The Sun Is Your VITALITY! Wellness Tips For All 12 Sun Signs!

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  1. Even though your talking about Sun signs could some of your suggestions also apply to Rising, Moon and other placements in signs. Because I'm a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Rising with Venus, Pluto and Moon in Scorpio in my 1st house. I also have Mars and Neptune in Capricorn in my 3rd house. And I felt that what you said about both Scorpio and Capricorn fit with my own experience.

  2. Aries, Mars in Cancer. I haven't been to a sea vacation in 10 years and I can def feel it, I need to swim, snorkel, and also work out. I have a Pisces Moon so I'm not a typical Aries, the Pisces part was more correct for me, also, I have a night chart.

  3. I would love to learn astrology. I have a question would I need to learn astrology before medical astrology? I am a beginner. 😁

  4. As an Aquarius sun, I received a download today to get a grounding mat. Then I watched this video and understood why. Thank you for such interesting information!

  5. Cancer sun I have had a gastric band in for the past 12 years been hell. Soon I will be taking it out and I hope I feel better. It was a big mistake

  6. My sun is in Aquarius. I felt like my best self when I lived off grid for 15 years. It was awesome while it lasted. I live with a leo, Aries and Sag, and they needed us to be in town.
    For years after I moved more centrally I wanted the house rigged with an off switch, or the living room made into a faraday cage. ….. I have been overruled, and everyone is more and more connected, so.. not holding my breath. 😉 I resonate with the news overload, and have to manage my news time. This was super helpful in understanding my Fire people, though. My energizer bunnies. They just keep going and going and…..

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