Healthy Diet, Healthy Aging!

There is an outdated saying that “you are what you eat” and, on the subject of wholesome growing older, that is completely true! In truth, you may …


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  1. Hi, Margaret. My son is a chef, too. I love beets but wasn't making them often as trying to contain the stain from the beet juice was work.My son showed me they could be roasted with the skin on and then they peel very easily and no messy red juice on the cutting board, counter or sink. If you have that problem, I hope this tip is helpful to you. I mostly follow the keto diet. Like you and from the comments, most of us, I also sleep in the "split-shift" as karen jones put it. We should check with a sleep expert. Maybe it isn't a bad thing as long as we are getting our eight hours.

  2. Margaret, I must tell you that you look lovely today! Black and white is a good color combination for you. Thank you for all of the good information!

  3. Hi, like to watch in the mornings, makes a great start to the day! Try finding the yellow beets. Our local farmer market has small yellow and red beets which can be halved and popped into the oven sprinkled with a little olive oil and salt, pepper – roasted beets are wonderful.

  4. I love your colorful place and cup. My Grandmother use to get to sleep by 8 or 9 pm. She would wake up from 3-4 am and have a bite to eat with some water or coffee. She stayed fit all her life. She would go back to sleep by 7am thereabouts and wake up around 9 am and stay awake until bedtime. My Grandmother had a handful of unsalted almonds daily. My dinner tonight will have 3 servings of broccoli & cauliflower and a lean protein after having a protein pancake with sugar free syrup for breakfast. I’ve seen the collagen supplements at Costco and wondered how well they work. I may need to research this. Thanks. 💖

  5. I was so happy to see the topic of both food and sleep addressed. I am almost 65 and my outlook is that we eat to survive. It appears that the obesity statistics, at least in the US are absolutely frightening. My weight has remained stable since I was 16. My biggest concern was protein. My doctor referred me to a nutritionist. I came home with a cook book and another book which explains the various measurements. Honestly I was overwhelmed. It turns out that the protein supplements can be quite dangerous if not balanced properly with body size and exercise. I have taken ballet classes since the age of three. As an adult I always have had a gym membership. Also having lived in NYC all of my life I walk every where, ice skate and bicycle. My car spends it's life parked and used for emergencies. Eating is a problem. I even forget to eat at times. I would prefer a vegan life style, but for protein and fats I include wild caught salmon and white meat chicken. I don't eat processed foods or dairy. I never planned it this way. Somehow it just happened. Now that I am getting older I worry about my eating habits. I am 5'3" and stay at 92 to 96 pounds. I have even gone to a therapist to rule out an eating disorder. I had the necessary lab work and all results were normal. I also sleep iratically. I am an attorney and will wake up also around 3AM begin to think about a case, or do laundry etc. If I am not tired I don't want to waste time. It seems that our lives revolve around food. If a friend goes on vacation they take pictures of their meals, the trip is basically rated by how good/bad the meals were. I find myself quite irritated by this. I suppose it is me, but there is so much more to life then fançy food. As for my weight it is genetic. Both sides are tall and thin…….I just didn't inherit the height lol. I really am concerned with healthy protein intake and appreciate this discussion. I look forward to reading the article. Btw, you have the most beautiful enormous eyes I have ever seen. Much LOVE !!!!!!! (Apologies for all of my complaining). I would adore hearing if anyone feels the same as I do.

  6. Margaret, you look so pretty today. I wake up at weird hours too. You always do much research for your videos. It's nice to watch different you tubers. You all add value.

  7. I have Type II Diabetes, so I try to stay on a low-carb diet like Atlkins or the Paleo Diet. I do have Oatmeal with blueberries in the mornings. I sweeten it with Splenda & I have my coffee. For lunch I like to have a salad and a can of tuna packed in water not in oil. I love apples, a small one with lunch, or I save it for a snack. I like walnuts too for snacks. I eat a protein like lean turkey patties, baked chicken, or Salmon for dinner. I eat a green vegetable like cabbage, broccoli, or brussell sprouts too and a small garden salad. For dessert I like to have sugar-free jello with a dollop of light or sugar-free cool whip topping. Not a bad diet!!!

  8. Hi. I have always been a poor sleeper 😢. I am on the Ketogenic diet. I also do intermittent fasting. 8 months ago I came back positive for type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. I lost 46 pounds and all my labs are normal. It has been hard since I am a vegetarian to do the diet but with s lot of research and careful planning I make it work. Diabetes runs in my family and I have seen how hard it is on the body. So I am really working hard to avoid it. I eat avocado everyday too. I love it. Thank you for all your great information.

  9. At 70 I’ve found a new love of physical fitness..strength training, aqua aerobics and more recently kickboxing (in moderation) and gradually going the vegetarian route.

  10. I too have this sleep problem, very hard to make commitments. I never know what each night will bring me and that 3 to 4am wake up call looking out windows knowing everyone else is sleeping. All of my family have been night owls and sleep late morning. It puts you on a whole different planet and just have to go with it, nothing else has helped.

  11. Nice video! Yes, I try to eat lots of protein and vegetables. I find carbohydrates contribute to inflammation so I try to limit them and keep them to unprocessed carbs. I found that Autumn Calabrese and her "21 day fix" offers a good eating plan if you are interested in losing weight and getting toned, although I take it super easy on the exercise routine since I am close to 70 now.

  12. Ive had sleep problems for quite a while now. Very frustrating. I'm not eating too much fibre at the moment having digestive problems and awaiting hospital tests. Look forward to finding the problem. Have a lovely day. 😊

  13. Although many advise against it, I find that a small glass of red wine about an hour before bedtime settles me into a great nights sleep…maybe get 7-8 hrs rarely interrupted sleep. I have become much more food savvy since retirement although I have gained a few pounds.  I exercise with walking and yoga regularly so not too concerned. I like to, especially in the winter, chop up all kinds of veggies, throw them into my slow cooker with a little broth and eat from it all week. Also great is oatmeal, little milk, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, chia seeds and a few added mini chocolate chips in a mason jar overnight…delicious..make enough for the week. So much simple goodness out there. Thanks, everyone…..especially you, Margaret…

  14. Margaret, I love all your videos and learn so much. Thank you for teaching me so many things. I am turning 65 today and enjoying life more everyday. Your videos inspire me so much. I don't comment a lot of times, but I do watch. Thank you!

  15. I am sorry that I have not been on for a while. I am having some time this morning to watch your video. You are so informative. I have diverticulitis and ischemic cholitis. So many foods bother me such as carrots, broccoli, string beens, lettuce, and so many more! I do eat chicken, salmon, peas, sauteed brussell sprouts, white rice and other things. I have arthritis very bad in knees and hips so therefore hard to do a lot of exercise but I do water arobics and I do keep on walking. I can not lose weight like when I was younger! lol I love that top you have on. It is sharp!

  16. Hi Margaret, I am very focused on my nutrition on a daily basis. Thank you so much for this video,
    it is wonderful for our age to be reminded of the importance of out health!! I am always inspired by 60 and me in all catagories! XOXO

  17. Hi, Margaret…I empathize with you on the waking up all during the night. I think it's a sixty thing. Dr. Berg says to limit sugar in the evening because "water chases sugar" (thus, the bathroom breaks every 3 hours during the night). Oh well, c'est la vie! I would love 💞 if you would check out my brand new blog:

  18. Thank you Margaret for inspiring all of us to eat more healthy. We are worth it. I agree with your 'rainbow' eating. I do have soy daily in the 'fermented' form of white miso. I add it to my warm bone broth. I eliminated sugar pretty much from my diet. Since my husband and I are retired we have changed our main meal to lunch, 2:00 pm. No eating after that time. Maybe a small healthy snack later. Usually something sweet like a banana, raisins and some almonds. I intake all my food within a 6-8 hour window. Not eating (intermittent fasting) for about 12 hours. Mine is usually 4 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. Both of us took off weight while building our muscle mass. We are so happy to be growing older quite healthy. My husband is 71 and I am 68. Other fermented food I add to my daily routine is homemade fermented sauerkraut and 24 hr. fermented yogurt. Yoga and weight bearing exercise are important to me since I have osteosporosis in my hip and spine and do not want to take drugs. So this healthy journey I am on is making me happy. LUCKY I am retired so I can fit all this in my day. Adding meditation has helped with my mind, body and Spirit. We all have sooooooooooo many choices. May your journey be a beautiful one. Oh Margaret, I too have 'waking issues' during the night. I am having a sleep study done and have hope that they can help me resolve this long standing issue. NAMASTE to all of you ladies.

  19. hi, margaret! here i am at 3 am watching your video. i call it split shift sleeping, awake for a bit then back to sleep. good food information, reaffirming knowledge as well as adding to it. thanks!

  20. Good morning Margaret, I look forward to your videos each and every morning. I am eating the The Keto way. Doing it to improve health. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and videos.💕

  21. Hi Sandra, great video and topic. I am a vegetarian and I am always looking for ways to up my protein take. I eat yogurt, some cheese and have started adding black beans to the brown jasmine rice I eat at least 4 times a week. I tend to be a repetitive eater, so these tips helped. I was off of eggs for a while, but I know how healthy they are with protein and omega 3, that I have started eating them again. I am looking forward to reading other comments. Have a wonderful day!

  22. Love the top your wearing with the shoulder detail, Margaret. I use avocado in salads, sandwiches and with the southwestern dishes we like. Olives are a favorite fat too. They are a monounsaturated fatty acid and supposed to help with keeping belly fat down.

  23. Use oil, if any, very sparingly—-there are healthy fats—-flax (powder it right before using), avocado, nuts, etc.
    Find a doc who knows something about real nutrition, such as veganism. (Docs have little, if any, training in nutrition.)
    And, deffo, eat the rainbow!
    We are blessed to have so much variety!!

  24. Great advice! May I add that I have added 3 tablespoons of milled flaxseeds to my diet every day which has dramatically changed my senior skin for the better. I don't do smoothies, so I just wash the milled seeds down with 2 large glasses of water. This also reduces appetite which for me is a plus. I use the refrigerated milled flax seeds from the health food store. My skin was so dry I even developed an ulceration of the calf of my leg. I no longer have to rub coconut oil into my itchy legs every morning and night and the skin on my face is naturally glowing. I never dreamed I could have such a dramatic change. I've read lignans is what is missing in senior skin and flax seeds are the highest food source of lignans. I recommend everyone do their own research before trying.

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