How to Lose Weight Fast with a Healthy Diet!

Being a movie star coach for 20+ years has taught me how to assist folks shed weight, achieve muscle and form their dream our bodies.


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  1. How to lose weight…eat less calories than you burn. How to really lose weight, eat less calories than you burn while eating 1.5-2 lbs of meat a day and also working out.

  2. Magnus, thank you for these videos. I would like to see something about protein, because in the medical literature (I am not a doctor), it states that over-eating protein will not increase your muscles at an increased rate and that the over-eating of protein can force your body into a ketogenic state which strains the kidneys, forcing more water from your body, also, causing one to lose both muscle mass and bone calcium. So, something that addresses the idea that disproportional amounts of protein (within the overall diet) would be great. Best! J

  3. Is it still ok if all 3 meals out of 20 in a 4-day cycle are dinners? I mean dinners that typically include: extra, unhealthy carbs, less protein,little veggies (think: pizza), sugar/some sweets. I swear all my other meals are on point with healthy carbs, enough veggies, good/lean protein, no flour/ white bread or sugar (not even sugar in coffee)

  4. Intermittent Fasting works best for me. I don't count anything and I eat healthy and have occasional splurges. Right now I am eating only 3 days a week and fasting the other 4. It's perfect and I have lost 100.4 lbs doing this. I feel great and have more energy than when I was eating 3 meals a day plus snacks. I will never go back as I now know, I personally, do not need to eat every day. Of course, I take vitamins/minerals, electrolytes, and other supplements. It's built in weight control as well. I love it and thank God for it! Once I reach my goal weight, I'll probably do alternate day fasting or maybe OMAD to maintain. I'm no longer obsessed with food and feel freedom I have never known in this regard. I'm a female, 66 years old and this is the easiest life style I have ever known.

  5. This guy is super basic: but yeah, these fatties nowadays will conjure up every excuse in the universe to mentally justify their pathetic laziness. Thatโ€™s fine. Their body. Itโ€™s just sad.

  6. Hi Magnus. Thanks for your videos. I would like to know more about the 4 days meal plan. Do you do this even if you are dieting or just to maintain your weight. I am struggling to diet because of somedays I go out and drink and then I eat not healthy food. thanks

  7. My cousin who was 400lbs, lost 100 pounds in 3 months just doing this and he looks incredible. I happened to see him the other day and he said he eats 6 meals a day basically he eats what ever he wants but halves every meal and has it small meal every 3 hours.

  8. I LOVE how simple you put it. What a breath of fresh air. This video made me feel confident that I am on the right track, and that I don't need to continue the yo yo dieting I have been doing my whole life. Your awesome, thanks so much!

  9. Just binge watching videos about how to loose weight, get proper exercise, and a healthy diet. I want to be the healthiest and best I can be. Iโ€™m 13 years old and Iโ€™m around 150 pounds right now. Iโ€™m trying to drop my weight by at least 20 pounds, Iโ€™m really aiming for 30 though. I remember weighing myself 4 years ago when I was 9 and I only weighed 60 pounds!! By 4th grade in early 2018, I weighed 84 pounds. And then by 5th grade in early 2019, I weighed a little over 100 and I was 11. I graduated elementary in 2019 at 11 years old. It has been 2 years since I graduated elementary. I started 6th grade in 2019, and from 2019 to 2020, my 6th grade year was a terrible time for various situations I had going on that I donโ€™t want to get into I started out my 6 grade year 11 and came out 12. I turned 12 in October 2019!! I had gained weight pretty fast my 6th grade year, (also around the time I started hitting puberty). I told my mom and dad about it and they both said โ€œKatie, your going through puberty and a lot of changes right now, this is normalโ€. Obviously, I knew that WAS a factor, but I also had a terrible diet. I was going through a really bad time from stuff happening at school (Iโ€™m lucky we got out early for corona). I did my 7th grade year online because of what I delt with at that school. I just got out of my 7th grade year and will be going into my last year of middle school. I will be off to high school next year. And I wanna look and feel good. Iโ€™m doing way better than I was a year and a half ago, but I still wanna loose weight and find ways to improve my diet and take better care of my skin. Anyways, I enjoyed the video and will definitely use these tips and check out some more of your contentโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  10. I have always lived by similar principals as far as diet and exercise but never had the more scientific or nutritional info explained nicely like this. Thanks! Love your realistic approach and explanations! You remind me of Svenska friends!

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