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An 8-Week Clear & Jerk Program For Serving to Develop Explosive Energy

That is the Clear & Jerk Exercise Program you’ve been eyeing—an easy, impactful plan to raise your efficiency on this Olympic transfer. The Olympics are proper across the nook, and also you’ve acquired the itch. Whether or not you’re a newcomer to the game, aiming to boost your lifts for CrossFit, or just in search of to invigorate your exercises, your search ends right here.

This 8-week Clear & Jerk exercise starter program is designed to ascertain a stable basis in energy, energy, and method for the clear and jerk lifts. For inexperienced persons, it serves as a information to mastering correct method. It reinforces and strengthens important positions via fastidiously chosen variations whereas constructing elementary energy. Should you’re reasonably skilled, this program refines your lifts and introduces contemporary variations to bolster your exercises. Even seasoned lifters returning to the Clear & Jerk after a hiatus will discover worth on this program, because it facilitates a easy transition again into coaching.

When you wrap up the 8-Week Clear & Jerk starter program, hop on to the 12-Week Olympic Weightlifting Program for a brand new problem and to maintain these PRs flowing!

What’s In This 8-Week Clear & Jerk Exercise Program?

Let’s rapidly discover this system format. As a coach, I strongly emphasize the significance of athletes understanding this system format to commit and thrive absolutely. When you’ve examined it, all the pieces will come collectively extra seamlessly like items of a puzzle.

Predominant Lifts

Every coaching day begins with the first focus carry, whether or not cleans, jerks, or technical variations. These lifts all the time come first, pushed by technical proficiency, energy, and execution. Knocking these out very first thing makes positive you’re practising your talent with contemporary legs (or as contemporary as they are often).

Power Lifts

Within the starter program, squats and pulls are your major energy lifts. Pulls improve energy and refine bar path precision, whereas squats construct your legs.

In relation to pulls, dealing with heavier weights in comparison with previous cleans is important. Nonetheless, you should preserve type all through. Sloppy repetitions solely reinforce improper positions, which we intention to keep away from in any respect prices.

Accent Lifts

Equipment are the muse for fortifying your physique’s armor. They use quite a lot of higher and lower-body lifts geared toward enhancing unilateral energy, stability, muscle mass, and damage prevention. Whereas it’s necessary to problem your self with accent lifts, it’s equally important to keep away from pushing to the extent the place extreme fatigue compromises your efficiency on subsequent coaching days.

How To Run The Program

All the things you could know is right here!

Units and Reps

Your working units and reps will decide your day by day, weekly, and month-to-month coaching quantity. Since it is a newbie program, begin with 3 to 4 rounds of normal method bar work, and transfer into your warm-up units. I’d suggest beginning every carry with 3-4 warm-up units, slowly progressing in weight to your working units.

Listed below are a number of examples of the right way to learn this system:

  • Entrance Squat: 4×3 (4 units of three reps)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4×1+1 (4 units of Clear-Jerk)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4×2+1 (4 units of Clear-Clear-Jerk)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4x(1+1)2 (4 units of Clear-Jerk-Clear-Jerk)

How A lot Ought to You Raise?

The quantity of weight it’s best to carry will rely in your health stage, how rapidly you progress, and in the end the way you’re feeling day by day.

For this program, we are going to depend on an RPE scale per train. “Per train” means how the train felt general. As an illustration, an RPE 7/10 on a Clear + Jerk triple (6 reps whole) might be a lot decrease than a Clear + Jerk double (2 whole reps). Ideally, the less reps per set will will let you carry extra weight leading to progressive overload. Right here’s a fast week-to-week breakdown to make use of for all phases:

  • Week 1 RPE 7/10 – Reasonable Depth
  • Week 2: RPE 8/10 – Reasonable-Heavy Depth
  • Week 3: RPE 5-6/10 (deload) – Low-Reasonable Depth
  • Week 4: RPE 9/10 – Heavy Depth (not max effort!)

Development Strategies and Strategies

Even with an RPE information to observe, it may be unsure how a lot it’s best to improve your weights weekly.

Usually, I like to recommend bumping the burden in 3 to five% increments. This may will let you push new objectives by week 4 of every part and enhance your energy whereas preserving the rise in weights sufficiently small to develop method.

Can I Add Further Lifts?

Completely! Whereas this program covers the necessities for enhancing your efficiency within the Clear & Jerk, incorporating some further bodybuilding workouts could be useful. Be happy to incorporate them on the conclusion of your exercises after you will have accomplished the accent train circuits.

Per Bernal / M+F Journal

The 8-Week Clear & Jerk Exercise Program Information

That is why you’re right here – to get higher on the clear and jerk! Right here’s a program designed to grasp the clear, dial-in your jerk, gearing you as much as smash private information. It’s inherently progressive, full of major lifts, energy workouts, and supplementary equipment.

Pre-Program Information

Earlier than you discover this system, let’s make clear a number of key factors. This may aid you perceive the train order, decode units, reps, supersets, and tri-sets, handle optimum relaxation intervals, and successfully manage your coaching week.

As soon as the pre-program information wraps up, you’ll take your first take a look at the 8-week Clear & Jerk Starter Program.

Train Order

  • Every train is denoted alphabetically, with supersets or tri-sets famous by numbers.
  • Letters (i.e. D1., D2., D3) point out a superset or triset. Carry out one set of the primary train, instantly adopted by one set of the subsequent. That equals one set. Repeat for 3 whole units.

Units and Reps

Listed below are a number of examples of the right way to learn this system:

Listed below are a number of examples of the right way to learn this system:

  • Entrance Squat: 4×3 (4 units of three reps)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4×1+1 (4 units of Clear-Jerk)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4×2+1 (4 units of Clear-Clear-Jerk)
  • Clear + Jerk: 4x(1+1)2 (4 units of Clear-Jerk-Clear-Jerk)

Relaxation Intervals

Hold your relaxation intervals to 90 to 120 seconds. I all the time advise my athletes to make use of a timer, as time can rapidly cross!

Weekly Coaching Schedule

This program might be carried out as follows:

  • Day 1: Monday
  • Day 2: Wednesday
  • Day 3: Friday or Saturday

If this schedule doesn’t align with yours, prioritize what works finest for you! Listed below are a number of fast factors to bear in mind no matter your coaching schedule:

  • Be sure that to have (1) relaxation day previous to beginning Day 1 every week.
  • Attempt your finest to not run all 3 days consecutively.
  • Your coaching week doesn’t all the time have to begin on a Monday. As an illustration, this modification under works properly when you can’t get to the health club till Tuesday.
    • Day 1: Tuesday
    • Day 2: Thursday
    • Day 3: Saturday

Should you plan to include this program with different exercises, intention to schedule a relaxation day earlier than Day 3’s session. In any other case, take heed to your physique and align your coaching along with your physique’s wants and your objectives.

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4 PM manufacturing

The 8-Week Clear & Jerk Exercise Program Warmup

Bar Warmups

Bar warm-ups kick issues off. That is your alternative to groove positions, work in your method, and set the tone in your coaching session.

Full every train for the prescribed reps in a circuit vogue, ideally by no means placing the bar down till the spherical is accomplished. Be exact, be robust, and don’t hesitate to make use of sluggish tempos to really feel your motion.

The Clear Warmup (Carry out 2-3 Rounds, 3 reps every)

  • Tall Clear Excessive Pull
  • Tall Muscle Clear
  • Grasp Above the Knee Energy Clear
  • Entrance Squat
  • Grasp Clear Above Knee
  • Clear

The Jerk Warmup (Carry out 2-3 Rounds, 3 reps every)

  • Strict Press
  • Push Press
  • Press in Cut up
  • Tall Jerk
  • Jerk
Man performing a full body workout with the barbell overhead carry exercise and overhead press accessory exercises
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The 8-Week Clear & Jerk Exercise Program For Explosive Energy

PHASE 1: WEEKS 1 – 4

Day 1: Clear, Jerk Approach, Entrance Squats

A1. Grasp Mid-Thigh Clear: 3 to five units, 3 reps

B1. Behind the Neck Press in Cut up: 3 units, 5 reps

C1. Entrance Squats: 3 units, 5 reps

D1. Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D2. Cable or Band Pallof Maintain: 3 units, 30 seconds ea.

Day 2 Energy Clear, Jerk, Clear Pull

A1. Grasp Above the Knee Energy Clear: 4 units, 2 reps

B1. Push Press + Jerk, Pause (:02) in Cut up : 3 units, 5+1 reps

C1. Clear Pull, Pause (:02) Under Knee: 4 units, 3 reps

D1. Half-Kneeling Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D2. Dumbbell RDL: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D3. Weighted Aspect Plank Maintain: 3 units, 30 seconds ea.

Day 3 Clear & Jerk, Entrance Squats, Pulls

A1. Clear, Pause (:02) Above the Knee + Jerk: 4 to six units, 2+1

B1. Clear Pull with Decreasing (:03): 3 to 4 units, 3 reps

C1. Pause (:02) Entrance Squat: 4 units, 3 reps

D1. Pullups: 3 units, 5-8 reps.

D2. Dumbbell Strolling Lunges: 3 units, 6-8 reps ea.

D3. Plank with Shoulder Faucets: 3 units, 10-15 reps ea.

Andy Gin / Shutterstock

PHASE 2: Weeks 5 – 8

Day 1 Clear & Jerk, Push Press, Entrance Squats

A1. Grasp Clear Under the Knee + Jerk, Pause (:02) in Dip: 4 units, 2(1+1)

B1. Push Press: 3 units, 3 reps

C1. Entrance Squats: 4 units, 3 reps

D1. 2-Dumbbell Lateral Lunge: 3 units, 6-8 reps ea.

D2. Single Arm Dumbbell Row: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D3. Dumbbell Deadbug: 3 units, 6-8 reps ea.

Day 2 Clear Variation, Jerk Variation, Clear Pulls

A1. Energy Clear + Clear: 4 units, 1+1 reps

B1. Energy Jerk + Jerk: 4 units, 1+1

C1. Clear Pull:

D1. Barbell Stiff-leg Deadlift: 3 units, 6-8 reps

D2. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D3. Aspect Plank with Leg Lifts: 3 units, 10-15 reps ea.

Day 3 Clear & Jerk, Entrance Squats, Clear Pulls

A1. Clear & Jerk: 4 units, 2(1+1) reps

B1. Clear Pull: 4 units, 2 reps

C1. Entrance Squat: Work to a Prime Set of three reps

D1. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press: 3 units, 8-12 reps

D2. 2-Db Field Step-up: 3 units, 6-8 reps ea.

D3. Weighted Forearm Plank: 3 units, 30 seconds

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