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The Three Keys of Well being that Most Folks Miss With Ian Clark

Baby: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

Hi there and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from wellnessmama.com. And this episode is all in regards to the three keys of well being that most individuals miss. And I’m again with my good friend Ian Clark, who reversed some life-threatening well being points that he had in his 40s and now in his 60s is completely thriving. And at present we discuss three pillars that in an unconventional approach that you’ve in all probability not heard earlier than and in a approach that actually addresses root trigger first rules points that occur throughout the physique, particularly as we age.

And these pillars have helped him take his organic age from his genealogical age of 65, I imagine now, right down to being a measurable organic age of someplace between 25 and 35, which is fairly astounding. And I’ve been experimenting with this stuff as properly. And my organic age is at the moment virtually 10 years beneath my precise age as properly. So positively have had some firsthand expertise with this. And I’ve been pals with Ian for over 10 years now and at all times love how he retains persevering with to ask questions and has an infinite curiosity till he lastly will get to that actually first rules method, which I imagine is what we’re speaking about on this episode at present. So let’s leap in and study from Ian the three keys of well being that most individuals miss. Ian, welcome again to the podcast. It’s such a pleasure to speak with you once more.

Ian: Yeah, thanks for having me again. This’ll be enjoyable.

Katie: I’ll embody a hyperlink within the present notes to different episodes we’ve performed up to now, together with a very fascinating one in regards to the elephant within the room on the subject of well being. However at present I wish to discuss one thing else that you simply and I’ve spoken about a little bit bit earlier than. I do know you’ve gotten such wide-ranging knowledge on so, so many subjects, however I’d love to speak about particularly at present the three keys of well being that most individuals miss. So, to start out off, are you able to enlighten us into what the three keys are?

Ian: Sure, properly, the primary secret’s to get your organic age round 25 to 35 years previous. So relying on the place your genetics are and the way lengthy you’ve been alive on the earth, it’s doable for everybody. The one individuals who it doesn’t work for are those that are already over the brink, and so they’ve simply had too many issues to compromise, and possibly they’re 85 or 90 years previous. And they’re already so broken that they’ll’t reverse it, however that’s very uncommon. In order that’s the primary key.

The second secret’s to have structural integrity. That implies that your bone construction, your joints, the cartilage, the synovial fluid, the connective tissue, your muscle groups, your high quality of muscle must be optimized like a 25-year-old. Now that’s doable for everybody to have the ability to repair that. And it’s one thing that you simply do your self on this self-care revolution. It doesn’t take excessive expertise. It’s a quite simple approach of really approaching your structural.

And the third secret’s the fuels that you simply’re going to make use of to place into your physique since you’re going to be consuming air, fluids, and meals in your life. You’re additionally going to be consuming issues by your pores and skin. There’s additionally fuels that must go in your pores and skin to gas your physique. So these are the three keys. While you optimize all three of them, you’ve gotten a holistic scenario, which I name homeodynamics. Since you’re in a very good move state and every little thing is working collectively. All of the human working techniques working into one manifestation of a particularly top quality of well being and a particularly lengthy life.

Katie: And I like this as a result of it’s simplified. And I like any time we will go right down to first rules and discover actually the core steps versus a protracted, enormous checklist or spreadsheet of all this stuff it’s essential to do. However I’d guess additionally generally it appears putting to people who there are solely three keys. So why are there solely three and why no more? How do these three embody every little thing we have to perceive about well being?

Ian: Properly, they’re the physiological aspect of your world that you simply stay in. So once I discuss organic well being, I’m speaking about each single organ in your physique, out of your mind, your coronary heart, your liver, your kidneys, your pancreas, your digestive tract, your spleen, your gallbladder, your every little thing. These are that complete organic system. And once they’re all working and speaking with one another when all of your receptor websites are cleaned out. And it’s not just a few detox program; it’s constructing model spanking new clear blood every single day on quantity in order that that blood can ship every little thing biologically to each cell in your physique. And as we talked about within the final episode, we’re respiratory 11,000 liters of air a day. Pumping 7600 liters of blood every single day, the place your physique solely comprises round 5 liters of blood complete. 5 liters of lymphatic fluid, after which all the remainder of the fluid that makes up the remainder of the 80% fluid in your physique is interstitial, intercellular, mucus, saliva, tears, sweat, all these different issues that it’s made up of.

So getting these issues tremendous clear and every little thing flowing in its correct approach so that each one the techniques are in full communication. So your mind is now in a position to monitor every little thing actually clearly. There’s no extra pollution which might be plugging the best way, inflicting miscommunication. And it additionally permits oxygen to get to each cell effectively. What folks in the end die from is what’s referred to as hypoxia. They’re in a position to get much less and fewer and fewer oxygen to each cell of their physique as they age. And that’s what finally causes their demise. What I’m speaking about is sustaining 100% integrity in that organic age and all of the organs and each cell in your physique, getting the right quantity of oxygen to operate and all the correct vitamins from the meals that you simply’re consuming, which takes you into that gas aspect.

Katie: And also you talked about organic age and that optimum candy spot of being in 25- to 35-year-old vary. I’d love for folks to have the ability to have understanding of the way to check for that. Like are there particular checks that you simply advocate? After which, what are the largest elements that may assist our organic age transfer to a decrease level?

Ian: Properly, issues just like the VO2 max, you possibly can go and get examined. These items of kit are very costly, like $80-90,000 {that a} gymnasium or a lab will put money into to have the ability to have folks testing on it each single day. Checking the place your VO2 max is essential. And in addition checking your issues like blood stress.

Additionally, actually essential one is coronary heart price variability. And coronary heart price variability is very easy to place into the correct place and isn’t any thriller. It was a thriller at one time, however as soon as it’s revealed the way to do it, that thriller is eradicated. Now there’s a little bit machine that you could get. It doesn’t price very a lot cash. And it’s from an organization referred to as HeartMath, and also you’re in all probability aware of these guys, proper? You place that little factor in your ear, and it tells you what your variability is. And once you put it on, lots of people are within the crimson zone, which is the place you don’t wish to be. That’s the place you’re not in parasympathetic, you’re in sympathetic stress. And that’s a class that most individuals are working in, and so they don’t even understand it.

However with out the machine, with out the HeartMath, or with none of these issues, the one factor it’s important to do, and it really works for everybody who I’ve ever seen do it, and meaning it really works for everyone on Earth, as a result of we’re all the identical in that regard is you do rhythmic respiratory everytime you get the prospect. Perhaps you’re driving someplace, possibly you’re sitting and watching a documentary, possibly you’ve gotten a time the place you’re simply, can deal with rhythmic respiratory. The place you breathe in to the rely of 5 and breathe out to the rely of six. You breathe in by your nostril, a really clean, deep breath. You’re not forcing it, you’re only a good, relaxed respiratory, and also you’re easily respiratory out to the rely of six, after which inhaling. Inside 30 seconds of doing that straightforward factor, you place your self proper into the inexperienced zone instantly measurable with coronary heart price variable monitor.

Now it’s enjoyable to get a monitor and see the place you’re at as a result of everybody likes to see one thing on a display. However, even with out the display, it really works for you 100%. You are able to do it proper now. You’re listening and you’ll simply begin doing that. Rhythmic respiratory is what it does as a result of once you, and also you additionally focus in your coronary heart, like you already know, once you take a deep breath, you possibly can really feel that actually good power feeling in your coronary heart? That’s as a result of the air is straight away going to your coronary heart and the oxygen goes instantly to your mind. While you do this, your mind then relaxes, and your complete endocrine system, your complete autonomic nervous system, every little thing simply begins to enter a ravishing balanced state. And that makes your physiology have good clear knowledge popping out. As a result of should you’re confused, should you’re in sympathetic stress, it’s chaotic to your knowledge streams. You understand, your mind is like, I’m unsure the place issues are at.

And it messes along with your intestine well being. It messes along with your endocrine system. Your hormones go off should you’re not in parasympathetic. You don’t have deep sufficient sleep, your sleep high quality is just not ok. Folks get caught in sympathetic stress. And so they, once they get caught in, sorry about that, once they get caught in sympathetic stress, they don’t have deep sufficient sleep. Their physique’s not restoring and digesting and resting correctly. And subsequently, it may well’t heal itself as a result of your physique’s at all times therapeutic. However once you’re not in equilibrium and you’ll’t heal then you definately bought a scenario the place issues get off observe. After which your KPIs present up within the improper approach. You begin seeing after 10 years of that, you discover that you simply’re not the place you was 10 years in the past. You’re feeling worse.

And issues like melancholy and anxiousness, they’re all tied into these techniques as properly. As a result of look how a lot it’s important to undergo in your life now. Everyone seems to be carrying certainly one of these, certainly one of these smartphones, dumb telephones, okay? And so they get connected to us. We don’t go anyplace with out them. And this stuff are placing out microwave radiation alerts always. It’s referred to as radiofrequency. And that’s interrupting our equilibrium as a result of we’re electrical beings. So everybody is aware of that you simply don’t put a cellular phone to your head and speak on a telephone. That’s the worst factor you are able to do to your mind. You retain your telephone away from you, however you’re getting hit with WiFi, with cell towers, with each possible radiofrequency. Everybody’s on these telephones. The extra individuals who get on these telephones and get on calls and stream knowledge, the extra that fills our ambiance with that pollutant. And it throws your complete electrical system off.

So when you’ve gotten the correct organic and the correct autonomic nervous system tuned in, that protects you from these issues. And as we talked about within the final episode, ingesting the ocean minerals every single day to create clear blood additionally protects yourselves and shields you. Since you being {the electrical} being, these are the grasp minerals that enable your cells to speak properly. As a result of it’s filling you up with the clear crystals from the salt that enables your physique to have actually clear signal-to-noise ratio. No extra chaos.

Katie: So let’s swap gears and speak structural well being for a minute as properly, as a result of definitely I do know we hear of harm charges rising as folks grow old sometimes or falls resulting in hip breaks or tearing ligaments and knees or joint replacements. This definitely is a standard downside. What are a few of the ways in which we will guard towards it or enhance our resilience and our structural well being?

Ian: Yeah, so that you simply talked about the actually essential ones. I believe the one that will stand out essentially the most out of that class is joint substitute. So folks, once they get into their 50s, 60s, and 70s, they’re most of the time needing a hip substitute or a knee substitute. In any other case, they’re limping and so they’re in ache. Why is their hip carrying out? Why is their knee carrying out? What triggered it? Properly, what triggered it’s the consumption of all of the nanoparticulates, that are like abrasives. These abrasives go in on a joint that’s so properly constructed with the cartilage and the synovial fluid. It ought to by no means, by no means, by no means put on out. So the structural well being is the place all this stuff get embedded within the flesh, within the joint, within the connective tissue, within the muscle groups.

And the one option to get it out correctly, properly, there’s two methods, is by cleansing your blood, however quantity two, utilizing percussion on the pores and skin. Your physique responds very properly to percussion. And there’s a factor referred to as Classical Chinese language Drugs. Classical Chinese language Drugs most individuals have by no means heard of. They learn about Conventional Chinese language Drugs. You understand about Oriental medication the place you’ve gotten, you test your tongue, you test your pulse, you’ve gotten, you get identified with no matter herbs you want, you make these natural teas and also you drink them. That requires a really expert practitioner, an Oriental medical physician with a purpose to decide the place your issues are after which what you possibly can drink to take to alleviate it. Properly, that’s a really tough factor to do. And that’s a really slow-motion factor.

The Classical Chinese language medication seems to be at you and says, “You will be empowered your self to care for your personal physique by percussion.” And so this was found 1000’s of years in the past. However all that info was misplaced. Beginning round 35 years in the past, there was a gentleman who had a chance to only go and put a backpack on. He had thousands and thousands of {dollars}, that wasn’t going to assist him. He was instructed by anyone, “If you happen to actually wish to study and perceive what’s occurring, you’re going to put a backpack on, you’re not going to drive, you’re going to go for a stroll. And also you’re going to stroll by all of the elements of the elements of China, and also you’re going to fulfill the individuals who have the deepest degree of understanding of the way to care for your self.”

And his objective was to seek out one thing that didn’t require talent. That handled every little thing abruptly. That didn’t take any cash, and that you might do your self pretty simply. And when he found these two specific issues that he came upon about, and he eradicated all the opposite ones that took talent and was a problematic factor. And he introduced it again to folks and he began working towards that with folks and displaying them. He wasn’t doing the remedies himself, displaying them the way to do remedies for themselves or with anyone else they had been partnered with, possibly a husband or spouse or two pals. And it’s merely a way of utilizing percussion, you need to use your hand, which may be very environment friendly. After which there’s a approach you may make, they make these little silicon palms which might be connected to a rod. And all you do is say in case your shoulder is an issue, or your hip is an issue, or your knee is an issue, you simply begin out by merely spending 5 minutes and utilizing it in a percussion towards the pores and skin. When there’s nothing improper, nothing occurs. You gained’t discover something. You’ll simply do it, and you are able to do it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, an hour. And nothing will occur.

When there’s these nanoparticles which have been embedded within the flesh and within the cartilage and within the connective tissue, it can trigger a symptom to return up. And that symptom is it can start to, it’ll sting a little bit bit, however then the stinging goes away immediately. However then it can begin to burn. And it’ll begin to swell up, and it’ll appear to be it’s bruising. After which it can simply, regardless of the quantity of downside is, would be the quantity of burning ache and bruising that occurs, which can by no means occur when there’s no downside.

So once you do the therapy, that individual space you probably did, takes a few week to empty. It doesn’t harm you in any respect. It doesn’t immobilize you. It really makes every little thing work instantly higher. After which per week later is totally drained. If you happen to’ve performed the therapy proper the primary time, you return the second time, and nothing occurs. If you happen to didn’t do it sufficient, then you definately return a second time and a little bit bit comes up, however not as a lot. And all you do is methodically undergo your physique, beginning with the locations which might be essentially the most tough. You probably have a nasty knee, you begin along with your knee, and also you do eight totally different remedies, 5 minutes every in your knee. And I’ve personally performed this. I’ve helped lots of of individuals do this stuff and proven them and taught them the way to do it. And each single particular person, 100% of the time, will get a wonderful outcome on account of these remedies. So that is therapeutic your personal physique from the skin in, you doing it your self. If there’s an space that’s tough to achieve, you may get anyone that can assist you with it.

And I at all times inform all people it doesn’t price any cash. It takes a little bit little bit of time, a little bit little bit of power and a little bit little bit of effort. And it additionally takes a checking account filled with braveness. You will have a checking account that has cash in it, however you’ve gotten a checking account that has braveness in it. And the best way you construct the braveness in that checking account is by doing the remedies. The primary therapy you do is surprising at how it’s. You’re similar to, “Wow. That was really very intense.” And the second therapy, you’re psychologically prepared for it after which you are able to do it simpler. The extra remedies you do, the simpler it turns into. And also you principally do all the issue areas first. And then you definately do all of the meridian second, and also you do all the remainder of your physique third, head to toe, till you are able to do the percussion on any a part of your pores and skin, anyplace in your physique, and completely nothing occurs.

And I’ve performed most of my physique already. And I may present you, I may go for one hour on my knees and nothing will occur. Whereas once I did the primary five-minute remedies on every space of my knees, they swelled up, they burned, and so they bruised, after which they drained and completely healed my knees. I had such unhealthy knees, I actually needed to, I needed to cease snow snowboarding and water snowboarding once I was 21 years previous due to an harm on my left knee that was so important from an oil subject accident the place my knee bought crushed that I may by no means have any twisting of my knee ever once more. I even needed to watch once I was strolling down a set of staircases. Not going up didn’t trouble me, however taking place, if I went round a nook, I couldn’t enable my knee to twist in any respect or blow up like a basketball. And that knee, I couldn’t sit in an auditorium or a film or a sports activities occasion for greater than 20 minutes with out with the ability to put my legs straight as a result of you possibly can’t straighten your leg out in that scenario due to the seat in entrance of you, and I must depart.

At present, after I healed my knees with this quite simple factor, I can do something I would like. I can twist my knees, I can ski, I can do no matter I like, similar to a younger man. So once I noticed that occur, I used to be like, “Wow, we have now tapped into one thing that’s so efficient.” All these different applied sciences and tools and coverings and bodily remedy, they’re like band-aids. While you do that, it simply removes the issue. So all of those cures on the planet, there’s lots of of 1000’s of skews of dietary supplements which might be produced by 1000’s of corporations all over the world and so they’re all cures. They’re not required when you take away the issue. The cures are at all times required when the issue, the foundation trigger, remains to be sitting there since you’re at all times attempting to treatment it to do away with the symptom. And the cures do do away with the signs briefly, however they arrive again.

Katie: And for the explanations you’re explaining, it looks as if these keys might be applied into really any well being protocol. Even should you’re already doing these different issues, it doesn’t imply you essentially cease doing them chilly turkey, however that over time, this stuff would possibly take away the necessity for doing them in any respect. And also you talked about fuels. I do know we did a complete brief episode on this already, and I’ll ensure that’s linked. However are you able to additionally briefly discuss that third key and what are the perfect fuels to place in our physique and what do optimum quantities of these issues appear to be?

Ian: Okay, properly, the primary gas, crucial gas, is the concentrated sea minerals which might be diluted into water. And you’ve got it as 5 grams per liter. And also you drink one liter for 50 kilos of physique weight as much as 3 liters a day. As a result of if an individual is, say, 250 kilos, they’re not going to drink 5 liters a day as a result of they nonetheless solely have 5 liters of blood, despite the fact that they’re heavier. So that they’re going to drink as much as three liters. If you happen to’re 100 kilos, you solely drink two liters a day. And that gives the uncooked materials to supply clear blood, which then goes and feeds your complete system out, which takes a shorter period of time the youthful you might be and an extended period of time the older you might be.

The subsequent gas is what we name transdermal magnesium. So I found a kind of magnesium chloride hexahydrate about 15 years in the past, which, once you put it into an answer and it takes about 12 hours to make it. So we make it in our manufacturing facility. And once you spray it in your pores and skin, it immediately goes geographically proper the place you want it. It goes in in about 90 seconds. So that you spray it throughout your physique as soon as a day minimal and even twice a day if you wish to optimize it. After which that fuels each cell in your physique with a grasp mineral referred to as magnesium chloride hexahydrate that enables the biochemical reactions to be fueled. In order that additionally comes from the ocean. All this stuff are actually ocean-derived.

One other gas is marine phytoplankton. Marine phytoplankton virtually nobody is aware of about as a result of it simply hasn’t been educated sufficient. But it surely’s two strains of marine phytoplankton which might be extracted from the ocean and grown on land in a photobioreactor. They’re heirloom unique. They’ve each dietary molecule identified to all historic knowledge in it. And once you devour it, you’re giving your physique the complete spectrum of each dietary molecule that your physique could make hormones with, create nutritional vitamins, deliver within the amino acids, the important fatty acids, the pigments, the plant minerals, and all this stuff that your physique is craving. And it brings your complete physique intelligence approach up.

In any other case, you wish to eat very clear meals. You wish to ensure that once you’re consuming animal meals that’s pasture-raised, that they’re not in an atmosphere the place they’re contaminating. The meals, the opposite meals, the greens, the fruit, you wish to make sure that aren’t sprayed with all these horrible petrochemicals that they spray with for fertilizers and for all of the pesticides and herbicides and issues like that. You wish to eat clear.

After which we, you’ve talked about hydration, and hydration is just not what folks assume. And I do know you already know this, however folks assume that in the event that they drink a whole lot of water that they’re going to hydrate themselves, however that really dehydrates you. As a result of hydration is just not how a lot water you devour however quite how a lot electrolytic fluid you devour. As a result of hydration relies upon the standard of the fluid in your physique. Eighty % of your physique is electrolytic fluid, it’s not water. While you drink water, your physique has to donate these treasured components that it has in reserve into the water and then you definately urinate it out of your physique. You lose minerals once you drink pure water.

And mineral water doesn’t enable you to both as a result of mineral water is dissolved rock. Dissolved rock is just not what your physique desires. Your physique desires, you’re a strolling ocean. It desires the vitamins from the ocean, the minerals from the ocean, is the important thing. And so then, relying on what an individual is leaning in the direction of, a food plan, possibly they’re vegetarians or vegans or they’re omnivores or carnivores or no matter they’re. I bought to ensure that it’s clear. You understand, I don’t put a title on any diets anymore. I simply came upon the meals that work the perfect with my physique. And that’s your job is to seek out different meals that make you’re feeling the perfect, that provide the most sustainable power, the place you don’t get away from consuming one thing, you already know, you don’t have some response, however you’re simply getting fueled. And proper now, due to my physique being satiated with the ocean minerals, I require 25% of the quantity of meals I required simply even a yr in the past. As a result of my physique is satiated. I get hungry like regular, however I solely want a little bit little bit of meals. I don’t acquire weight, I don’t shed extra pounds. My physique has gone proper to the place it desires to go, and it simply stays there.

Katie: That’s unimaginable. And from my understanding, you even have a spot, there’s a neighborhood rising round this with people who find themselves experimenting and wish to share their outcomes. Are you able to discuss that in any respect? After all, I’ll make sure that it’s linked as properly.

Ian: Sure, however what we’re constructing proper now could be entry factors the place folks can construct relationships with people who find themselves within the house. And it’s a spot the place you possibly can subscribe. It begins with an e mail subscription. You get tapped into the move of data, however then to have the ability to share, we haven’t bought it launched but, however we’re launching a neighborhood the place folks can are available in and get a whole lot of this info and get the suggestions as a result of what occurs to you is that you simply’re a very distinctive particular person. You will have a novel background, a novel set of genetics. And also you’re going to have some totally different experiences than others when your physique begins to take away all the undesirable materials out of your physique. Like, for instance, once you begin ingesting the ocean minerals within the water, your physique is opportunistic. And it desires to supply blood immediately. And it is aware of that you’ve by no means performed this earlier than. So your physique thinks, “Oh, that is simply non permanent.” So it can freak out, and it’ll begin to attract moisture as a lot as it may well from each a part of your physique. It’ll go to your colon and pull moisture out, which can constipate you, trigger it doesn’t imply to try this, nevertheless it simply doesn’t know. It doesn’t belief you sufficient. Your physique doesn’t belief you till you’ve been doing it for like 90 days.

And across the 90-day level, your physique’s like, I believe that is going to maintain going. I’m going to cease freaking out. I’m not going to attempt to produce blood on speedy. I’m simply going to let it occur. Your bone marrow is the place you produce the blood. So your system turns into calm. You get into equilibrium. So there’s teaching that’s wanted. And other people, you already know, so moveable folks can are available in and ask questions.

Proper now, I’ve a small platform on TikTok. I don’t go on TikTok myself as a result of I don’t have time. I don’t go on Instagram as a result of I don’t have time. However I do publish on these two platforms. And I simply have these brief little movies which might be one minute to at least one and a half minutes to present sound bites on issues that individuals can actually profit from. And I cowl as many topics as doable, every little thing from dental well being, similar to what you’ve been doing all alongside. I lastly realized that’s the way you do it. You get bite-sized info and other people can get that and go, “Okay, that sounds proper,” as a result of it’s all frequent sense primarily based. It’s all mathematical primarily based. So yeah, simply having folks subscribe and in addition to develop into a participant on this relationship constructing and get entry to deeper info and likewise some teaching.

Katie: I’ll make sure that there’s a hyperlink included to that as properly. It’s at all times a lot enjoyable to get to speak with you. I at all times study a lot, and I do know that we’ll have future conversations since you are endlessly studying and at all times are so fascinating to speak to. However Ian, thanks a lot for being right here at present. Like I stated, I’m experimenting with this stuff. I’d like to do one other episode in a couple of months, possibly, and report my very own outcomes and get to talk extra about all of this. However I’m extremely grateful to your time. Thanks for being right here at present.

Ian: And I’m additionally very grateful to your work you’ve performed in increase the viewers to serve folks at a very excessive degree.

Katie: Thanks. And thanks as at all times to all of you for listening and sharing your Most worthy sources, your time, your power, and your consideration with us at present. We’re each so grateful that you simply did, and I hope that you’ll be part of me once more on the subsequent episode of the Wellness Mama podcast.

If you happen to’re having fun with these interviews, would you please take two minutes to go away a score or overview on iTunes for me? Doing this helps extra folks to seek out the podcast, which suggests much more mothers and households may gain advantage from the knowledge. I actually recognize your time, and thanks as at all times for listening.

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