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Are Protein Bars Actually Efficient for Weight Loss? – Amrita Well being Meals

You could be consuming a sweet bar in disguise.

The recognition of protein bars has grown amongst health lovers and just about everybody seeking to get their protein in.

Nonetheless, not all protein bars are wholesome, and never all of them are significantly good for weight reduction.

On this article, we’ve coated how the precise protein bars might be good for weight reduction, and the way to decide on a wholesome protein bar that may aid you alongside your weight-loss journey.

What Are Protein Bars?

Protein bars are handy snacks which have a major quantity of protein in comparison with different snacks on the market.

They’re often a lot more healthy than sweet bars and conventional snacks, however some corporations conceal the truth that they use tons of added sugar and energy and market their bars as “wholesome” and “excessive protein”.

Protein bars can be utilized for lots of various issues. For instance, in the event you want an power increase and want to extend your endurance for a exercise session, a protein bar can repair that very quickly!

If you need your physique to recuperate after a heavy exercise session, a protein bar has acquired you coated!

Are Protein Bars Good For Weight Loss?

Sure, protein bars might help with fats discount when added to a calorie-restricted eating regimen and paired with common workouts and cardio.

Right here’s how protein bars aid you with weight reduction:

They Assist You Really feel Full For a Longer Time

Protein is way tougher for the physique to digest, which suggests it stays within the physique for an extended period of time and provides you a sense of fullness for an extended interval.

Which means it’ll stop you from unnecessarily snacking or overeating even later down the road.

Should you’re struggling and might’t preserve your palms off your snacks, undoubtedly give protein bars a attempt!

A woman with a full stomach

They Assist Muscle Progress and Restoration

Protein is the important constructing block of muscle groups and helps muscle progress and restoration.

Having extra muscle mass means you burn extra energy on the similar physique weight than with much less muscle mass. It’s because muscle groups are metabolically lively and require power to keep up, whereas fats is an power storage.

Which means having extra muscle additionally requires extra power. When the physique runs out of power & meals, it’s going to routinely search for power in power storage – fats.

Protein bars aid you burn and cut back fats out of your physique and in addition aid you with muscle progress and restore.

Muscle growth

They Assist You Get Extra Protein In

Protein-rich meals is often very excessive in energy, which is why most individuals wrestle to get sufficient protein in and keep in a caloric deficit.

Protein bars are nice for precisely that, as they aid you get extra protein in with out tons of pointless energy.

Extra protein and fewer energy means extra muscle and fewer fats, which is good for many.

Protein bars with high protein

What You Ought to Look For In a Protein Bar If You Need To Lose Weight

Not each protein bar is identical, and a few of them might be extraordinarily unhealthy and unhealthy for you and your weight reduction journey.

Right here’s what you must search for in a protein bar if you wish to reduce weight:

Energy and Protein Content material

The very first thing try to be is the quantity of energy and protein the bar has.

Every protein bar ought to have a minimum of 10-20 grams of protein and round 200 energy.

In case your protein bar has much less protein and extra energy, you must swap to a different protein bar model instantly.

Your aim needs to be to get as a lot protein in with as little energy as attainable.

Calorie scale

Carbohydrate and Sugar Content material

Bars which can be decrease in sugar stop spikes in blood sugar ranges and pointless calorie consumption.

Store for protein bars with no added sugar and a reasonable quantity of naturally occurring sugars.


Fiber promotes satiety and helps with digestion, which makes it vital for weight reduction.

Protein bars which can be wealthy in fiber might help management starvation cravings and aid you really feel full for an extended time. Ideally, a protein bar ought to have 4g of fiber or extra.

Synthetic Components or Components

Whereas some synthetic sweeteners and components declare to be wholesome and low-calorie, that’s not solely true they usually pose varied well being dangers.

Select a easy protein bar with whole-food, pure components to ensure your physique is getting the very best high quality vitamins reasonably than synthetic chemical compounds.

A brief and clear ingredient record is a should on each protein bar.

Widespread Errors That Might Sabotage Your Weight-Loss Efforts

Should you’re attempting to reduce weight, be sure to’re not making any of the most typical weight-loss errors.

You Ignore Caloric Content material

Don’t ignore the energy you eat. Even little snacks, sodas, and meals you won’t suppose have many energy really contribute to weight acquire.

Whereas protein bars are often a wholesome various to conventional snacks, some protein bars are excessive in added sugars and should not going to assist your weight reduction journey.

Select low sugar protein bars which can be good for weight reduction and muscle constructing.

You Do not Double Examine Protein Content material

As we talked about earlier than, protein is extraordinarily helpful for weight reduction and muscle constructing.

Nonetheless, not all bars are created equal, and a few have extra protein than others. Examine the protein content material and caloric content material in your protein bar, and ensure the protein you get is well worth the energy.

You Do not Spot Synthetic Components

It could be laborious to identify synthetic components in the event you’ve by no means educated your self on them.

Synthetic sweeteners like sucralose declare to be calorie-free, however they’ll influence your weight reduction journey and make you acquire pointless weight.

You Eat Too Many “Wholesome” Snacks

A whole lot of snacks are being/collections/high-protein-bars marketed as excessive protein and nothing else. Most of these snacks are stuffed with added sugars and synthetic sweeteners.

Should you discover a actually wholesome, low-calorie snack, keep it up!

Nonetheless, in the event you plan to experiment with completely different snacks, be sure to learn the label and dietary info first.


Protein bars don’t immediately trigger weight reduction, however might help you’re feeling fuller for an extended time and keep away from taking in pointless energy.

Not all protein bars are created equal, so it’s finest to ensure the protein bar you’re consuming is weight-loss pleasant.

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