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  1. Hi andi, I'm Anusha wellness coach, healthy ga weight lose/gain, gastrouble, thyroid, pcod, pcos, belly fat lose,b.p, sugar, skintone changes vanti problems amaina untea manchi nutrition tesukovadam dwara better chesukovachu ma community lo chala mandhi better results tesukunna vallu unnaru, meeru kuda healthy ga problems ni better cheskovali ani serious ga, interested ga unatalu ayeithea e profile lo unna number ki msg cheyyandhi,meeku help avuthundhi

  2. 1. First imp thing is, for all ages, seasonal & local food is best digestable & absorbable by our body.
    As we age , intake of vegetables in cooked food should be MORE THAN pulses / grains / millets .
    2. Secondly the time of eating is imp , best results are with Ayurvedic two meal per day diet plan – at 11.30 am & 6.30 pm .
    3. Water IMP – sip by sip, for every 30-45 min, as we usually have. EMPTY STOMACH & for MORNING & EVENING MEAL 45min before to these – half to one glass water , depending on SEASON.
    4. sunlight & ventilation.
    If possible between 6/7-8/9am for 15-20min dep on season , if they can be exposed to sunlight , it'll help.
    Same time, they can sit / in bed rest / wheel chair , do PRANAYAMA yogic breathing – this eases them a lot.
    Movement of fingers of hands , legs , that is as much as possible – they should try to move their body parts .
    5. For age 75+ , mainly MEDIUM liquid consistency cooked food
    Meal = cooked food = Millets or broken rice or broken wheat + anyone type dal or pulses + one type vegetable + salt , cumin seeds , turmeric, red chilli powder – BOIL COOK THEM & serve for morning 11.30 am with in end buttermilk in summer & curd for winter or autumn, nothing in rainy season & evening – prepare it once in morning &
    refridge it to recook for evening 6.30pm , in end no buttermilk or curd . By 8pm 1 usual tea cup milk will be given.
    6. Double toned milk with turmeric in boiled milk , then allow it to warm , usual tea cup size quantity will be fine – morning after salt brushing at 8 am – this enables stool passing & before sleep at 8 pm – IF WEAK IN calcium / any BONE BREAK INCIDENT – RECOVERY TIME .
    7. Season fruits – in evening at say 4/5pm .

    I hope this helps, in my family usually old age people follow such diet .

  3. Hi iam wellness coach meru healthy ga weight loss or weight gain….thyroid,pcod,sugar etc,,vanti problems manchi food and guidence dwara healthy ga normal avvali anukunte nenu help chestanu..meku seriously interest unte ..e profile lo number undhi whatsapp message cheyandi..

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