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Find out how to Do Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose | Utthita Parsvakonasana

How to Do Extended Side Angle Pose in Yoga

For those who’ve been looking for an excellent facet stretch, look no additional than the prolonged facet angle pose in yoga, also called utthita parsvakonasana in Sanskrit. Not solely does it stretch the facet of your torso, however it additionally stretches the facet of your legs, and it even offers you a deep stretch in your groin.

How does this all work? Utthita parsvakonasana creates a protracted facet angle all the way in which out of your again heel to the information of your fingers as you bend deeply in your entrance leg. It’s a preparatory pose for a lot of large legged-poses, because it’s nice for opening the hips, and is discovered most frequently within the warrior vinyasa move sequences.

Right here’s the way to get into it and carry out it with correct type.

Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana): Step-by-Step Directions


  • Begin in mountain pose. On an exhale, step your left foot again three to 4 toes into Warrior 2 pose, along with your foot turned 90 levels in order that your left arch is in step with your proper heel.
  • Bend your proper knee to a 90-degree angle instantly over the ankle, with the toes of your proper foot pointing ahead. Attain your proper arm ahead and your left arm again to create a “T” form along with your palms dealing with down. Press your left foot firmly into the bottom, and sq. your chest and hips to the left facet.

Entering into the pose

  • On an inhale, interact your core and attain ahead along with your entrance arm to elongate your waist. Place your proper hand to the skin of your ankle, on a yoga block, on the ground, or carry your proper forearm to your thigh.
  • Then, exhale and attain your left arm up and ahead, bringing your biceps by your left ear to stretch your facet much more, holding as a lot size by means of the left facet of your physique as potential. Your physique ought to type a straight line out of your fingers to the heel of your again foot.


  • Align your entrance knee over the middle of your foot. Press your again heel down, firmly into the bottom. Interact your core and preserve your torso dealing with to the facet.
  • Create a protracted, prolonged line out of your heel to your left fingertips. If potential, flip your gaze to your prime hand.

Find out how to Make Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose Simpler

extended side angle pose forearm | Extended Side Angle Pose

  • For those who can’t attain the ground along with your hand, use the variation of the forearm on the thigh or a block exterior the ankle to assist assist your hand.
  • To scale back the stress in your hips, step your again foot nearer to your entrance foot .
  • In case your neck is tight, look down on the floor or to the facet as an alternative of up at your prime hand.
  • If reaching up and ahead proves too tough, simply attain for the ceiling.

Find out how to Intensify Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose

  • To deepen the pose, proceed to interact your abs and spin your torso open to the facet, as an alternative of the collapsing the chest towards the ground.
  • Attain your prime hand ahead so your arm is nearer to your head. It will create an extended line out of your heel handy, and create extra of a stretch on the facet of your physique.

Advantages of Prolonged Aspect Angle Pose

  1. Stretches your ankles, legs, groin, again, and sides of your torso.
  2. Helps to open your chest as you twist to achieve your arms large.
  3. Along with stretching, it additionally strengthens your leg muscle tissues and your core as you combat for stability and stability within the pose.

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