Forest Bathing: Tips for Mental Wellness

Forest bathing to enhance your psychological wellbeing. See simply how relaxed I find yourself! This video explains what forest bathing is, the place …


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  1. Greetings from across the pond! I have deeply enjoyed and appreciated your videos. Thank you for you service to your country! I look forward to many many more videos!

  2. I so wish that I can mentally be where you are in life now, through complex ptsd and clinical depression spread over from childhood to now in my late 40's. I can't cope with my life and the world around me, I'm agoraphobic so the very thought of leaving the house terrifies me. I've got to the point were I've set up a small area in what was once my art studio to make my world so very small to shut out life outside my little bubble, it seems to be the only way I can cope. I've been experiencing auditory and visual hallucinations, the auditory hallucinations are particularly cruel as I'm hearing my wife's voice calling me or calling out hurtful and abusive words but I know its not her because she loves me so much she would never do such a thing. I hate myself and my life, my childhood was abusive and my adult life is dominated by my never ending battle with cancer. I feel so weak, sick and ugly inside and out and if I didnt have my wife and boys I would rather be dead than live like this. I so wish that I could have just a tiny bit of that peace and happiness.

  3. Hammock life is the best for me ! 5+ years living in Amazon jungle there is nothing better! You're Mileage very. Hugs

  4. Hi Nick.
    No work for me today,so I took in an ancient wood and a few disused quarries near where I live.
    Took the stove and knocked up a brew.
    Very relaxing.
    Stay well.

  5. haha i thought this was going to be about hygiene but ended up being wholesome πŸ‘ i do suffer with a lot of anxiety so def going to try this

  6. And there was me thinking it was all about skinny dipping in the forest lake! Seriously though I think its so important to be able to switch off and recalibrate ones noggin in this non stop, instantly contactable media overloaded world. For me switching off that iPhone and practising not to even think about it has been hard to do but so liberating once cracked. Great vid as ever Nick. ATB C.

  7. Didn't realise this was a thing, been doing for a while. The difference between the relaxation breathing you do is that mine is for improving lung health and strength, but, I find it very relaxing can also be used before bed. Breath in for as long as you can 6-8s, hold for one second longer than your intake and then breath out through your mouth using a whistle or puckered lips for longer then you held it. This improves your intake, the hold uses as much oxygen for your lungs and the exhale via you mouth (whistle) or Instagram pout pushes as much COΒ² this strengthens the lung muscles.

  8. As a man who has lived with depression and anxiety for over 13 years, I found getting out in nature and practicing photography has been my go to when times get hard.
    It’s the one thing that has kept me from the brink.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for your service past and present. πŸ‘

  9. I love sitting in my tree stand early morning before the sun is up. Just watching and hearing the woods come alive with the sun is priceless. Thank you for a wonderful video!

  10. I love to do this when walking my dog. I always carry my hammock with me amongst other stuff (tarp, first aid, fire starting kit, water and filter, some food for me and my dog). Including a little tent for my dog, for when he's ready to take a little nap. This is so good for calming down. Thank you for this video.
    Bringing a hammock on even a day hike is good practice anyway. It is a quickly set up chair when needed. And resting during a long hike has a special quality when done in a hammock.

  11. Awesome, think I use my hammock in 80% of the time I'm doing shinrinyoku, absolute bliss, I would always go for a 'double ' hammock 3×2 mtr ,as you can chill/sleep in a diagonal lay, which ,for most, is a much better chill/sleeping position ,so glad you have done this video, good health and safe travels, cheers craig

  12. I cannot wait till the smoke clears from the fires in Northern California so I can do this! Thank you for your honesty about PTSD, I have a touch of it myself as well as chronic pain issues and early arthritis in all my joints from years of service and so many deployments to the Middle East. I was retired early from a back injury in 2014 and finally got my 100% disability approved from Veterans Affairs last year. I still want to get out in the woods and reconnect with nature though. Keep up the great work!

  13. Nice video, You breathing exercise at the end made me smile, I suffer from PTSD, i am a victim of parental alienation, it still surprises me of how many people have not heard of this. Your dam right the forest is such a healing place. Freediving for me, was the place that i found even more peace. The breathing you are doing in freediving is call square breathing. I would defantily check out some of there exercises even if you never dive. For example:- block your left nostril and breath in for 5 seconds on the right slowly, then hold for 2 and then breath out for 10. Or if that is a bit much. Breath in on the right for 4 seconds and pause for 2 then out for 8 seconds, then block the right nostril and repeat on the left, then do the same again on the right. Do this for a minute or more, you will find you mind relaxes. I hope you post a few more video`s like this, it is so sadly missed in bush craft. Where your mental health will probably deteriorate faster than your skills or trying to resolve a problem out there. cheers

  14. I am very lucky where i live in East Devon. I am surrounded by pasture and nature. I only need to walk out of my garden gate and i am in lush green fields. The most special thing though, i can experience total silence from human activity. Just the sound of nature. The only thing that spoils it is my negative thoughts. I have borderline personality disorder. Sometimes i am lucky and able to switch off my thinking and just be at piece in the surrounding beauty. I know a spot where i can leave the pasture by stepping into the hedgerow, and it's like stepping through a door into another land.

  15. Cheers for the inspiration… tree straps and hammock purchased for next time me and Lorraine are off on a Bimble in the woods.
    Stay well, Royal… I love what you’re doing over there

  16. Nice to see a video that focuses on this benefit.

    I chose to get a hammock at a highly stressful time in My life. I knew I had to find a way to relax and remembered how as a child I used to like listening to the birds whilst swaying on my parents garden sofa hammock.

    My portable hammock is amazing for my mental health. On lunch breaks, I escape to a neighbouring wood and get 30 mins rest. It's the only peace I have, I wouldn't have any without being a to carry a lightweight hammock with me easily.

  17. Have just found your channel, and love the relaxed but informative way you pass on skills and tips. πŸ‘
    With regards to this particular episode, it is great to be able to finally put a name to something that I have felt drawn to do for 30+ years.
    My hammock and brew kit are key parts of my β€˜chillout pack’, which I keep in my car. Then after any tough day in the hospital, I can head for one of the nearby woods – where I can disappear and have my hammock up (I mainly use whoopie slings) and brew on in under 10mins.
    Just an hour relaxing and soaking in nature (β€˜bathing’ as you call it), and I normally emerge from the woods feeling like a new person before heading home.

  18. If you want to go whole hog, remove the boots and socks and waslk around the forest barfoot for a while. I know it sounds really 'hippy', but it is known to be very mentally restorative. There is something primal about it, like sitting next to a camp fire or next to a stream. It works wonders!

  19. Your talking my kind of language there Nick, as a veteran having served 22 years and love being out in the countryside, it always brings a smile to my face when you show how to get into a hammock, because of the amount of times I've seen blokes do back somersaults of them, including myself. Keep up the good work thanks 🍻😊

  20. a tab into the woods, a sit down and a brew away from the crazy life we all get force fed, i am going to have a whirl at the breathing technique this saturday once i am free of the bicycle maniacs and day camp incendiary fire starters. i like your way of thinking. good job

  21. i found that in the woods away from the hustle and bustle there was no interruptions, no hundreds of other peoples pouring onto you demanding wanting etc, but most importantly there was no interruptions for me to hide from myself, distracting the healing process of the mind allowing you in yourself to progress in a positive way.

  22. Summer camping in the mountains of the Northeast USA where the mosquitos are horrendous, and the temperatures dip to 40F, (4.5C) even on the warmest summer days, (kind of what I hear Ireland, Scotland, and northern England are like in the summer) make the double hammock indispensable for a good night's sleep.

  23. Hi Nick, I have just found your channel and it has some great information on it, thank you for putting the time into your videos. Can I please ask, is that standard parachord you have used to make the jungle-knot suspension for the hammock or have you used something stronger? All the best, Rob.

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