The Core Elements Of A Healthy Diet | Dr David Katz Ep1

In this video Dr Katz talks about his path to preventative medication and the way necessary it’s. We then get into the primary …


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  2. This "expert" suggests a vegetarian type diet. The previous "expert" suggests a mainly egg and steak diet? Pick your expert!
    That's what I like on your channel Richard. You interview interesting people in the Healthspan field and let us make up our own mind. No echo chamber here!

  3. Dr. Katz is looking older. Probably all the non-essential macros of carbohydrates he eats. The caloric approach of “calories in-calories out”, and eating a plant based diet is old, bad science. If you want any number of contemporary auto-immune illness, pre-diabetes/diabetes, Crohn’s disease, gout, eczema/acne/psoriasis/other skin disorders, and any number of inflammation caused illnesses, follow Dr. Katz‘s advice and make him wealthier by purchasing his book.
    It’s not, educate yourself about a metabolic approach to nutrition and health. Follow doctors Berry, Cywes, Ekburg, and the Diet Doctors channel among others.

  4. Another great guest, Richard! I respect Dr Katz for focusing on the whole food concept, rather than which type of diet.

  5. Hmm. Listening to Dr. Katz it strikes me that some doctors are focused on getting people with no interest in health to do the basics so they don't die before they retire, and some researchers are focused on identifying the last layers of behaviors or supplements that will extend lifespan beyond 100 years for those who will do anything to get an additional few years of active life.

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