Mild winter could mean an uptick in ticks, Lyme disease across the US

  • A tick knowledgeable from Connecticut predicts “an above average year for tick activity” due to this yr’s delicate winter.
  • Lyme disease is widespread in the Northeast and Midwest, and is the commonest tick-borne an infection in the United States.
  • Tick season in the United States usually stretches from April to October. The bugs are largely dormant throughout the winter months.

After a gentle winter in the U.S., will there be an uptick in ticks this yr?

Researchers say it’s arduous to foretell how the tick season will play out. This yr’s delicate winter and early snow soften, although, could mean extra ticks sooner than ordinary and a wider unfold of Lyme disease and different tick-borne ailments, scientists mentioned.

In Connecticut, ticks are displaying up in higher numbers this yr, in response to Goudarz Molaei, a tick knowledgeable for the state. So far, greater than 700 ticks have been despatched in for a testing program that usually would have gotten 200 to 300 by now. The state sometimes sees a variety of Lyme disease, which received its identify from a Connecticut city.

“It’s going to be an above average year for tick activity and abundance,” Molaei mentioned.


What Diseases Do Ticks Spread?

Infected ticks unfold micro organism, viruses and parasites that make folks sick. Lyme disease is the commonest tick-borne an infection in the U.S., largely in the Northeast and Midwest. An estimated 476,000 Americans are recognized with Lyme disease annually, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Black-legged ticks, additionally known as deer ticks, can carry greater than Lyme-causing micro organism. They may also unfold babesiosis, anaplasmosis and Powassan virus disease. The lone star tick, primarily positioned in southern, japanese and midwestern states, can carry ehrlichiosis and Heartland virus disease. American canine ticks can unfold Rocky Mountain noticed fever. Ticks decide up disease-causing germs by biting contaminated wildlife, often rodents.

A blacklegged tick, which is also called a deer tick, is proven above. Ticks can be extra energetic than ordinary early in spring 2023 attributable to a gentle winter. (CDC by way of AP, File)

When is Tick Season?

It varies by area, however tick season usually stretches from April to October. Ticks are largely dormant throughout the chilly winter months, and emerge as temperatures rise, however will be energetic on heat winter days, too. Memorial Day is commonly thought-about the begin of the season however that’s largely as a result of that’s when folks in cold-weather states begin spending extra time open air, mentioned Sam Telford of Tufts University’s college of veterinary drugs in North Grafton, Massachusetts. Lyme disease circumstances sometimes peak in June, July and August. April and May are sometimes lighter months, however not all the time.

Tiny ticks at the nymph stage — about the measurement of poppy seed — could be energetic early this yr, mentioned Dr. Bobbi Pritt, who research tick-borne ailments at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “When we have mild winters, we do anticipate that the ticks are going to be out earlier, and biting humans,” Pritt mentioned.


What Makes for a Bad Season?

Government disease trackers say predicting how tick-borne ailments will development is difficult. The variety of ticks can fluctuate from area to area, and diagnoses will be affected by how nicely totally different medical doctors take a look at and report circumstances. The altering local weather has each constructive and destructive implications for ticks, as heat, moist climate is helpful to them, however particularly sizzling climate just isn’t, Telford mentioned. Tiny ticks could certainly be energetic early, however a dry, sizzling summer time could additionally kill ticks, he mentioned. The finest strategy is to imagine ticks can be very energetic. “Every year should be considered a bad tick year,” he mentioned.

How Can People Protect Against Ticks?

Thankfully, there are quite a few methods to forestall tick bites. The CDC recommends treating clothes with merchandise containing 0.5% permethrin. It’s additionally vital to be particularly cautious in areas the place ticks reside, similar to grassy and wooded areas. Using repellents and doing thorough checks afterward can be key, the CDC says. Limiting uncovered pores and skin additionally helps keep away from bites.


The disease may cause a fever, chills, fatigue and muscle and joint ache. It is handled with antibiotics, and most of the people get better. Left untreated, it could worsen, inflicting signs similar to coronary heart issues and debilitating ache. There is not any Lyme vaccine on the market in the U.S. for folks however one is being examined.

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