Miranda Kerr's Wellness Routine For The Holidays

Miranda Kerr reveals her wellness ideas for staying stress free and wholesome over the vacations. The supermodel shares her favorite …


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  1. Hi miranda babes,I myself have been practising yoga from quite some time now. It feels great. And I also include almond milk in my smoothies now for maximum iron and magnesium intake. Love your wellness routine. Take care and be safe sweetie. And btw happy new year.

  2. Miranda Kerr is naturally beautiful inside and out no matter what. She is one of the most physically beautiful women in the world. She really does look like an angel with her beautiful round cute face and dimples! 😊 Plus, she shines from within because she is also a sweet & kind person.

    Many models look attractive or they are photogenic or both, but are not naturally gorgeous like Miranda. Here, she is just showing us her own personal health routine, but she doesn't deprive herself either. If you watch her other videos, she does eat unhealthy junk foods occasionally but in moderation. She says so herself. Also, she is after all a model, so she must really be cautious with her diet. She may be perceived as too skinny by some people, but even if she were to gain a little more weight and meat, she would still look naturally gorgeous. She is clearly blessed by GOD with natural beauty. What I love more about her is her kind and humble nature. She is very genuine.

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  5. The media has never made me feel better. It just reminds me of how much better other people have been treated compared to me. They sent a car to hit me when I was ten because they decided that they wanted me to be a crippled. Thanks alot for that america. It really made me feel good to be so considered.

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