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  1. Thanks to be honest I hope I find this helpful because I want to have healthy and very long hair because i wanna match with hats and have more styles 🙂

  2. I shampoo my hair every 4 days. And the night before shampooing massage with oil. And using hair serum daily. My hair seem to be really good but still i think they can improve. maybe hair mask might help me

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  4. My own hair growth success story I followed below, which i learnt from my brother, who found it by trial and error when he was 19 and loosing hair, so works for men and women:

    1. Fragrance free shampoo. Korean cosmetic industry understand why years ago, we are still behind. Fragrance of any kind damages hair that is alraedy thinning or genetically prone to falling.

    2. Taoist soap for hair growth 2x a week only: stops further loss, stimulates new growth.

    3. Nettle tea to drink 2x a day at least for removing hormone residue in the liver, further supporting hormone balance, altho not fully but enough.

    4. Scalp massage for 30 minutes a day. Do not skip, just massage with your fingertips slow and hard, be gentle at first as next day can get sore.

    5. Collagen powder 2x a day w tablespoons each time. Don't get pills they are not high dose enough.

    6. Cold water rinse on just top of scalp, don't let cold water on back of neck or head much as you might get sick. But once a day or a couple of times a week does wonders.

    Learnt this from my brother who spent years looking for answers. He has a full head of hair now and 38. But at 23 he had very thin hair all over. I had thin hair too.

    Stick to the regimen, I promise you will see results. Hair growth requires many angels and this is why it's hard to cure.

  5. With the oil. Are you avoiding getting it on the scalp? I tend to get cysts in my scalp from what I believe is an over abundance of oils. I wash and shampoo my hair daily. It’s medium length very think and straight. It tends to get oily easily.

  6. 1. Don't Shampoo Everyday
    2. Don't be aggressive on Hair
    3. Don't go to bet when hair is wet
    4. Get argan oil
    5. Don't use high temp hair tools
    6. Avoid dying and bleaching
    7. Be careful with sun damage
    8.Trim your hair
    9. Find good hair mask
    10. Let your hair breathe

  7. What if you have naturally oily hair? Personally I have oily skin as well so my hair and face gets super greasy if I don't use shampoo. I use to have acne flare ups even on my head which is painful and sucks. Nowadays though, I no longer have that issue. Guess I'll try it to see how it goes.

  8. Cool tips but I probably got the coolest hair cause I got straight hair and I got this natural blonde patch even though all my head is brown hair

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