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Linga Mudra: The right way to Do, Advantages, Precautions, and Extra

linga mudra finger arrangement
Picture: Fitsri

Linga Mudra is a hand gesture practiced in yoga and meditation. It entails interlocking the fingers of each arms with the thumbs pointing upwards. This mudra is believed to generate warmth within the physique and improve respiratory features. In Hindu symbolism, the upright thumb in Linga Mudra represents Lord Shiva, signifying masculine power and creation.

Which means & Significance

shiva linga
Shiva Linga as a logo of Lord Shiva Worship. Picture: Canva

The form of the arms and upright thumb in linga mudra appears just like the erect penis (phallus). In Sanskrit, the phallus is termed as Linga, therefore this mudra is named Linga mudra. It’s additionally referred to as “upright mudra“.

Interlocked fingers in linga mudra make the agency oval-shaped basis that holds the upright formless construction. The underside interlaced fingers characterize the Supreme Energy that holds the complete Universe on it and the straight thumb exhibits the creation.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is worshipped in lots of types, and Shiva Linga as Lingeshwara; lord of the phallus is commonest amongst all. The explanation for worshipping Shiva Linga comes from the reality it symbolizes masculinity and has the ability of creation.

The right way to Do Linga Mudra?

linga mudra posture
Linga mudra posture. Picture: Sheenam yess_to_yoga@instagram
  1. Sit comfortably in a meditation posture or any seated place with a straight backbone.
  2. Convey your arms collectively in entrance of your chest.
  3. Interlock the fingers of each arms, making certain that the knuckles are pointing outward.
  4. Lengthen your thumbs upward, retaining them straight.
  5. You may relaxation your arms in your lap, with the mudra positioned close to your photo voltaic plexus.
  6. Maintain the mudra with light strain and keep a relaxed respiration sample.
  7. Apply Linga Mudra for about quarter-hour at a time, regularly rising to 45 minutes per day if desired.

Physique Postures to Carry out Linga Mudra

Linga mudra might be carried out in numerous seated and standing positions. You may casually sit in a chair, with an erect backbone and do that mudra. That is essentially the most informal approach of practising. Nonetheless, in a yoga approach, carry out mudra sitting in a sukhasana, padmasana, or every other cross-legged sitting pose. The cross-legged sitting poses will improve your immunity, metabolism, and focus. You may also sit in a Vajrasana that can improve the digestion advantages.

Nonetheless, if one needs, one can do linga mudra within the standing or strolling place as properly. Whereas doing so, stand straight together with your legs hip-width aside. Preserve your backbone erect, keep size in your backbone, press your shoulders down, and push again your head within the line of your hip.

Advantages of Linga Mudra

  1. Warmth Era and Immune Assist: The first advantage of Linga Mudra lies in its capability to generate warmth, which may also help the physique battle off infections, colds, and respiratory problems. By stimulating the fireplace aspect, Linga Mudra boosts immunity and helps general wellness.
  2. Metabolism Enhancement: Linga Mudra’s potential to extend inner warmth can even improve metabolism, making it useful for these searching for weight administration and digestive assist.
  3. Respiratory Well being: By means of deep respiration and the stimulation of lung capability, Linga Mudra could enhance respiratory features and improve oxygen ranges within the physique, aiding in circumstances like bronchial asthma and bronchitis.
  4. Vitality Balancing: Linga Mudra works to steadiness the physique’s power by harmonizing the interplay between the air and fireplace components. This steadiness promotes vitality, vigor, and a way of well-being.
  5. Thoughts-Physique Connection: As with many yogic practices, Linga Mudra fosters a deep connection between the thoughts and physique, selling leisure, focus, and psychological readability.

Yoga Mudra Get Shocking Advantages Supported by Science

Linga Mudra’s Impression on the Three Doshas

The 5 fingers in your arms characterize 5 components (and thus completely different teams of energies, Vata, pitta, Kapha,) fireplace, air, area, earth, and water.

The finger interlocking strategy of Linga Mudra permits the components air, area, and earth to merge and overlap and lets the weather air and fireplace stand out. This mudra will improve the interplay between air and fireplace components; air at all times helps the fireplace to unfold. The hearth represents the warmth and vitality of your physique. This mudra makes use of the air aspect to stimulate the fireplace aspect and unfold the drive of vitality and vigor all through your physique and thoughts.

The Linga Mudra establishes Pitta (air and fireplace)- Kapha (water and earth) steadiness in your physique. Pitta stimulating nature (stimulation to digestion and metabolism) of linga mudra will guarantee, the Kapha energies are in verify. Extreme Kapha energies could cause points like despair, lethargy, bronchial asthma, and weight acquire.

How Lengthy to Apply Linga Mudra?

Yoga mudras are typically practiced for 45 minutes a day. It is necessary that even for Linga mudra you strictly adhere to this time length.

Overdoing linga mudra can improve your physique temperature past protected limits. Overdoing could break the Pitta-Kapha steadiness and will make you are feeling sluggish or feverish. Additionally, it could present unintended effects similar to hypertension, heavy sweating, nausea, and dehydration.

As a matter of reality, these sensations might be thought of as duration-determining parameters. When you begin to get these sensations, it’s for certain that that you must cut back your general length.

Completely different individuals have completely different constructs so should you begin feeling heating sensations, even earlier than 45 minutes of observe, you’ll have to shorten your length additional. For starters don’t try 45 minutes at a stretch however in three components of quarter-hour every.

When to Carry out?

Linga mudra might be carried out at any time, it’s simply you’ll have to make sure that earlier than performing your physique temperature is regular and cardiac and respiratory vitals are regular.

You may observe linga mudra within the morning and night. Morning and night observe classes will increase the immunity and temperature regulation advantages of the mudra. Since this mudra helps with digestion, it may be an intuition to observe immediately after meals, however that will be a nasty concept. The digestive profit is extra of an oblique profit. The direct profit nevertheless is rising your physique temperature, which might be counterproductive on a full stomach.

Preparatory Train

Linga Mudra will optimize your physique temperature and immunity system. However some preparatory train can additional improve these advantages. One such train is practising “Throw The Sickness Behind You,” earlier than Linga Mudra.

  • Stand straight together with your backbone erect
  • Preserve your legs a bit wider than hip-width distance.
  • Increase your arms straight in entrance of your physique at shoulder ranges.
  • Bend your legs at your knees, and barely bend down like squatting.
  • Whereas inhaling throw your arms on the again and switch to your proper trying over the shoulder.
  • Then whereas exhaling, flip your head and hand to the preliminary place.

The linga mudra additionally goes fairly properly with meditation. Calm your thoughts and give attention to eliminating your unfavorable ideas. If needed use means like single level focus, music focus, and even mantras. You may even chant easy self-affirmative slogans like, “I supply all unfavorable qualities within the fireplace of transformation.”

Precautions and Contradictions

  • Keep away from consuming extra body-heating meals like pink meat, animal fats, processed meals, and fatty dairy earlier than practising Linga Mudra resulting from its potent heat-boosting results.
  • Chorus from actions that improve physique temperature all through the day, significantly after practising Linga Mudra.
  • Be cautious with train choice and length, particularly if combining with different exercise routines.
  • Keep away from practising Linga Mudra in case you have circumstances similar to menopause, thyroid problems, ulcers, hypertension, migraines, or a latest stroke.


Linga Mudra stands as a testomony to the traditional knowledge of yoga and meditation, providing a pathway to holistic well being and well-being. By incorporating this easy but highly effective observe into your every day routine, you may faucet into its transformative potential and expertise the profound advantages it has to supply. With mindfulness, persistence, and dedication, Linga Mudra can turn out to be a helpful device for nurturing your physique, thoughts, and spirit on the journey to optimum wellness.

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