Health & Wellness update | Kimberly Rivera's review of the iTeraCare Terahertz Frequency Wand…WOW!

To order go to Hi guys, well being and wellness is one other ardour that Kimberly and I share deeply! We are …


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  1. Are there any testimonies on what it does for Parkinsonโ€™s & what it does for eczema? Thanks for sharing btw, God definitely led me here ๐Ÿ™

  2. Does the wand come with instructions? Like the coconut oil and how long to wand it? Is it ok to use on heads/brains? What is its effect on lungs, hearts, internal organs?

  3. I would love to ask you about wanding your throat for your voice! I have a client who had voice box surgery to remove scar tissue and I have 2 wands. I would love to know how you do this for your voice. He is raspy and and can't project his voice. He needs his voice to consult over the phone. I really want to help him. Can you advise me on using the wand on your throat? Thank you so much!

  4. I have just received my machine. I live in London and I have decided to sell mine. ยฃ300 cash buyer collects.
    Maybe it helps other people but why does it BLOW HOT AIR!! I dislike the heat!! I like the cold and winter time. It's already too hot for me in this flat and this machine just makes me too HOT. I wish my upline friend had told me it pumps out HOT AIR๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿ˜ก

  5. I love your testimony. I purchased my IteraCare a week ago. I have a question for you. Do you Wand the 10 points or just where you need healing? Thanks in advance for your response.

  6. Hello Kimberly, we bought the iteracare on the website you recommend, The device arrived last night and we tried it today. We had been in therapy for 10 minutes. It started to sound different, smell like burning, and it turned off and didn't turn on again. I would like to know if I can have the money back to buy it in Colombia or what we need to do. My husband was going to take it this Sunday to Colombia. It was a gift for my mom. Iโ€™m very disappointed

  7. Have you done created the video on how it helped you with trauma? You mentioned that you put the wand near your scalp. Would love to see that video and share it with friends and family menbers. Bless you.

  8. Hi Kimberly! First I want to say how much I love the anointed music you and Alberto produced! I do feel the Holy Spirit in it! And also I am very interested in where I can find the weight loss with coconut oil information. I donโ€™t know where to find these testimonials. And by the wayโ€ฆ. You look fantastic! โค

  9. Hi Kimberly. Maybe youll see this but I just wanted you to know that I was listening to Ruah in your album captured when I had my son at home after 3 cesareans. Everybody told me I couldnt and it wasnt safe but I knew if Yahuah were with me i would be fine and i did it! Ty for making such beautiful music its such a blessing to those of us who cannot seem to carry a tune in a bucket.

  10. When I saw the comment about your singing I was led to investigate because of your testimony of the wand I wanted to know moreโ€ฆ and oh my. I have been where you sang in Canada and it was life changing. I went there the weekend after 9/11. You have made your testimony even more credible to me now. Your voice is amazing and so is your talent what a blessing. Thankful you have found something to help you.

  11. I wand everyday , I bought Iโ€™d since Iโ€™m going through chemo and wow ๐Ÿ˜ฏ my pain is gone.. My husband and I are amazed and now creating my own business with this life saving product. I know exactly how you feel!! Iโ€™m amazed too !!

  12. my husband has blocked arteries in his legs ,plaque, and also has stints in his legs . can he use this? I have varicose veins , will this help me?

  13. Hello Kimberly its amazing what you are telling about the change of your body. I bought one device from you and Alberto. Please can you tell me about the coconut Oil? Are you cooking wit Thta Oil? What are doing….? Blessings from germany

  14. Listen there's actually science coming out now that shows that there are ways to up regulate our gene expression which means we can up regulate our genes to where we never get sick. And that means cancer won't be able to live in the body either. Follow somebody and he has conventions teaching people these methods. One lady went to a 7-Day convention and she was stage 4 uterine cancer. Only had a few weeks to live but she thought she'd go to the convention and at least try something that might help. By the end of that 7 days she went back home and got some tests done with her doctor. Her doctor was blown away because she was cancer-free. Within 7 days, she was able to use the right techniques to get her body to heal. Is doing some amazing things and we need to keep our heart open two new things that come up. Don't be scared y'all, everything belongs to God. Yeah there's an enemy that twists his truth and creation. But everything belongs to God. And God is now revealing the secrets that been hidden. The secrets that have been hidden from us are now in the light. Let's take back everything the enemy stole.everything that God created and all the knowledge about immaculate health, let's take it back for the kingdom of God.

  15. My mum has metal from her ankle almost up to her knee. An accident 3 years ago. How can I help her ankle if the metal is there? Where should put the wand? Thank you.

  16. Very nice. I was the woman emailing you last year who stopped because I thought your tone was rude. We got wands around the same time. I've also seen miracles. As for the church people saying it's witchcraft, yeah they put acupuncture and herbalism in the same category. They should study the full etymology of pharmacy: from Greek pharmakeia "a healing or harmful medicine, a healing or poisonous herb; a drug, poisonous potion; magic (potion), dye, raw material for physical or chemical processing." Wahoo! Yes! Gimme more of that! Pharmaceutical drugs are awesome! But, keep your drug-free healing devices away from me. That's witchcraft ๐Ÿ˜‚

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