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Ask Sharon: Is Oat Milk Good for You?

Oat milk is having its second, however is oat milk good for you? Study in regards to the execs and cons of oat milk vitamin and sustainability, in addition to how one of the best oat milk merchandise evaluate on this knowledgeable oat milk information.

As we speak you’ll discover an countless array of plant-based milk choices in most supermarkets, together with milk from soy, almond, cashew, hemp, flax, and extra. And oat milk is without doubt one of the hottest tendencies out of all of the plant-based milk choices, turning into our go-to plant based mostly milk different. You’ll see it in creamers, ice cream, espresso drinks, yogurts, and rather more. It’s also possible to use oat milk with nice versatility within the kitchen, as its delicate creamy taste makes it a favourite addition to cereals, desserts, sauces, smoothies, drinks, and baking. However what are the advantages of oat milk? How does it measure up in relation to evaluating oat milk vs almond milk or different kinds of plant milks? For certain, there are execs and cons to favoring oat milk in your eating regimen. That’s why I’m answering your high questions on whether or not oat milk is sweet for you on this knowledgeable oat milk information. 

Nonetheless, youngsters and people following a 100% vegan eating regimen ought to be extra conscious of the elements and dietary worth of the plant milks as a way to get hold of ample quantities of protein, calcium, and vitamin D into their eating regimen. There are quite a few oat milk manufacturers which might be naturally candy in style with out the added sugar, nevertheless it’s nonetheless necessary to learn the vitamin label to keep away from oat milk that comprises added sugar. Total, there could also be some higher choices for milk options which might be additionally 100% plant-based and full of vitamins. As we speak, I’m right here to reply your high questions on whether or not or not oatmilk is one of the best plant-based milk choice for you!

Quite a lot of oat milk merchandise can be found right this moment, together with oat milk creamers.

Query: What are among the advantages of oat milk? 

Sharon’s Reply:
Oat milk has a greater environmental footprint than many sorts of milks, together with dairy milk. It has a considerably decrease carbon footprint, and makes use of considerably much less land and water too. Since it’s made out of a grain, it has a greater environmental footprint as a result of grains are very sustainable meals, basically. As well as, oats aren’t very allergenic—most individuals can tolerate them fairly properly. So, for those who endure from nut or soy allergic reactions, oat milk is an efficient choice. And oats have particular well being advantages too–for instance, consuming oats is linked with coronary heart well being. As well as, oat milk has a very delicate, creamy impartial taste, making it appropriate for a lot of functions within the kitchen. The draw back of oat milk is that it isn’t very excessive in protein—solely about 2 grams per portion. In case you want protein in your plant milk selections, you then may need to get hold of the next protein alternative, reminiscent of soy milk or a fortified plant milk. 

Try this comparability of how numerous plant milks evaluate from an environmental standpoint.

Query: Who shouldn’t drink oat milk?

Sharon’s Reply: 

I like to recommend protein-rich milks for younger youngsters, and people who find themselves consuming a 100% plant-based eating regimen and must get dependable sources of protein of their plant milks—that is very true for individuals who could also be falling quick on protein. If plant milk is a giant contributor to your eating regimen, and you might be consuming 100% plant-based, I feel it’s necessary to attempt to get protein-rich plant milk in your eating regimen, which gives not less than 7 grams of protein per 1-cup serving. Different individuals that may profit from a extra high-pro plant milk could be aged, who want extra protein and will have problem assembly their nutrient wants general. The great factor is that many oat milks are fortified with vitamin D and calcium, that means they’ll present good sources of these necessary vitamins. I like to recommend on the lookout for these fortified plant milk merchandise. 

Attempt oat milk in smoothies, like this recipe for Golden Turmeric Smoothie.

Query: What facets of those oat milks aren’t wholesome? What about oat milk lattes? 

Sharon’s Reply: 

You’ll be able to lookup the vitamin info of oat milk lattes on firm web sites. Some oat milks do not need added sugars or are low in added sugars. These are those you need to select. Nonetheless, it’s necessary to notice that many plant milks, together with oat milks, do comprise added sugars, significantly within the flavored varieties. It’s a good suggestion to learn the ingredient listing on the lookout for added sugars, and the vitamin information panel to search for added sugars. Attempt to maintain this to a minimal or none in any respect. And remember the fact that some espresso outlets add syrups and sweeteners to lattes, so take a look at vitamin information previous to ordering your espresso. 

Oat milk may be scrumptious proper out of the glass.

Query: How does oat milk evaluate to dairy milk?

Sharon’s Reply: Oat milk doesn’t have the identical dietary profile as dairy milk—it has decrease protein ranges, nevertheless it additionally has fiber (2 grams per serving) and different helpful vitamins naturally present in oats. Plus, in contrast to full fats dairy, oat milk has no ldl cholesterol or saturated fats—the pure fat in oats are unsaturated. As well as, many oat milks are fortified in order that they have comparable ranges of vitamin D and calcium as dairy milk. Many plant milks are a bit decrease in protein—so oat milk compares carefully to plant milks in that regard—soy milk has the very best protein ranges—very nutritionally just like dairy milk. As well as, you could find protein-fortified oat milks which have greater ranges purposefully. 

You need to use oat milk in recipes like Baked Peanut Butter Chocolate Cranberry Oats.

Query: What’s it that makes oat milk so scrumptious? 

Sharon’s Reply: The mixing in the course of the manufacturing course of could make it creamy, in contrast to some plant milks that may really feel chalky. Grains like oats have starches, which might produce a pure sweetness and thickening high quality. As well as, oats are very impartial in taste, thus they supply a gentle flavored milk that tastes extra like dairy milk, in contrast to soy milk which might have a beany taste. Many oat milks that aren’t sweetened with added sugars are mildly and naturally candy on their very own. Nonetheless you’ll be able to actually discover merchandise with added sugars, so maintain your eyes open on elements lists. You may make oat milk your self at dwelling; it’s not that tough. All you do is mix oats with water and pressure it. 

Tremendous Berry Quinoa Acai Bowl 

Oat Milk Product Vitamin Comparability

PLANT BASED MILK(1 Cup) energy fats Sat fats Carbs












365 Authentic Oat Milk 120 5 0 16 140 7 3 350 140
Califia Farms zero sugar Oat Drink 100 4.5 0 12 100 0 1 260 176
Califia Farms Oat Barista Mix 130 7 0.5 14 110 7 2 250 81
Chobani Oat Milk Further Creamy 140 8 1 13 105 7 2 100 60
Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Oats 80 1.5 0 14 120 1 3 22 0
Forager Mission  Natural Oat Milk 160 8 1 23 70 5 2 31 0
Completely satisfied Planet Authentic Oat Milk 100 2 0 17 70 6 3 300 0
Minor Figures Oat Milk Barista 116 5 0.5 23 110 11 0.5 240 0
Oat Some Oat Milk Authentic 130 4 0 21 60 13 2 289 80
Oatly Low Fats Oat Milk 91 1 0 16 100 7 3 350 144
Oatly Authentic Oat Milk 120 5 0.5 16 100 7 3 350 144
Pacific Meals Authentic Natural Oat Milk 130 2 0.5 25 105 17 4 120 80
Planet Unsweetened oat milk 45 0.5 0 8 100 0 1 350 160
Planet Oat Authentic 90 1.5 0 19 120 4 2 350 160

Oat Beverage authentic

50 2.5 0 10 65 5 1 350 100
Malk Authentic natural oat milk 90 1.5 0 17 190 6 3 10 0
Silk Canada Authentic oatmilk 120 5 0 18 100 7 1 470 160
Silk Oat Yeah Oatmilk unsweetened 70 4.5 0.4 8 90 0 1 300 80
Merely Oat Authentic 80 1 0 15 100 4 2 0 0
Dealer Joe’s Oat Milk 110 2 0 22 25 4 2 20 0

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Written by Sharon Palmer MSFS, RDN with Savannah Malki, dietetic intern and Jael Nyambura, dietetic intern 

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