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Vastra Dhauti (Yoga Abdomen Cleaning Method): Process, Advantages & Security

Vastra Dhauti is an historic yogic apply also known as the “Yogic Cleaning of the Abdomen with Material,”. It focuses on purifying the higher abdomen area, making it notably efficient for addressing ‘Kapha’ or phlegm-related considerations.

vastra dhauti
Picture: Vastra dhauti; full fabric contained in the abdomen. Picture: Fitsri

As we discover this apply, we are going to information you thru its science, process, beneficial fabric specs, and precautions. Moreover, we are going to uncover the quite a few well being advantages related to Vastra Dhauti, shedding gentle on why it has been a cornerstone of yogic custom for hundreds of years.

What’s Vastra Dhauti?

Vastra Dhauti is a yogic apply involving the swallowing of a moistened cotton fabric to cleanse and purify the higher abdomen area.

It’s a part of Hatha Yoga’s purification strategies often called Shatkarma.

Vastra Dhauti includes the cleaning of the higher abdomen area, the place ‘Kapha dosha,’ related to phlegm and mucus, tends to build up. This accumulation can result in varied well being points, together with respiratory issues, pores and skin problems, and digestive disturbances. Vastra Dhauti is a holistic method to mitigate these considerations by successfully clearing the higher digestive tract.

This apply of Vastra Dhauti finds roots in historic yogic scriptures, with mentions in texts just like the ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika.’ The time period ‘Vastra’ interprets to “A Piece of Material” in Sanskrit, whereas ‘Dhauti’ signifies “Cleaning.” In Vastra Dhauti, a moist cotton fabric is used to cleanse the abdomen. It’s a substitute for Vamana Dhauti, the place water is employed for a similar function.

A Light But Highly effective Cleaning Course of: Vastra Dhauti is a mild, non-invasive apply that’s notably appropriate for people in search of a milder type of inner cleaning in comparison with extra intense practices. It includes swallowing a specifically ready fabric, performing sure belly actions, after which rigorously pulling the material out, successfully cleansing the abdomen lining within the course of.

Advantages Past Bodily Cleaning: Whereas the first goal of Vastra Dhauti is to clear the digestive tract of accrued phlegm and mucus, its advantages lengthen to numerous features of well-being. By sustaining balanced ‘Kapha dosha,’ this apply will help alleviate respiratory problems, enhance pores and skin well being, improve digestion, and activate the Manipura chakra, answerable for digestive hearth and vitality distribution.

The Science of Vastra Dhauti

vastra dhauti
Pulling out Vastra Dhauti fabric. Picture: Fitsri

To know the importance of Vastra Dhauti, it’s important to delve into the intricate science that underpins this yogic apply. At its core, Vastra Dhauti revolves across the stability of ‘Doshas,’ particularly ‘Kapha’ (phlegm), and the way it impacts the physique’s total well being and well-being.

The Three Doshas: In Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, the human physique’s structure is ruled by three major Doshas: ‘Kapha,’ ‘Pitta,’ and ‘Vata.’ These Doshas are answerable for varied physiological and psychological capabilities, and an imbalance in any of them can result in well being points.

  1. Kapha Dosha: Kapha represents the weather of water and earth and is related to qualities like heaviness, coldness, and stability. When imbalanced, it could result in an accumulation of phlegm, mucus, and extra moisture within the physique.

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The Function of Kapha in Well being: The meals and drinks we eat produce waste merchandise. Over time, these waste merchandise can develop into trapped within the Oesophagus (gullet) and accumulate, finally reworking into phlegm and mucus. The results of extreme mucus may be noticed throughout colds, whereas phlegm could manifest as coughing or wheezing. Consequently, the buildup of those waste merchandise results in an imbalance within the ‘Kapha dosha.’

Vastra Dhauti’s Resolution: Vastra Dhauti is carried out to take away blockages attributable to mucus within the respiratory tracts and to manage extra gastric juice secretions. In doing so, it helps restore stability to the ‘Kapha Dosha’ throughout the physique. This, in flip, contributes to the alleviation of pores and skin ailments, widespread fever, and respiratory problems.

By understanding the connection between ‘Kapha dosha’ and well being points, we will respect the very important function of Vastra Dhauti in sustaining total well-being.

Vastra Dhauti Process

Vastra dhauti cloth swallowing
Vastra Dhauti process. Picture: Fitsri

Now that we’ve a foundational understanding of Vastra Dhauti and its significance, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of this historic yogic apply. Vastra Dhauti includes a mild but highly effective strategy of purifying the higher abdomen area.

Preparation: Earlier than you start, guarantee that you’ve the next objects prepared:

  1. Vastra (Material): The material used for Vastra Dhauti ought to meet particular standards. It ought to be a finely woven cotton fabric, roughly 20 to 25 ft in size and a couple of to three inches in width (barely lower than the width of the tongue). Be certain that all corners of the material are neatly trimmed to stop fraying.
  2. Heat Saltwater: Put together a bowl or pot of heat water and blend a small quantity of salt (roughly 2 teaspoons per litre) into it. The saltwater is used to moisten the material for ease of swallowing.
  3. Glass of Heat Ingesting Water: Maintain a glass of heat ingesting water close by for sipping throughout the apply.

Step-by-Step Information to Vastra Dhauti

  1. Calm down and Put together: Start by enjoyable your physique. You’ll be able to sit in a squat pose (Utkatasana) along with your heels on the bottom and buttocks barely off the bottom, or sit with a straight backbone in Sukhasana (cross-legged place) if it’s extra comfy for you.
  2. Moisten the Material: Take one finish of the lengthy cotton fabric and dip it utterly into the nice and cozy saltwater, making it moist. Be certain that the material is completely moistened however not dripping.
  3. Place the Material: Unfold one finish of the material, at its most width, over your tongue whereas holding the opposite finish submerged within the bowl of saltwater.
  4. Swallow the Material: Maintain the higher finish of the material close to your mouth and slowly start swallowing the moist fabric. If the material will get caught or caught at any level throughout the swallowing course of, you’ll be able to take a small sip of heat water to assist its development.
  5. Belly Actions (Nauli): As soon as the material is swallowed virtually utterly inside, stand as much as apply belly actions often called Nauli. These actions assist guarantee efficient cleaning. Transfer your abdomen from proper to left, left to proper, and in a round movement. Newbies can merely churn the abdomen back and forth. Apply these actions for five to 10 minutes, guaranteeing that the material is completely manipulated.
  6. Pulling the Material Out: After finishing the belly actions, sit again in a squatting place and gently pull the material out. As you pull it out, you’ll discover that it carries with it a sticky substance and mucus from the inside lining of the intestinal tract. Rinse and sterilize the material for future use.

Be aware: It’s essential to not drink a big amount of water whereas swallowing the material. The intention is to fill the abdomen with the material, not water.

performing abdominal movements in vastra dhauti
Nauli in Vastra dhauti kriya. Picture: Fitsri

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By following this step-by-step process, you’ll be able to have interaction within the apply of Vastra Dhauti successfully and safely.

Material Used for Vastra Dhauti

The selection of fabric for Vastra Dhauti is of paramount significance, because it instantly impacts the effectiveness and security of this yogic apply.

Dimension of Vastra Dhauti Material: The material utilized in Vastra Dhauti ought to adhere to particular dimensions to make sure a easy and secure apply:

  • Size: The perfect size of the material ought to be between 20 to 25 ft. This size permits the material to succeed in the higher abdomen area successfully with out extreme materials.
  • Width: The width of the material ought to be roughly 2 to three inches, which is barely lower than the width of the tongue. This width facilitates ease of swallowing and minimizes discomfort.

Materials of the Material: Deciding on the precise materials for the material is essential for the success of Vastra Dhauti:

  • Finely Woven Cotton: The material used for Vastra Dhauti ought to be product of finely woven cotton. This pure materials is light on the digestive tract and is much less prone to trigger irritation or discomfort throughout the apply.

Trimmed Corners: To forestall any fraying or unraveling throughout the apply, it’s important to make sure that all corners of the material are neatly trimmed. This consideration to element enhances the security and effectiveness of Vastra Dhauti.

Choosing the proper fabric materials and adhering to the required dimensions are vital features of Vastra Dhauti. The proper fabric ensures that the apply is comfy and secure, permitting you to deal with the cleaning course of with out pointless distractions.

Advantages of Vastra Dhauti

Vastra Dhauti presents a big selection of advantages that reach past bodily purification. By successfully cleaning the higher abdomen area and balancing the ‘Kapha dosha,’ Vastra Dhauti contributes to holistic well-being.

Listed below are among the outstanding advantages related to Vastra Dhauti:

1. Cleaning and Detoxing: Vastra Dhauti removes impurities from the intestinal tract, detoxifying the abdomen and esophagus areas. This cleaning course of helps keep a clear path for meals and drinks, guaranteeing they attain the abdomen with out obstruction.

2. Alleviation of Digestive Points: For these scuffling with gasoline, acidity, or indigestion, Vastra Dhauti may be notably helpful. By lowering the buildup of waste and toxins within the higher digestive tract, it helps improved digestion and alleviates discomfort.

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3. Respiratory Well being Enhancement: Vastra Dhauti aids in relieving respiratory circumstances related to extra phlegm and mucus. It may be efficient in addressing bronchial asthma, bronchitis, cough, and different ‘Kapha’ or phlegm-related issues by selling clearer airways.

4. Preparation for Pranayama: A clear throat and higher digestive tract are important for efficient Pranayama (respiratory workout routines). Vastra Dhauti serves as a preparatory apply, guaranteeing unobstructed airflow throughout superior breathwork.

5. Pores and skin Well being Enchancment: The apply of Vastra Dhauti can contribute to enhanced pores and skin well being by cleaning the abdomen of poisons. This can lead to a discount in pores and skin points akin to pimples, itching, and different associated problems.

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6. Digestive Concord: A wholesome abdomen is pivotal for total digestive concord. Vastra Dhauti helps the efficient functioning of the digestive system, serving to to keep up balanced digestion and stop digestive disturbances.

7. Activation of Manipura Chakra: Vastra Dhauti stimulates the Manipura chakra, positioned within the photo voltaic plexus area. This chakra is related to igniting the digestive hearth (agni) and selling vitality within the belly space.

8. Respiratory Organ Strengthening: Constant apply of Vastra Dhauti strengthens the organs of the respiratory system, resulting in improved respiratory well being and the activation of the immune system.

Vastra Dhauti Precautions

Whereas Vastra Dhauti presents quite a few advantages for cleaning and balancing the physique, it’s important to method this apply with mindfulness and consciousness.

Listed below are some vital precautions to think about earlier than partaking in Vastra Dhauti:

1. Steering from an Professional:

  • Vastra Dhauti ought to be carried out underneath the steering of an skilled yoga trainer or practitioner who’s well-versed on this apply. Correct instruction ensures that you’re following the proper approach and reduces the danger of damage.

2. Keep away from Excessive Blood Stress and Coronary heart Circumstances:

  • People with hypertension or coronary heart circumstances ought to chorus from practising Vastra Dhauti. The apply can exert stress on the cardiovascular system, making it unsuitable for these with pre-existing coronary heart points.

3. Three-Hour Rule:

  • Apply Vastra Dhauti a minimum of three hours after your final meal. Performing the apply on a full abdomen can result in discomfort and issues.

4. Swallowing Method:

  • Pay cautious consideration to the swallowing approach. Don’t rush the method, and if the material will get caught or causes discomfort, pause and search steering. By no means power the material down.

5. Minimal Material Moistening:

  • Be certain that the material is just moistened, not dripping moist. Extreme moisture could make the material tough to swallow and improve the probabilities of choking.

6. Gradual Development:

  • If you’re new to Vastra Dhauti, begin with shorter lengths of fabric and progressively improve the size as you develop into extra comfy and skilled. Dashing into longer fabric lengths may be difficult and uncomfortable.

7. Resistance to Vomiting Urge:

  • At occasions, the material could set off the urge to vomit. It’s vital to withstand this urge and permit the apply to proceed. The urge sometimes subsides as the material progresses additional into the esophagus.

8. Keep away from Ingesting Water Throughout Apply:

  • Don’t eat massive portions of water throughout the apply. The intention is to fill the abdomen with the material, not water. Ingesting extra water can disrupt the apply.

9. Thorough Cleaning:

  • After pulling out the material, ensure to completely clear and sterilize it earlier than future use. Hygiene is important to stop contamination.

By adhering to those precautions, you’ll be able to method Vastra Dhauti with a larger diploma of security and confidence. It’s important to prioritize your well-being and apply mindfully, guaranteeing that you simply expertise the advantages of this transformative yogic approach whereas minimizing potential dangers.


Vastra dhauti includes swallowing a specifically ready cotton fabric, performing belly actions, after which rigorously pulling the material out to cleanse the higher abdomen area. Its advantages lengthen past the bodily, encompassing improved respiratory well being, preparation for superior yoga practices, enhanced pores and skin well being, digestive concord, and extra.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to method Vastra Dhauti with mindfulness and care. Practising underneath the steering of an skilled yoga trainer, particularly if you’re a newbie, is strongly beneficial. Moreover, people with hypertension, coronary heart circumstances, or particular medical considerations ought to train warning or search medical recommendation earlier than trying this apply.

FAQs about Vastra Dhauti

Q1: What’s Vastra Dhauti?

Vastra Dhauti is a yogic apply involving the swallowing of a moistened cotton fabric to cleanse and purify the higher abdomen area. It’s a part of Hatha Yoga’s purification strategies often called Shatkarma.

Q2: How do you do Vastra Dhauti? What’s the process?

The process for Vastra Dhauti contains swallowing a moistened cotton fabric, performing belly actions known as Nauli, after which rigorously pulling the material out to cleanse the higher digestive tract. Detailed directions may be discovered within the article.

Q3: What are the advantages of Vastra Dhauti?

Vastra Dhauti presents advantages akin to cleansing of the abdomen and esophagus, reduction from digestive points like gasoline and acidity, improved respiratory well being, preparation for superior yoga practices, and enhanced pores and skin well being.

This fall: What are the dangers or risks of Vastra Dhauti?

Dangers embody choking if not achieved accurately, discomfort, and potential issues for people with hypertension or coronary heart circumstances. Correct steering and approach are essential to attenuate dangers.

Q5: How lengthy ought to the material be for Vastra Dhauti? What’s the beneficial fabric size?

The beneficial fabric size for Vastra Dhauti is 20 to 25 ft. Newbies can begin with shorter lengths and progressively progress to longer ones.

Q6: Is Vastra Dhauti secure?

Vastra Dhauti may be secure when practiced accurately and underneath supervision. It might not be appropriate for people with particular medical circumstances, so seek the advice of a healthcare skilled or yoga trainer.

Q7: How typically must you do Vastra Dhauti?

The frequency of Vastra Dhauti varies. Some apply it often, whereas others do it periodically. Seek the advice of with a certified yoga trainer to find out an acceptable frequency on your apply.

Q8: Can Vastra Dhauti trigger any hurt?

Improper apply can result in discomfort, choking, or issues. To reduce hurt, comply with correct approach, begin with shorter fabric lengths, and apply underneath supervision.

Q9: What are the contraindications for Vastra Dhauti? When must you not do it?

Vastra Dhauti ought to be prevented by people with hypertension, coronary heart circumstances, or sure medical considerations. Pregnant girls and people with gastrointestinal problems ought to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled earlier than trying it.

Q10: What sort of fabric ought to be used for Vastra Dhauti? Does the fabric matter?

Use finely woven cotton fabric for Vastra Dhauti. The fabric ought to be clear and hygienic, with no particular restrictions on cotton sort. High quality and cleanliness are extra vital than the precise sort of cotton.

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