Wellness Guide with Death, Food and Perks in Darkness Falls

DarknessFalls #darknessfallsmod #snowbee Wellness offers extra depth to 7D2D Darkness Falls. Using meals, drink, perks and …


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  1. Hi Survivors
    What are your thoughts on Wellness? I did a poll recently and most people seem to enjoy Wellness, though quite a few either don't understand it or have no idea what it is about. Hopefully this guide will help.

  2. Are you able to get the wellness back that you may have lost, or is it that if I have lost 50 wellness through death or cuts, broken arm etc., my max possible wellness will be 350/400? If it is a permanent loss, is there any way to change this in the Buff.xml file that you know of? I don't think a cut or abrasion should permanently lower max wellness. From a Steam message board, I found out to remove the 10 wellness subtraction on death. I don't mind a temporary loss of wellness if it can be regained. YMMV

    Thanks for the video. Subbed.

  3. Me and my friends are new to this mod and I'm so confused how this Wellness system works but now you explained it all. Thank you so much for making this video. The problems are solved. Now my party won't struggle with 50 Health/Stamina anymore

  4. I played the earlier alphas 18-19. I bought the game in 2016; I never touched it much back then. I remember one time I had my campfire going boiling water and cooking food, and a screamer appeared, and I said to hell with it, let the witch scream. The next thing I knew, 100 zombies appeared to eat my brains. I said then that I liked the idea of 7 days, but I wish it was more balanced with the game stage. I take a break, play other genres, come back, and funpimps cut it all, and now A20 has no challenge. I enjoy DF as it fixes A18-19 with the game stage. I can cook in the early games and not be stalked by screamers. With wellness, It never should have been cut; dying is now pointless in A20.

  5. Okay, this is probably the best guide explaining this that I have come across. Mainly also as no one really ever explains this that just a passing comment or two. Very well done.

  6. I HATE WELLNESS. It's a death spiral. I'm level 22, I can't make any food that restores it, I can't find any vitamins. I think the only way out is to grind like heck or start again and hope I can find a cooking pot, grill and vitamins before I get murdered again

  7. Thank you very much for the video my friend!

    I am a follower of the channel "The other galaxy" and recommended your channel. Just watching the first video you have already helped me with the gain of wellness… I was just eating and drinking everything in a row and I couldn't get it back… Now I understand that I have to wait until the buff is finished to eat again ๐Ÿ™

    Thanks again for your great help!

  8. what im unsure

    if im use a drink with wellnes 3 – do i keep the 3 wellness after the buff expires? i think so right? otherwise there would be no way – get back up after you died multiple times

    can someone tell me – what wellness number is actually what quality?
    1-3 = low
    4-5 = med
    6 = high
    or however they stages work

    so – in conclution the best way is
    -> the higest low tier
    -> the higest mid tier
    -> the highest high tier
    food and drink for maximum boost/benefit – so in the end you have 6 buffs?

    so i basicly need a constant supply of 3 foods and 3 drinks….dang………
    can any one tell me the one they prefer – cause they are "easy" to get
    i rly start to regret be the farmer in our first time group DF round XD

  9. hi mate – like your stuff

    im new to DF – what would be rly helpfull for me
    would a vid about like –
    a< differences between base game and DF // in terms of – are some bad base game things better in DF? – for example – stun baton? spears- i see they have atleast a heavy attack now XD
    b< some overview for new weapons // since its not to see all the new stuff cause u have to search your craftwindow – at the right benches

    maybe this would help others and worth your time create something like this

  10. Thanks for the video! I have been looking into playing DF and this is very helpful. Have you done a video on the classes and their benefits yet? I would love more info on them if possible. Thanks again!

  11. i started out in the early days of 7dtd (like single digit alphas). the game felt bland in that area when they took it out. it feels more like a rpg with it than a bland shooter.

  12. Thank you for the guide!

    Could you make a tutorial on foods that give buffs? The candies were removed and some foods have new buffs that I don't fully understand

  13. when I started my first darkness falls playthrough I began with only 50 health and spawned with nothing, not even the blank class paper. Not sure if this is a bug, but thought I would throw it out there. Almost acts as if I died before the world was even created and I spawned in.

  14. Not having wellness in vanilla makes sense. K.I.S.S. But in DF itโ€™s awesome. It adds depth. It rewards putting in the effort to keep character healthy. It makes the game punishing for people who want to power through and treat it like vanilla. Overall itโ€™s a good system and I like it. In DF. Not vanilla, the kiddy pool needs to stay safe and shallow as it does no one any good to scare people off or make the game frustrated.

  15. I've fully enjoyed how much of the over simplification that has happened to 7days has been reverted in darkness falls. Complexity and depth of in game systems should be embraced but it feels like fun pimps are hell bent on shooting for lowest common denominator design choices. So rather than embracing the systems and making them easier to understand for the players that don't want to learn how they work they instead axe them from the game all together.

  16. I have modded it on my server to deal with the death and injury penalties – it's too easy to get into a loop where they die a few times and now have only half as much health and stamina as they started out making them MUCH more easy to die again – with which is why I think they removed it from vanilla in the first place. Also the death penalty is really more than -10 because you'll likely get infected (-5) or break an arm (-5) or whatever before you die – meaning you can easily get -20 or even worse from a single death. I think encouraging people to make complex foods is good though.

  17. 100% behind wellness as a good feature. One tip is that you don't have to focus on it really hard if you don't want to. I've played some runs with all low tier foods and vitamins. Yep, you can solely depend on a daily vitamin to slowly raise you up if you can't bother with the foods (except looted food.) And vitamins are very easy to get as the White River Scout will sell you vitamins. If I remember correctly, it's 80 dukes with no skills to reduce buying cost.

    Now for the list oriented people out there…
    DF Food Wellness from DF Discord:

    Generally, it will be the same as the tier perk they come from. The following is subject to change, but roughly:
    Wellness 1: Red Tea, Goldenrod Tea, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Rice Milk, Tapioca
    Wellness 2: Meat Stew, Vegetable Stew, Steak and Potato, Blueberry Pie, Coffee, Vegetable Soup, Apple Pie, Marmalade, Blueberry Jam, Rice Pudding, Cheese
    Wellness 3: Yucca Juice Smoothie, Tomato Juice, Orange Tea, Blueberry Pancakes, Banana Pancakes, Marmalade Toast, Cheese Pizza
    Wellness 4: Sham Chowder, Hobo Stew, Fish Taco, Chilli Dog, Meat Pizza, Meat Burrito, Fruit Smoothie
    Wellness 5: Beer, Cheesecake, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Philly Cheesesteak, Coffee Cake Food Buffs.

  18. Another great video. I personally enjoy the wellness system as it puts me in my place when I'm feeling too adventurous๐Ÿ˜„

  19. hello SnowBee. i was wondering if you knew the nuts and bolts of earning active skill points? is killing a chicken with my bone knife the same blade skill increase as killing a titan with my laser sword? is jumping worth the same athletics as running? those kinds of things. any insight would be very much appreciated, as all your efforts are

  20. Huh, and here I thought that the highest tier of each consumable type would be the only one to count for the regen/etc. All five( five tiers, right?) do. Time for some meat pizza with spaghetti, and baked tater sides! Carbo loading, babyyyyyyyy!

  21. I may have missed it, but how can you tell if your wellness is below your maximum? (eg: 100/110) I often take vitamins at random just to ensure it stays maxed but it would be nice to actually know if it is below the max and by how much.
    I can vividly recall having a max health and stamina of 65 and wondering what happened until I remembered wellness was a thing. Health Nut upgrades are a good early game investment I think (take more hits and hit back longer), possibly better than Sexy Rex, which burns food faster.

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