How codependency can relate to substance use disorder | Podcast

Substance use disorder and codependency are two distinct circumstances that can every create their very own points. However, additionally they have some traits in frequent, and can turn out to be deeply intertwined in the event that they’re each current in a relationship.

Pete VanDusartz, director of behavioral well being for the HealthCompanions hospitals and clinics within the St. Croix Valley, places it like this: “For the person who has a substance use disorder, as their attention gets more wrapped up in their substance use, other things in their life go undone or unaddressed. And the evolution of codependency is that the codependent person starts filling in those gaps.”

Pete additionally serves as scientific supervisor for the Programs for Change therapy program, and is joined by program managers Brian Bartlett and Brian Francis on this episode of the For Health’s Sake podcast. They go into additional element concerning the similarities and variations between substance use disorder and codependency, in addition to how these two circumstances can affect one another. Our dialog covers:

  • How substance use disorder and codependency every develop
  • Other conditions that can contribute to codependency
  • How restoration from substance abuse can have an effect on a codependent relationship
  • Recovering from codependency

Help is accessible – in no matter kind you want it

Substance use and codependency are each tough subjects, much more so in the event that they’re occurring collectively. If you or somebody you like wants assist, speak to a major care physician. Your physician can make an preliminary analysis and suggestions, in addition to present sources the place you can discover extra info and assist. And if needed, they can refer you to a psychological and behavioral well being professional for extra specialised care.

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