How Pregnancy Diet Determines Health of Your Unborn Child – Healthy Diet Plan For Pregnant Women

The meals you eat throughout being pregnant is a giant figuring out issue of your kid’s well being. In the video: Dr. Nitika Sobti (Sr. Consultant …


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  1. There are a lot of Vegan and vegetarian people in the West that think that just avoiding meat is all they have to do! I really liked how you talked about varying the sources of food people should eat, and making sure they are receiving nutrition. I personally eat meats, but I try to eat a lot of greens and beans. I think my husband gets kind of tired of it sometimes 😅

  2. Hi Dr Nikita, I m being following you since 10th week of pregnancy and will result change in my positive attitude. Currently I m in 36th week of pregnancy, I am start feeling nauseous and vomiting, my gynecologist stopped my all regular supplements. I am bit worried, will this nausea have any adverse effects on my baby and for delivery.

  3. Will u be tired while speaking..I guess u can be a bit faster..n the topic written..I thought u will say the items n veggies to eat but the lecture is saying diff

  4. You talk about the negative energy from a killed animal. What about the cows who are tortured to produce milk and their baby calves are pulled away and not given their required milk. Humans just go and snatch the cows milk brutally and some even induce the cows with injections so they produce more milk. How about the negative energy then. Only humans drink another mammal's milk. No other animal drinks human milk or of any other mammal.
    Just to mention humankind has been hunting and eating meat longer than you think.
    Half of your talk is just your own opinion. It is pure brainwashing.

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