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'Dissolving Illusions' tenth Anniversary Version Challenges Vaccine Narratives

On this interview, Dr. Suzanne Humphries discusses the discharge of the tenth anniversary version of “Dissolving Illusions: Illness, Vaccines, and the Forgotten Historical past,” considered one of my favourite books on vaccines, initially revealed in 2013. I used to be honored to jot down the foreword for the replace of this traditional.

In that guide, Humphries particulars how vaccine science has been misrepresented to painting them as secure and efficient, when in actuality they’re neither. The vaccine trade has deliberately deceived us concerning the dangers and advantages to make a revenue, with full disregard for the struggling they trigger.

Questioning Vaccines Has By no means Been Allowed

Humphries first grew to become conscious that vaccines is likely to be problematic when she was working as a nephrologist in northern Maine.

“I used to be not a pediatrician, so I did not come at this from an autism standpoint or from an allergy standpoint,” she says. “I did not get to that till later. Early on, it was extra about watching my sufferers who already had kidney failure expertise worsening kidney failure after they had been vaccinated or watching them bleed out after a biopsy of the kidney after they had been vaccinated, as a result of vaccines change your coagulation profile.

That was proven as early because the Nineteen Sixties by an Italian researcher named Del Campo. He did one of many few research that actually tracked organic indicators and youngsters over days, weeks and months, and located antacid manufacturing, inflammatory markers, coagulopathies.

Ultimately, he mentioned vaccination is a trauma of appreciable measure, and it ought to be undertaken with nice warning. And but, what we have seen since then is the addition of increasingly more vaccines to all of us, not simply youngsters …

I used to be mainly watching adults have malignant hypertension, develop proteinuria protein within the urine, actually nasty entities which are arduous to take care of.”

After a three-year-long battle with the hospital administration, who refused to hearken to any of her considerations, she lastly give up in 2011.

“That is just about the historical past of me, being within the medical system, waking up, pondering that folks round me would have an interest within the medical literature that I checked out, which they by no means had checked out,” she says.

“As an alternative, I used to be ostracized and just about grew to become a pariah. I simply did not wish to be there anymore. So, so I left. However the perfect resolution I ever made was getting freed from these golden handcuffs, the place you allow medical college with this large debt, and then you definately really feel such as you don’t have a whole lot of choices after that. Just about each penny I earned went in the direction of paying off my loans in order that I could possibly be free once more.”

That is truly quite common as the typical medical college debt is a couple of quarter of 1,000,000 {dollars}. Such a debt is certainly a pair of golden handcuffs that flip the doctor right into a debt slave, forcing them to work in positions with little to no autonomy in terms of training the kind of medication they hoped they’d after they utilized to medical college. That is one thing I hope to handle within the close to future.

Dissolving Illusions

Shortly after quitting her job on the hospital, she wrote the primary version of “Dissolving Illusions” along with Roman Bystrianyk, who had been researching the historical past of illness and vaccines since 1998.

“What we determined to speak about was the historical past [of vaccines] as a result of all over the place I went, speaking concerning the flu shot that was damaging my kidney sufferers, I used to be met with, ‘Effectively, what about smallpox? And what about polio?’

And so, as a result of I needed to reply their questions, I realized a whole lot of issues that I would not have in any other case realized.

Roman, who had gone by means of the world’s databases — he is a pc man, and he is actual sensible — put these graphs and charts collectively [showing that] the demise fee for a lot of ailments was at the least 96% decreased, generally 99% decreased, when vaccines and antibiotics got here onto the scene. And in order that was sort of the start of ‘Dissolving Illusions.’ We wrote the historical past round that.”

Historical past Is Repeating Itself

Based on Humphries, who has been “knee deep” within the vaccination difficulty for 16 years now, there’s an even bigger image that’s solely discernible whenever you have a look at the historical past of vaccines.

“What occurs over time is, we’re capable of sit again and have a look at all the things that we’ve realized, after which re-weave it, and we see an even bigger image out of that … COVID, which, by the best way, was most likely no shock to you and was no shock to me … as a result of if you happen to do know your historical past, you recognize what is going on to return.

After the entire COVID debacle, after which studying about all the opposite vaccines, watching what occurred with Gardasil, with the brand new flu vaccines, the previous flu vaccines, and the childhood vaccination schedule simply ever-growing, I sat again and I believed, ‘You understand, that is only a repeating story.’

Vaccines, more often than not, if not all the time, are marketed to the general public as one factor, after which, later, the general public discovers that they are a completely different factor.

For example, with COVID, the general public was advised it was simply good little particles of this virus put into saline, and it will keep in your arm. After which we’ve scientists that at the moment are popping out — actual bench scientists, actual genetic scientists — who’ve damaged down the constituents of the vaccine and are saying that there is a lot extra in there than we had been advised.

Effectively, the identical was true the smallpox vaccine. It did not have smallpox in it. Generally it had cow pox in it, generally it did not. Generally it had rabbit pus, generally it had the pus from horses, generally it had pus from goats and donkeys. And, and it was passaged forwards and backwards between people and animals as a result of again then they thought that will strengthen the effectiveness of this so-called pure lymph, which was something however pure.

So right here, the general public was advised one factor, then medical doctors begin crying out saying, ‘Wait a minute. This illness was not unhealthy sufficient to trigger this drawback with the vaccines’ … Each vaccine that has come out, the general public was advised one factor, the impact is totally completely different. Docs come out saying this is not what it was purported to be, the medical doctors are ostracized, the medical doctors turn into afraid and do not wish to give reviews.

This has been occurring for 225 years. There’s been about 200 years of outcry from actually upset medical doctors who had been performed in by the system for standing up for his or her sufferers and seeing the adverse results of vaccination.

So, we’ve added one other 200 pages to our authentic guide, ‘Dissolving Illusions,’ primarily based on what we have found since. So, individuals who’ve already purchased the guide will not be disillusioned as a result of there will be some new issues included, and individuals who have by no means learn it’s going to get an even bigger, deeper image of the historical past.”

Critics’ Most-Oft Used Arguments to Dismiss Scientific Expertise

Humphries preliminary foray into vaccine science centered round flu pictures, as a result of she wished to know if they may trigger all of the kidney issues she was seeing, issues like hematuria proteinuria, kidney failure, glomerular sclerosis or hypertension.

“I used to be simply that and wrote a 16-page white paper with 45 medical references and gave it to the CEO of the hospital, the top of nursing, my colleagues. I used to be met with absolute silence. I used to be actually damage and shocked by that, as a result of it was a whole lot of work on my half. I actually thought that folks can be fascinated by it,” Humphries says.

“What’s attention-grabbing is that folks wish to nail us clinicians all the way down to do the bench analysis, to speak concerning the genetics of a virus, to show the existence of a virus, when what we’re watching in entrance of our eyes is a constant repetitive timeline of any individual both marginally wholesome or absolutely wholesome, who will get a jab after which inside hours, days or perhaps weeks develops horrible new medical issues.

That is what we see with the boots on the bottom, however that is thought-about irrelevant to individuals who wish to discredit us. Our medical expertise means nothing. This can be a strategy to simply break up us all into 1,000,000 bits and say solely the bench researchers can show one thing. You possibly can’t. So, it’s a must to go do your personal research.

That is what was advised to me. The Chief of Drugs of the hospital advised me that he would help me if I wished to do a analysis venture on vaccine accidents within the hospital. To show that you’d want tons of of sufferers, and he wasn’t actually going to help me. He simply wished to divert me. That is actually what they wish to do.

When it comes to ‘do viruses exist or not,’ it is the identical factor. What we’re seeing is a constant sample. Youngsters get measles one time of their life and do not get it once more. Youngsters get chickenpox one time of their life, after which they do not get it once more. However as a result of I have never personally considered a virus underneath an electron microscope, my medical expertise means nothing.

So, that is how we’re dismantled and discredited by our critics. What I discovered is that if folks do not wish to hear what I’ve to say, I simply transfer on. I am not going to get trapped in arguments with folks, as a result of there are such a lot of people on the market that know nothing.

I could not care much less concerning the brainwashed ignoramuses who’re willfully ignorant. In the event that they’re simply innocently ignorant, then they will change fairly shortly. They’re going to have questions they usually’ll wish to discuss. However the people who find themselves similar to, ‘Effectively, what about this?’ … and gained’t relent when the information are piled up in entrance of them by any individual who’s performed the work … Sorry, I’ve no respect for that.”

Vaccines Didn’t Eradicate Polio

So, simply what occurred with polio? Because it seems, polio was practically eradicated nicely earlier than the primary polio vaccine grew to become out there. The first causes for its disappearance had been the comparatively fast change in sanitation and hygiene.

“Once I left my job, I spent a couple of yr and a half just about doing nothing however researching polio from morning until night time,” Humphries says. “I used to be given a library from the daughter of a really distinguished doctor in Illinois … He was the well being division chair, and he waited to offer the oral polio vaccine as a result of he wished to see what would occur, and since he had his doubts.

His identify is Herbert Ratner. He collected a whole lot of data. So, I had a whole lot of public well being reviews to undergo. I went by means of just about each guide that was ever written about polio, each pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine and all the things in between.

If you wish to speak about gain-of-function and criminality, go forward, and let’s speak about polio. As a result of poliomyelitis is a neurological entity, and it may be attributable to a whole lot of various things.

So, in some methods, it was actually good for them to seize on to that pathophysiology and provides it a reputation [after] a virus — a virus that is truly a commensal [symbiotic] within the human physique that is been proven to trigger no hurt in most individuals …

Your immune system is all the time coping with it, preserving it underneath management. However if you happen to add a toxin to that, a toxin that will increase permeability of the gastric mucosa, then all bets are off. Then, these entities can acquire entry.

The pure polio virus was not a factor that was essentially being pathologically handed round to folks. It was solely when people began tinkering round with it, just like the gain-of-function experiment that occurred on the Rockefeller labs in 1916.

Throughout that actual time, there’s the world’s worst outbreak of polio with a 25% to 50% paralytic ratio. That was extraordinary in 1916. So that will have set the stage for terror among the many lots. We have to eliminate this horrible illness. It is crippling youngsters, crippling adults. That is when the motion to begin creating the vaccine actually started, and there have been some horrifying failures alongside the best way.”

The Failure of Salk’s Polio Vaccine Was Coated Up

As defined by Humphries, Jonas Salk was recruited to provide the primary polio vaccine, and an enormous propaganda marketing campaign ensued to instill the concept that the polio vaccine was the best medical achievement there ever was. In 1954, Salk started an enormous discipline trial of the vaccine that lasted one yr. Hundreds of thousands of {dollars} had been spent on it. It was one of many largest medical experiments in historical past, on the time.

On the finish of the trial, there have been scientists who disagreed with the design of the vaccine, and there have been statisticians who spoke about its flaws. There have been biochemist and biologists who warned the vaccine would trigger an enormous drawback, as a result of if you happen to don’t kill the virus, it’ll come again stronger. Alas, all detractors had been changed and the vaccine was licensed anyway.

Two years later, entry to the whole database lastly grew to become out there, and scientists who went by means of it “ripped it up, down and sideways,” Humphries says.

“It was completely a horrible design. The interpretations had been incorrect. However by then the horse was already out of the barn. And is not that the way it all the time occurs? … So, that is one aspect of the vaccine for polio.

The opposite aspect is that it was a really low-incidence illness. For those who have a look at it on the charts in ‘Dissolving Illusions,’ we’ve all of the ailments and the deaths. The incidence of polio, you may barely see it on the backside.”

Change in Diagnostic Standards Made Polio Vaccine Seem Efficient

Within the years that adopted, a lot of the polio circumstances occurred in those that had been vaccinated. In different phrases, the vaccine itself grew to become a explanation for polio. Pure polio was related to paralysis, however most paralytic circumstances resolved inside 60 days.

To make the vaccine seem efficient, the diagnostic standards for polio was modified. Initially, all you wanted for a polio analysis was two bodily exams, 24 hours aside. After the vaccine was launched, the affected person needed to be reassessed after 60 days.

Since most circumstances resolved on their very own in two months with out intervention, this modification made it appear as if the vaccine had outstanding effectiveness. In the present day, most polio circumstances worldwide are attributable to vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV). So, VDPV has changed pure polio an infection.

Smallpox Vaccine Was a Main Killer

Whereas the polio vaccine was not often deadly, the smallpox vaccine turned out to be a significant killer. Based on Humphries, the demise fee for smallpox an infection was about 10 in 100,000. After the vaccine was introduced out, the demise fee for smallpox rose by 50%.

“That’s all documented from the UK. Once they introduced out the vaccine, the demise fee from smallpox went up, most cancers charges went up, tuberculosis charges went up. That’s what [smallpox vaccine creator Edward] Jenner’s topics died from, they died from tuberculosis (consumption).

So, right here we’re immediately. We do not have smallpox vaccines. The explanation I feel they removed it’s as a result of folks had been actually analyzing and exhibiting what was truly in it. After which we’ve scientists like Thomas Mac, who was nonetheless alive through the days of smallpox, saying that the vaccine did not eliminate smallpox. It was hygiene, it was cleanliness, and it is not as simple to unfold.”

Ever-Altering Goalposts

One other repeating story with vaccines is the altering of goalposts, such because the frequency at which you wanted to get vaccinated, and what number of doses it is advisable be absolutely protected. For polio, it went from one dose as soon as in a lifetime, to 4 preliminary doses and a booster.

Why? As a result of the vaccine doesn’t supply lifetime safety. Few if any vaccines do, and that’s one of many main variations between vaccine-induced immunity (which wanes) and pure immunity (which tends to be long-lasting, typically for all times).

“It’s the identical story because the COVID vaccine,” Humphries says. “I’ve acquired sufferers now which have had 5, six COVID jabs [and still got COVID]. When did it turn into okay to just accept a vaccine after which nonetheless get the illness a number of occasions? …

Why on earth are we injecting ourselves with this putrid concoction with E. coli plasmids in it, after we might simply use the expertise that we’ve immediately, that good frequent sense that we’ve to help the divine blueprint as an alternative of doing one thing diabolically towards it, and injecting folks quite a few occasions with one thing that mis-programs their immune system in order that when they’re again in touch with it later, they will have a worst time of it — authentic antigenic sin.

It has been proven with flu, it has been proven now with COVID. And it is only a huge mess. Seventy-five p.c of my apply, for the primary yr, had been vaccine injured folks or individuals who needed to go get the jab and did not really feel they may get out of it and need it to be pretreated or post-treated.”

Humphries COVID Expertise

Within the interview, Humphries recounts her personal expertise with COVID. She had a extreme case that lasted two weeks. My go-to suggestion for any respiratory an infection is nebulized peroxide. She used this, however nonetheless had a tough time overcoming the an infection. In her case, one of many cures that made the largest distinction was low-dose aspirin.

“For me, the factor that made me really feel like I used to be not going to make it was the ache. I had whole physique ache. I do not get complications. I didn’t even actually perceive what complications had been till COVID got here alongside and I simply had probably the most horrible headache. So, for me, I consider on reflection that it was the vascular facet of it.

My blood wasn’t flowing correctly, and the spike protein is basically tough on the endothelium. The day that I took 1 / 4 of a pill of dissolvable aspirin, my entire world modified. My ache went away, and I felt like I used to be going to be OK.

So, I feel for a few of us, we simply wanted to get our blood flowing once more correctly. That for me was key, and I am an enormous advocate of utilizing very managed low dose, as wanted, aspirin when persons are having the consequences of COVID.”

I am an enormous fan of low-dose aspirin as nicely. I take it day-after-day. I feel it is a clever technique for a lot of. The explanation aspirin has been vilified is as a result of it is a huge competitor to their high-priced NSAIDs.

Talking Your Reality Can Change the World

Like Ashley Armstrong, who took an enormous threat by leaving her engineering profession to get into regenerative farming, Humphries can attest to the facility of following your personal fact and interior steering. Certain, quitting her job on the hospital put her in a troublesome spot initially, however ultimately, she’s higher off for it — and so is the world. Over the previous decade, her guide has educated untold numbers of individuals concerning the fact behind the vaccine propaganda, and this replace will proceed to take action.

“Once I left typical medication, I did not understand how I’d survive,” she says. “I did not have any debt, however I did not have any financial savings. It was family and friends that that helped me out. However when ‘Dissolving Illusions’ was revealed, we earned a bit bit of cash. Over the ten years, it has been what enabled me to not sink, and to not go into large quantities of debt. It saved me afloat.

I simply really feel like God takes care of us after we do the precise factor. I really feel like God has been 100% devoted to me, and that is actually what saved me going. I by no means imagined that in 2024, we would be publishing one other model of the guide. However Roman introduced that as much as me a couple of yr and a half in the past.

I used to be like, ‘Oh, Roman, I am so performed with vaccines, I simply wish to have a life. I wish to study the true physiology, how one can actually assist folks in entrance of me now. I wish to begin curing a few of these ailments.’ That is what I wished to deal with. However he actually wished to do that, and I can not say no to him …

I do not know what holds for the longer term. Yearly or two I wish to convey a brand new venture into my medical apply to study a brand new factor and to supply a brand new factor. Generally the brand new factor finally ends up being a nothing-burger and I drop it, however I nonetheless wish to discover, as a result of we’re not on the finish of the road when it comes to what we will supply folks. There are all the time issues we’ve not heard about earlier than.

One of many funniest issues is that — and I can say this with nice confidence immediately — well being just isn’t made within the physician’s workplace; it is made within the kitchen. When folks see me immediately, I say if you happen to’re not prepared to alter what you are consuming, neglect about it, I am not going to be of any assist to you. And if I am working more durable than you, then you definately’re not going to get higher. The first focus for me is what persons are placing into their mouths.”

Weight loss plan and Sanitation Are Key Illness-Prevention Methods

Certainly, diets have all the time performed a key position in illness. A part of the additions made to the tenth anniversary version of “Dissolving Illusions” is historic dietary and sanitary data.

“It is all the time been an enormous a part of what modified in order that human beings weren’t dying of ailments that had been circulating,” she says. “Sewage [exposure] was an enormous a part of it. Within the mid-1800s, there was a lot horse manure and horse urine within the streets in London and New York Metropolis. That they had actually tons of these items sitting on the street, and the place folks had been residing.

Individuals had been residing in residences and dwellings that actually had cesspools beneath of them. It was a part of the home, a part of the basement. So, you would be strolling by means of horse manure, horse urine and lifeless horses. The typical lifespan of a horse was three years again then. We now know horses reside into their 30s. That is a traditional lifespan, generally longer.

Three years was the typical lifespan as a result of even the horses had been sickened by what was occurring round them. So, what is going on to occur to human beings because of that? You suppose there have been recent farmers markets on that avenue? No, there weren’t. In actual fact, among the folks had been mainly consuming rotten meat blended with noticed mud as a sausage. I imply, that was the weight loss program of the typical folks.

The typical individual was residing in squalor on high of one another and the illness and demise charges had been extraordinarily excessive because of this.

Henry Ford did an enormous favor to the world by bringing out motorcars so we might get these horses and horse dung and horse urine out of the road. That was one of many beginnings. Environmental cleanup was an enormous deal … We additionally had a white slavery system in place then.

For those who discuss to somebody like Catherine Austin Fitts, a monetary skilled who watches societal adjustments, she says slavery is probably the most worthwhile [business] that has ever existed, and that was true within the mid-1800s. Pregnant girls and youngsters with measles had been working in coal mines and in bottle factories. They did not care that the child had measles. It was about productiveness.

That was all that these homeowners cared about. So, we had that type of white slavery in that sense that regardless that you bought to go dwelling to your personal home, you bought a pittance of pay and also you could not make ends meet, so that you had been stressed. You had been a slave to the system. We’re nonetheless not likely 100% free, however we’re so significantly better off when it comes to what our our bodies can accomplish than these folks again within the 1700s 1800s.”

Extra Info

To study extra, you’ll want to choose up the tenth anniversary replace of “Dissolving Illusions: Illness, Vaccines and the Forgotten Historical past,” out there on dissolvingillusions.com and Amazon. Shopping for her guide can also be one of the best ways to help her work, which is so essential for our future. The world wants to grasp the historical past behind vaccines to essentially see the massive image.

“When folks learn it, even if you happen to simply use it as a reference guide, it offers you some sort of standpoint to begin with whenever you’re speaking to different folks,” she says.

“In actual fact, it is modified lots of people’s minds who’re just about lifeless set towards the thought of no vaccines or restricted vaccines. It is like they begin to see it another way, as a result of the info are the info. It is the world’s important statistics.”

Not solely are vaccines harming many individuals, however by focusing public well being efforts on vaccination, so many safer and more practical methods are missed as nicely. We can’t afford to proceed the best way we’ve been, and necessary mass vaccination of our youngsters is without doubt one of the failed methods that must be overhauled if we’re to show our illness statistics round.

In your comfort, I’ve additionally embedded our earlier interview above, the place we dive additional into among the dishonest techniques utilized by the vaccine trade, and why the tetanus vaccine is pointless.

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