Healthy Aging Tips: 5 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to Lifelong Wellness

As we glance ahead to the a long time forward, most of us do not simply need to love longer… we wish to stay higher. We do not simply need to …


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  1. Your story about Jamie's test reminded me of a night we were having corn on the cob for dinner and my 3 yr old daughter (now 52) said "It must be a hard job to get the corn so neat." We realized she had never seen corn growing. Our next trip to the library I looked for books about farms!

  2. I think I can't be reminded enough about this stuff. I'm the most focused on trying to eliminate the negative but I really need to focus on all these points. These are great guidelines, I like how you elaborate and are positive and not too heavy, but also confront the issues. Like that we need to think about these things for our future. Instead of, "Oh, I'll think about that tomorrow" and then before you know it we're there and not have prepared or whatever. Thanks Margaret, this is so valuable. Have a great day, night, morning. πŸ˜‰

  3. Green leafy vegetables are my favorite! They are in the "cruciferous" family & are very healthy. We will have like Broiled Salmon, Broccoli or Brussel Sprouts with a Garden Salad on the side. Sometimes, we have a mini corn on the cob along with this. Snacks are fruits and celery/almond or peanut butter/boiled eggs, etc. We try to stick to whole foods just like God made them. My exercise is lacking though. I do range of motion stretching and if I say I'll do 5 minutes on my treadmill I end up doing 15-20..

  4. You look fabulous! ☺️ πŸ’• Thank you for all your tips & tricks! Although I am 50+ I still love your videos! ☺️ Mia x

  5. The Anthony William books explain just how healing fresh & frozen veggies and fruits are. Processed food and canola oil ( etc! ) sickens us…a medical doctor on Youtube healed her own MS with fruits n veggies, and left her wheelchair behind!

  6. My challenge is to make better food choices. I'm not awful about it, but far below where I want to be. My strength is exercise. I LOVE group classes at the gym. Good vid.

  7. Your topic for March 4th 2018 was what we should always focus on every day. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. In addition to the positive comments you've given, creating a ROUTINE for these factors to be HABITS and to also remember to bring ourselves to be in a state of awareness for all we have to be THANKFUL for.

  8. Yes Margaret, it's exercise for me also. I have switched to mostly organic vegetables and organic, grass fed, wild-caught meats. This has tremendously improved several areas of my health. However, exercise is not my strong suit. I have always been a person who would much rather read a book than be outside doing something. It isn't that I hate being outside, it's just a big effort for me to get there. Have a good day.

  9. WOW, Margaret, great advice. I have hope that today as people listen to this video, that they start immediately to 'just do it'. Start a new journey. Honoring our body, mind and Spirit. You have covered it all. Hats off to you for inspiring and motivating us ladies to love ourselves. Forgive ourselves if we fall back on a given day. Just get back on track and 'just do it'. We are soooooooooooooo worth it. HUGE HUGS to you, thank you.

  10. We try to have an organic apple and small orange every day for good health and take walks and garden some of our own vegetables and flowers. We like to share them with family and neighbors.

  11. I need to get back to healthy eating. This has been a winter of the flu and I have pampered myself too much πŸ™‚ Thanks for your inspiring videos Margaret!

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