Myth: Processed Meat Has No Place in a Healthy Diet

Do merchandise like deli meats, sizzling canines, sausage, bacon and extra have a position in a nutritious diet? The Dietary Guidelines for …


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  1. Most of the time these so called 'experts' are biased and lie constantly because they are taking bribes from the sugar lobby and food industry.

  2. She is lying, processed red meat is full of toxic chemicals, sugar, and cancerous preservatives. Next she will start saying that alcohol and tobacco is very healthy for you

  3. Research cancers and the sodium nitrates added to processed meats.
    Sodium nitrates are implicated in many childhood cancers and colon cancers in adults.
    The meat industry (of which the interviewer is a well paid member of)
    pays research scientists and educators (such as the woman being interviewed) very well for twisting facts.

  4. Wow, this is extremely superficial. Her reasons and justifications for eating American based processed meats is horrendous. And there's no good or bad foods?? RED FUCKING FLAG.

  5. The preservatives (Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate) in processed meat cause cancer. There was a study that proved a link between childhood leukemia and hotdogs but it was squashed by the meat industry to increase profits. Processed meat containing Sodium Nitrite or Sodium Nitrate should not be eaten. Period.

  6. Nitrites are a ingredients that is quite possibly one of the worst things you can put into your body. BTW, Go to the "about" tab for this channel. πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

  7. It's the preservatives they use. Just because it is approved by FDA means that big corporations bought out the FDA. Many of these preservatives cause many health problems. Take this lady's MD title away from her, she is a dumpy.

  8. Look at the number of dislike doubles the number of like. It shows the general public still have the common sense. This is strange up lying. Yes, the meat part is protein just like the the protein in normal meat. But part they didn't mention is the added flavoring, preservatives, and the chemicals your don't recognize on the label. They are super bad for your health.
    Think about it, when you mix vegetable and tons of white suger together, is the mixture good for you? Of course NOT! You can reason all you want that the vegetable in the mixture is just the same as any other fresh vegetables, it contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. It's the tons of white suger that kills you. What a ridiculous lie this video is! Just because they want to sell it.

  9. Hahaha she sounds like she's fully lying through her teeth. Not to mention, look at a vegan talking nutrition, perfectly fit speaking on good nutrition.
    Here they hire a lady that looks like she dredds a set of strairs. You would have to be out to lunch to believe this non sense.

  10. Judging by all these comments I would say they are all lapping up the kool Aid brought to you by the vegan/animal righters agenda. Note that none have a base in factual evidences but are simply a regurgitation of propaganda. All meat is healthy and spreading lies only tells how desperate these people are.

  11. The dietician says "processed meat is just meat with other ingredients added, exactly like when you make meatloaf in your kitchen"' Except NO ONE adds nitrites to their meatloaf!

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