Uncommon symptoms of ovarian cancer that should never be ignored

Ovarian cancer is a kind of gynaecological cancer that begins within the ovaries — small organs within the feminine reproductive system answerable for producing eggs and hormones. The situation develops when irregular cells within the ovaries or fallopian tubes develop and multiply out of management.

It is a major well being concern, being the eighth commonest cancer amongst girls worldwide. Ovarian cancer is sometimes called the ‘silent killer’ as a result of its tendency to exhibit few noticeable symptoms in its early levels, making it difficult to detect. Moreover, the symptoms of ovarian cancer are sometimes confused with symptoms of different much less extreme sicknesses, like gastrointestinal complaints, thereby resulting in frequent misdiagnoses.

Common symptoms of ovarian cancer might embrace belly bloating or swelling, pelvic ache, issue consuming or feeling full shortly, frequent urination, modifications in bowel habits, and fatigue. While these symptoms are generally related to ovarian cancer, there are additionally unusual symptoms to be conscious of. It’s necessary to not ignore these symptoms and schedule a immediate go to with a healthcare skilled for correct analysis.

In this weblog, we’ll cowl the not-so-common symptoms, threat elements, and diagnostic procedures related to ovarian cancer. By recognizing these early symptoms, you’ll be able to have a combating probability to catch — and deal with — the illness earlier than it progresses.

Uncommon symptoms 

Ovarian cancer can typically current with much less frequent or ‘unheard’ symptoms that might not be well known. It’s necessary to notice that these symptoms aren’t unique to ovarian cancer and can even be attributable to varied different circumstances. However, in case you expertise any of these symptoms persistently and they’re regarding to you, it’s advisable to seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled for correct analysis.

Here are a couple of much less frequent symptoms related to ovarian cancer:


Persistent bloating or feeling of fullness within the stomach, usually accompanied by a rise in belly measurement that doesn’t enhance with dietary modifications or over-the-counter cures.

Abdominal or pelvic ache

Unexplained persistent or recurring ache within the stomach or pelvis that shouldn’t be associated to menstrual cramps or digestive points, and that lasts for an prolonged interval.

Changes in bowel habits

Persistent modifications in bowel actions, equivalent to constipation or diarrhoea, or a way of incomplete bowel actions, that persist for quite a lot of weeks.

Urinary symptoms

In some circumstances, ovarian cancer could cause urinary symptoms like urgency (sudden and intense have to urinate), frequency (elevated have to urinate), or incontinence (incapacity to manage urination).

Eating issues

Loss of urge for food or the feeling of fullness shortly after consuming, even in case you haven’t consumed a big quantity of meals.

Unexplained weight reduction

Unintentional weight reduction that happens with out modifications in food regimen or train habits.


Persistent and unexplained fatigue that doesn’t go away after evening of sleep or relaxation.

Back ache

Chronic ache within the decrease again, usually on one aspect, that shouldn’t be attributed to different causes.

Changes within the menstrual cycle

Ovarian cancer can typically trigger irregularities in a girl’s menstrual durations, equivalent to heavier or lighter bleeding than normal, or modifications within the length of the menstrual cycle.

Abnormal hair progress

Excessive facial or physique hair on girls (hirsutism) that shouldn’t be typical for the person.

Risk elements

Several threat elements are related to ovarian cancer, together with a household historical past of ovarian or breast cancer, sure genetic mutations, rising age, never having been pregnant, weight problems, and hormone alternative remedy. However, it’s necessary to notice that ovarian cancer can happen in girls with none recognized threat elements additionally.


Diagnosing ovarian cancer includes a mixture of bodily examinations, imaging assessments, CT scan (computed tomography), blood assessments (to search for a substance known as CA-125), and finally, a biopsy to verify the presence of cancer cells. Treatment and outlook depend upon the stage of the illness development and will embrace surgical procedure, chemotherapy, and radiation remedy. Early detection performs a significant position in bettering remedy outcomes, highlighting the significance of being conscious of the symptoms and in search of medical consideration if any considerations come up.

Closing ideas

Remember, these symptoms aren’t unique to ovarian cancer and may happen as a result of varied causes, and having a number of of them doesn’t essentially imply you may have ovarian cancer. While it’s necessary to recollect that these symptoms can happen for causes apart from ovarian cancer, it’s all the time a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a healthcare skilled in case you expertise any uncommon or persistent symptoms.

Early detection of ovarian cancer is vital to bettering remedy outcomes, so it’s essential to concentrate to your physique and search medical recommendation if in case you have any considerations. Remember, it’s all the time higher to err on the aspect of warning and handle any potential well being points promptly.

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