GUT HEALTH TIPS, WEIGHT LOSS, INFLAMMATION. Wellness Conversations with Welly and Anoushka Davy

In this primary episode of “Wellness Conversations with Welly”, my visitor Anoushka Davy (Nutritional Therapist) and I discuss how …


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  1. This is a video I would watch again. Lots of good information. Great introduction to buying the book it sounds like its a good resource to have!

  2. Loved this conversation! I learned so much especially about the connection of oral health and gut health.

    Isa are you able to talk more about candida and your Journey, diet changes. I went back to the video about your Journey and I have also been suffering for years now. Same experience with doctors not helping. I've changed my diet to plant based but sometimes go back and forth. This week I've started lessening carbs, something I want to continue. Would just love a fuller video about if possible! Thank you!

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