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8 Kinds of Vegetarians and What They Eat

Plant-based, or plant-forward, consuming might be essentially the most inescapable dietary development. And it’s not essentially so simple as simply forgoing flesh; new factions are forming inside the plant-based umbrella seemingly on a regular basis, making for a number of forms of vegetarians.

“The primary classes of plant-based consuming which can be studied and well-established are: vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, and lacto- or ovo-vegetarians,” explains Julieanna Hever, M.S., R.D., C.P.T., creator of The Healthspan Resolution and The Full Fool’s Information to Plant-Primarily based Diet.

To assist work out what may give you the results you want, right here’s a have a look at the numerous shades of plant-based consuming, practically all of which encourage getting extra shade in your plate by way of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

1. Stage 5 Vegan

Isolated Variety of Fruits and Vegetables | Types of Vegetarian

Thought of the strictest type of vegan, a Stage 5 vegan is outlined as “not consuming something that casts a shadow” by Lisa Simpson on a 1995 episode of The Simpsons titled “Lisa the Vegetarian.”

Based on present lore, Paul McCartney, who appeared to help Lisa’s veggie-forward journey, required that she give up meat for the remainder of the season.

Whereas the definition is clearly a joke (since vegetation additionally forged shadows), many vegans have co-opted this popular culture reference to consult with anybody with a ride-or-die perspective about veganism.

(Seems, Lisa additionally by no means appeared again on her choice and continues to be a plant-based hero greater than twenty years later.)

2. Vegan

Logo of Veganism on a Leaf | Types of Vegetarian

Based on the OG of veganism, the Vegan Society, the official definition inked circa 1949 is “to hunt an finish to the usage of animals by man for meals, commodities, work, looking, vivisection, and by all different makes use of involving exploitation of animal life by man.”

A vegan food plan is totally plant-based and avoids all animal-based meals, corresponding to meat (together with fish, shellfish, and bugs), dairy, eggs, and honey. There’s the added way of life part of additionally avoiding all different animal-derived merchandise, in addition to merchandise examined on animals, and venues that showcase animals for leisure functions.

Inside veganism, practitioners interpret — or select — to comply with these tips otherwise. Some frequent variations embody:


Entails avoiding all merchandise made by animals or seen as merciless towards cuddly creatures.

Examples embody carrying silk blouses, leather-based sneakers, and make-up examined on animals, or visiting a circus (which provides the additional advantage of sidestepping creepy clowns).


Combines a uncooked meals food plan with veganism and is concentrated on consuming raw veggies, fruits, and grains. One other spin is “Uncooked ‘Until 4,” or consuming uncooked meals till 4 p.m. after which having a cooked dinner.

Excessive carb, low fats

The polar reverse to keto in some ways, “excessive carb low fats” vegans eat giant quantities of carbs, corresponding to fruit, greens, and grains, and as little fats as potential.

(It’s necessary to notice that fats is a key macronutrient, and necessary to eat in really helpful quantities.)

3. Lacto-Vegetarian

Isolated Image of Dairy Products | Types of Vegetarian

Lacto-vegetarian is a type of plant-based consuming that enables the consumption of dairy merchandise, corresponding to milk, cheese, and yogurt, explains Sharon Palmer, M.S.F.S., R.D.N., The Plant-Powered Dietitian.

4. Ovo-vegetarian

Isolated Image of Hard Boiled Eggs | Types of Vegetarian

“Ovo” is the Latin phrase for egg. Ovo-vegetarians are OK with consuming meals containing eggs, corresponding to omelets, however don’t eat dairy merchandise.

5. Lacto-ovo vegetarian

Jug of Milk and Eggs Isolated | Types of Vegetarian

Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat eggs in addition to dairy-based meals, nonetheless they don’t eat meat, poultry, or seafood. That is maybe the commonest kind of vegetarian.

6. Pescatarian

Isolated Cuts of Salmon | Types of Vegetarian

Pescatarian (additionally spelled “pescetarian”) is a semi-vegetarian food plan that features the consumption of fish or seafood. As such, pescatarians diets will be extremely personalised; one particular person may eat fish, however swear off shellfish, or vice versa.

Exploring the explanation why some folks don’t regard fish the identical as meat may dock you in murky waters.

They vary from the truth that fish are cold-blooded (versus warm-blooded mammals) to the Catholic Church’s historic exemption that enables the consumption of fish throughout occasions of fasting from meat, corresponding to Lent.

7. Pollotarian

Isolated Image of Cuts of Grilled Chickens | Types of Vegetarian

One other offshoot of plant-based consuming, pollotarians keep away from mammalian, or pink, meat corresponding to beef and pork, however make an exception for hen and different poultry. (Regardless of the favored promoting marketing campaign, pork is technically the opposite pink meat.)

And, in an offshoot of an offshoot, pesce-pollotarians are pollotarians who eat fish.

8. Flexitarian

Isolated Images of Meat and Fish Cuts | Types of Vegetarian

A hybrid of the phrases “versatile” and “vegetarian,” flexitarian is a mode of plant-based consuming that enables for average consumption of flesh.

“A flexitarian food plan is identical as an omnivorous one, with myriad interpretations, alluding to the intention to scale back animal product consumption,” says Hever.

Learn how to Begin Consuming a Vegetarian Weight loss program

“We’re all creatures of behavior, rotating by way of a couple of totally different recipes day after day, week after week,” says Hever. Exploring a plant-based food plan is a good way to shake up your routine and add extra veggies.

1. Search recipe inspiration

“The web provides limitless entry to recipes, suggestions, and components to switch nearly something you will have all the time beloved right into a plant-based model. One of the best ways to ease into this fashion of consuming is to have enjoyable and discover!”

Along with tasty recipes, Hever’s newest e-book provides detailed science on plant-based consuming. Whilst you’re attempting it out, she additionally recommends utilizing social media for inspiration.

2. Collect help

“Having social help is useful throughout the course of, and it turns into simpler and simpler with observe,” she says.

3. Eat important vitamins

Once you eat proper, it’s straightforward to get enough diet from plant-based meals. Nonetheless it’s necessary to be sure you’re consuming a balanced food plan.  “It’s simpler to fulfill your nutrient wants on a vegetarian food plan — it’s important to be little extra cautious and strategic on a vegan food plan,” says Palmer.

(In spite of everything, Oreos and McCormick Bac’n Bits are each vegan, but in addition extremely processed and missing in dietary worth.)

Dietary supplements Vegetarians Might Want

supplement pill | Types of Vegetarians

“On a plant-based food plan, there are 5 micronutrients we think about notable vitamins: nutritional vitamins B12, D, K2, iodine, and zinc,” explains Hever.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one thing that have to be supplemented by anybody on a vegan food plan and older adults, no matter their food plan.”

Vitamin D

If you happen to’re not ingesting milk, the place do you get vitamin D? “Vitamin D just isn’t particular to a vegan food plan and will or might not be a difficulty, based mostly on solar publicity, physique fats, and time spent indoors, amongst different components,” say Hever. “I’ve my shoppers take blood checks to find out whether or not serum ranges of vitamin D are enough or want supplementation.”

Vitamin K2

“Whereas vegans simply eat loads of vitamin K1 from leafy greens, there’s one other type, vitamin K2, that can be necessary,” says Hever. “Although it may be present in sure fermented meals, corresponding to sauerkraut and a Japanese dish known as natto, there’s proof that supplementing with K2 could also be necessary for cardiometabolic and bone well being.”

Iodine and zinc

“Iodine will be consumed by way of iodized salt or sea greens, and zinc is obtainable in legumes, nuts, and seeds, however each of those minerals want consideration,” explains Hever.


“For anybody who doesn’t eat fish, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, may must be supplemented, too,” says Hever. One plant-based supply of omega-3s is hemp hearts. Three tablespoons include about 3 g of those wholesome fat.

Ought to You Swap to a Plant-Primarily based Weight loss program?

“There many advantages related to consuming a entire meals, vegan food plan,” says Hever. Plant-based diets usually have been related to coronary heart well being, regular blood stress, wholesome blood sugar ranges, and decrease ldl cholesterol.

“There are not any recognized causes to not eat extra vegetation and fewer or no animal merchandise,” says Hever. “And, there are myriad benefits of doing so past well being, together with consuming on a funds.”

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