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A Poem by Carolina Hotchandani: ‘Poem for Falling Our bodies’

a beige snake twisted around itself against a beige background
Alec Soth / Magnum

I follow calling up the previous for reassurance.
That occasions outlast themselves. {That a} day

of no nice private achieve or loss inscribes itself
someplace. The way in which I hold in my thoughts

two snakes entwined and falling
to my toes as I walked below an oak tree

one July. The way in which I ran down the hill
as if the snakes cared sufficient to chase me.

The way in which that second stalks me, its tongue
flickering even now as I move below sure

boughs and concern or really feel a thud
of what’s not there, which twists

round what’s: the air, the leaves,
the roots that weave out and in of the mud,

serpentine and mingling with the previous
to make a rain of snakes eternally

attainable. I have to imagine that peculiar
bushes—from which no our bodies fall—

can go away an imprint, furrow my mind with their
forgettable grey branches in the midst of winter,

all of the leaves having already dropped from them.

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