Why are people so Healthy in Japan?

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  1. There are so many unhealthy food available in Japan as well. I can say one difference as a Japanese living in abroad for decades is that, let’s think about afternoon snack or if you are a bit hungry between meals, you can get a rice ball in Japan which is low sugar and less fat but in western countries, most options are much more high calories and high sugar options beside fresh fruits.

  2. Americans don't want public transportation. People jump the turning gate all the time in the New York subway and without enough paying customers, the subway system doesn't have enough money to maintain itself. The bus is a very convenient thin in California but most people don't want to walk the one block needed after they get off the bus so that's why they buy cars.

  3. In a nutshell the Japanese are smarter and it does not take too much brainpower to appreciate the supreme importance of quality nutrition in life (yet our American friends cannot do it nor cannot they figure out who really did 9/11).

  4. The Japanese must be a more intelligent people if they're connected so much with healthy food such as fish, glycine meat products, seaweed, miso and green tea.

  5. Great info. The downside of the foods available in Japan is the usage of food additives/preservatives. MSG is in almost everything, all sauces, dressings, even in mayo, okonomiyaki flour, etc unless it says 無添加。The convenience stores products are frightening, there are so many unknown chemicals listed on a label. For those who don’t read Japanese, I urge you not to buy anything except for unsweetened tea in those stores. Yes, calorie intake is lower, but not sure if we’re ‘healthy’.

  6. I'm Canadian, but my parents are from Japan and I grew up in a very Japanese household. I remember going over to my friend's house for a sleepover and being very surprised by how different they lived. I had a lot of green tea, rice, and fish in the house and I was surprised that my friend had barely any of that.

  7. It's not excess consumption of meat and wheat that is causing Americans to be sick and fat… It's very clearly the overconsumption of refined oils and sugars.

  8. I am highly doubt the data shown here is accurate. How is it possible for people in USA to spend only 6.5% of their salary on food? If you earn US$2000 a month, that is just US$130. $130 divide by about 30 days is $4.33 per day! So you just drink sugar water or what?? HELLO!!!

  9. At the end of the day, the Japanese live about five years more than us, and it’s not clear they are any happier, so the foods can’t be making all that much difference.

  10. No it`s not about eating carbs and cutting gluten from your diet, Japanese people just don`t eat craps they eat real food – by the way being European myself when I eat japanese food like sushi, miso soup, homemade ramen ect I see a big difference in my body and skin in a positive way.

  11. I switched to eating rice and dumped wheat for no particular reason and I lost 12 pounds, even though I was eating more rice than wheat products. Yes white rice.

  12. you earn more than you spend, you save money.
    Similarly, if you eat more food than you consume, you gain weight.

    It's okay, but don't eat too much.
    It is also related to the fact that Japanese, who learn the basics of simple nutrition in elementary school lunches, know what foods make them fat.

  13. なぜ日本人は痩せているのかって?面白いテーマの動画ですね。



  14. You are forgetting something, they are genetically isolated, they probably mutated to thrive on rice and the whole island got advantage of that… Definitely that's something that might explain why there seem to be more healthy.

  15. This is why I refuse to eat American fast food unless I absolutely have no other choice due to traveling or whatnot. Too much fluffy nonsense in your diet, you gain weight. We eat way too much meat in the US, not pairing it with enough veggies and complex carbs.

  16. I’m American and (black at that) and my community tends to be more obese. We definitely eat out way more then we should but at this point, Americans are becoming bigger and more obese period. Some of my greatest friends are my Japanese friends I met in college and my roommate kanako cooked for me like every dang day. And I loved Japanese food since cuz of her. Now I’m honestly trying to adopt the Japanese food and culture. Cook Japanese food at my house. I watch kimono mom and cook some her recipes and they are delicious. And even adopting waking up at 5am, which has been struggle to do. But to be more productive and get more steps in my day. So hopefully soon I can see my friends again in person.

  17. Food portions are so out of control in USA. I remember going to a hotel in Chicago, ordering a Chicago dog. They gave me two whole thick hot dogs and two buns with a pile of fries filing every other white part of the plate that there wasn't a Hot Dog on. And that doesn't even get into cultural things, like having several large pizzas and soda at a party, in addition to cake and other snacks. Not to mention the amount of carb/calorie filled beer or cocktails we consume. And I noticed so many people around me who constantly have to be snacking on things like Cheez-It's, Chips, or Candy. Or only drink soda instead of water, tea, or black coffee. It's like when I go to 75% of fast food or just regular restaurants, they only serve sugary drinks. I usually ask for unsweet tea, but most places don't have it, or else it's that fake syrupy stuff that isn't even edible.

  18. They are physically healthy but very sick mentally with depression and anxiety due to social issues and such high suicide..

  19. ファストフードを食べると健康をお金に変えている感じがするから、安くてもあんまり食べない

  20. Wow this is a nations of order.. I’m impressed. America is such a terrible placed to live. Not sure why ppl move here. The food is poisoned and if you are darker… we’ll you know how that goes.

  21. i still remember the day when i went to the birthday party in america. all my japanese friends that i went with were secertly throwing up their cake because they never had so much suger with one bite

  22. People in America can do the same thing that Japan is doing, but they must give up processed foods. People have to avoid grease and lard. Telling American people to give up processed foods is like telling someone that he or she must give up his car or her car for a bicycle. Americans are very stubborn people–a high percentage love grease. USA. 2022

  23. Their eating habits are similar to how things were in the US 50 or 60 years ago. School lunches, in particular, were done the same way at my elementary school. And of course, the teacher ate with us. We were children and needed guidance, which was taken as a given at that time.

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