 g protein per pound of body weight (0.8 g/lb. is recommended for active young adults)
    2) Eat nose to tail (cuts not found in the super market, or introduce Liver to your diet; collagen)
    3) 1,000 – 1,5000 g Calcium per day
    4) Diversify carbohydrates (potentially cut out whole grains) into starchy tubers and fruits
    5) Eat several cups of vegetables
    Bonus: include digestive aids in your meals, like ginger, fermented foods, enzymes, and Swedish bitters

  8. I do all but the many cups of veggies…I love (cooked) veggies but get full after one cup, several cups is out of my range

  9. I have Parkinson's, and my hair hasn't grown in length for 2 years, it hasn't gone passed my shoulders.. I loose a little when I comb hair, seems normal but I noticed a little breakage of hair in sink.I eat grass fed beef, eggs, butter, some veggies/fruit. I was taking bee pollen for my vitamin B, and try to take arctic naturals cod liver oil with k2, and liver pills and magnesium. Protein interferes with cardopa/levadopa even if I wait as suggested, and cardopa depletes vit b6. Could you recommend what I'm deficient in and need to help my hair grow. Thank you.

  10. I honestly don't see why grains are any good. Basically empty energy, and let's not forget the gluten and other problematic gut irrigators. I have yet to see any person I know who cut grains and didn't feel better, not even low carb but just cutting the grains was an improvement. Most legumes's problamtic effects can be imporved with fermenting/cooking but I don't think grains are the same. Avoid like the plague.

  11. Its been 50 years since I ate meat. I appear to be among the healthiest people in my community. Now I do eat fish and eggs so Protein is not a problem. I get up my mountain a couple of times a week and no one can keep up. Hi ho.

  12. Why 1.5g of calcium, why not more or less ? How is this measured against ? BMI ? Age ? Other factors ? What about bio-availability ? Especially in America and some parts of Europe, the politcal social religious like attitude on food, what would that slant be ? What about context ? Nonetheless, good general presentation.

  13. Chris, that sounds like a lot of food.
    I'm 6' 180 lbs and I eat much less protein than you recommend. I estimate I eat 50 grams per day.
    Are you unconcerned with stimulating excessive mTOR?

  14. Kind of refreshing to hear someone say complex carbs are OK thing, the fad right now seems to be not eating them but unless you are overweight it seems kind of extreme and of dubious health value.

  15. May I ask the reason for only "small amounts of kombucha"? I have IBS-D and a seemingly slow metabolism. A kombucha each day (following dinner) seems to calm down my gastrointestinal upset.

  16. Chris, what do you suggest when even low FODMAPs veggies wreck your gut? I'm bloated and gassy from spinach and carrots even. Trying to get an appointment with a specialist to dig into this, appreciate any insight

  17. The only people I trust to receive diet advice from is, first and most knowledgeable, Masterjohn and second, maybe Kresser. I still listen to the others but my intuition just says they might just be following trends. Please, Chris, keep posting your LITE videos in abundance and I hope your channel gets more and more popular.

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