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Shankh Mudra (Conch Shell Gesture): Steps, Advantages, Period & Facet Results

Shankh Mudra (Conch Shell Gesture): Steps, Advantages, Period & Facet Results

shankh mudra - conch shell gesture
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Shankh Mudra is a hand gesture that appears like the form of a ‘chank’ or ‘Conch Shell‘. Conch is an instrument that’s performed in rituals and non secular significance in Hinduism as an emblem of auspiciousness.

In Yogic practices, seeker normally makes Shankh mudra with their arms whereas, worshiping, chanting hymns, and mantras. Subsequently, Shankh mudra will be thought of a superb various gesture to ‘Namaste’ or Anjali Mudra.

Use & Significance

conch shell gesture - shankh mudra
Conch shell. Supply: canva

Shankh Mudra can also be known as ‘Conch Shell Gesture‘. Identical to a conch is a logo of auspiciousness, removes negativity, on performing shankh mudra our detrimental ideas, energies, and impurities in our religious path get vanished. If we think about the sound of the conch shell, it’s really the sound of ‘OM’. We will get the advantages of blowing Shankh by emulating this mudra whereas chanting the OM mantra. Certainly, the sound of OM on this mudra pulls you out of that chaos of thoughts which obstructs you to comply with your interior voice.

You’ll by no means comply with your individual interior voice till you clear up the doubts in your thoughts.

Roy T. Bennett, Creator of The Mild within the Coronary heart

For this, we maintain arms on this gesture on the coronary heart middle, slightly below the throat as we do whereas doing Namaste and focus on the chanting echo of OM. Practising this mudra whereas OM chanting stimulates the Vishuddhi chakra (Throat chakra), which is the seat for the communications and self-expression, vocals, and so on.

How you can Do Shankh Mudra(Steps)

shankh mudra
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Comply with the steps beneath to do Shankh Mudra:

  • Sit comfortably in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) on the ground, roll your shoulder again, and lengthen the backbone.
  • Carry each your arms in entrance of the photo voltaic plexus chakra going through tummy.
  • Now wrap the 4 fingers of the correct hand across the left thumb.
  • Preserve 4 fingers of the left-hand straight and pointing up. Roll the encircled thumb just a little to regulate it in upwards.
  • Now as soon as left hand all fingers pointing up, be a part of the tip of the correct thumb with the center finger of the left hand.
  • Now your arms will appear to be a conch shell. Maintain this association of fingers and convey your arms on the coronary heart middle, precisely on the breastbone.
  • Shut your eyes whereas chanting OM within the thoughts and concentrate on deep respiratory. You can even take heed to OM chanting and concentrate on the echo it produces.

  • As soon as executed with the left thumb encircled, you may reverse the place of fingers and follow it for one more spherical.

Some individuals discovered it tough to carry shankh mudra for longer period. There may be one other variation of it named Sahaja Shankh Mudra aka simplified conch shell gesture. It’s helpful particularly in speech issues and enhancing the bodily aura of an individual.

How It really works

The thumb represents the fireplace ingredient in our physique, which when encircled by the fingers of the opposing hand in Shankh mudra subdues the extreme fireplace.

Concurrently, the thumb of the opposite hand touches the tip of the center finger of the alternative hand. This contact brings the ether ingredient within the steadiness which creates extra space inside the physique for the assimilation and digestion course of. Additionally, bigger area additionally symbolizes that it makes you suppose out of the field.

The interior spiral of our arms in Shankh mudra is equated with the coil of the human digestive system. Thus, Shankh mudra is taken into account a helpful follow to relax the extreme digestive fireplace which might trigger constipation and abdomen ulcers. Additionally, individuals who really feel uncomfortable after the overdoing of Surya Mudra (which people normally do to weight reduction), can do shankh mudra for fast aid.

Time & Period

Time and period have a big impact on the follow of Shankha Mudra. In a single sitting one can do that mudra from a couple of minutes to the 1 hour. Nevertheless, ideally, it’s really useful to do quarter-hour in a single sitting and comply with it 3 instances a day i.e. 45 minutes a day. Although an individual with allergic signs, fever, digestive issues can do it for an extended interval.

Shankh mudra is most helpful when practiced within the morning. The contemporary air of morning add ups its purification mechanism and expands the peaceable feeling and positivity.

Shankh Mudra Advantages

  • Shankha Mudra overcomes the worry of talking in entrance of others because it stimulates vishuddha chakra.
  • Helps in progress and maturation. Thyroxine hormone secreted from the thyroid gland. Subsequently, additionally liable for the peak increment.
  • Helps in vocals dysfunction comparable to stuttering and stammering. Furthermore, additionally enhance the functioning of the larynx (voice field).
  • As a consequence of its motion on Pitta Dosha, shankh mudra alleviates the itchy pores and skin, pink rashes issues.
  • Individuals with lack of urge for food can do that mudra. It brings the digestive system on the monitor that will increase the urge for food.
  • Practising this mudra clarifies the voice and enhance speech supply, which additional boosts the arrogance.
  • Present a rejuvenating impact on 72000 Nadis whereas chanting OM working towards this Mudra.
  • Helps overcome throat infections like tonsillitis and different throat-related allergic reactions.
  • Offers a soothing and calming impact on the thoughts, eradicating negativity and selling concord.

Shankh Mudra for Thyroid

For folks with thyroid issues, shankh mudra is most helpful because it includes chanting of the calming sound of OM. Chanting OM on this mudra and even listening to it in bedtime produces a vibration immediately from vocal cords. This vibration stimulates the thyroid gland that secretes thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormones. On this means, the common follow of Shankh mudra alleviates hypothyroidism and related issues.

Shankh Mudra Facet Results

  • Nervousness: Overdoing Shankh Mudra can improve anxiousness ranges in people, particularly these with a Vata dosha imbalance.
  • Extreme Sleepiness: Practising Shankh Mudra excessively might result in extreme sleepiness, notably in people with a Kapha dosha imbalance.
  • Bodily Discomfort: Holding the mudra place for an prolonged interval might trigger discomfort within the fingers, arms, and arms, resulting in pressure.


Shankha Mudra is a robust follow that harmonizes the thoughts, enhances communication, and promotes religious progress. By integrating this mudra into your each day routine, you may expertise its profound advantages, paving the way in which for larger readability, confidence, and interior peace.

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