My Realistic & Simple Indian Vegetarian Diet to stay Lean & Healthy! SHEF #indianfood #healthy

Welcome again cuties❤️ Subscribe to my channel right here @SHEFALIRAWAT & be part of #shefam In right now’s video, I’ll be …


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  1. Hi shef… Lots of love.. To u beautiful soul… I just wanna ask you whats your height… Because mine is only 4.11🥹… Jst out of curiousity.. I wanna ask u…. Hope u reply…

  2. First of all, many many congratulations for your achievement! You really deserve much more! Shine high di!🎉❤
    Now, this video would be really effective if I was at my home, but currently, I'm staying in hostel. So proper diet and nutrition is something you can't expect everyday. Plus we do yoga each and every day, and don't get the proper diet according to it. I really want you to make a video on how to stay healthy and maintain healthy skin and hair even at hostel. My skin and hair has became dull and thin. I really don't know what to do! Just wanna leave it in your hand cause I know Shef will be coming for rescue! Much love!!🥰

  3. Thankyou so much 💜 your videos are so inspiring and helpful..🥰 l love watching your videos i gives me a new inspiration and confident to start my diet✨. Saranghe 🤞

  4. please don't try to spread fake info regarding loosing 15 kg weight..
    if what you have said in the video is true, then please attach before after pics. as far as I know you still look the same like 2-3 years ago and i never saw u getting too fat anytime…
    This might not be a serious thing for me or you..But for someone who is actually trying to loose weight and who follows you then you are misguiding such people only in the name of ADVERTISEMENTS.
    If I am wrong, attach before after pics, i will delete this comment.

  5. I'm preparing for neet and plus this channel is no buisness for men ig, but when ever it's a break (pomodoro thing) i check on her, dk why… Relaxing.

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