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Causes Why Your Bike Wont Shift Gears And How To Repair It

The commonest perpetrator of why your bike gained’t shift is Poor Adjustment and the commonest poor adjustment that you would be able to have in your bike is an improper Cable Pressure. It’s also attainable that your Shifter Is Broken or you’re having issues together with your rear or entrance Derailleur

Struggling to shift into increased or decrease gears can actually set in frustration. Particularly if you face this downside whereas cruising alongside a scenic bike path. Nothing ruins the using thrill like stiff gear! However most of your gear-shifting issues have sensible options. So, let’s start by figuring out what’s actually the explanation behind your caught gear!

Causes Why Your Gear Received’t Shift: Gear Shifting Points 

Fixing Bicycle Gear Issues

I like to trip my mountain bike on tough tracks. That implies that I’ve to shift gears greater than usually and one factor that I’ve change into an professional on is why your bike gained’t shift gears. The gear feels caught when you panic about what to do subsequent. However concern not, my fellow comrades, the answer begins with merely figuring out the problem you may need!

1. Poorly Adjusted Cable Pressure 

Symptom: A gradual or incomplete gear change, Issue Shifting 

Correct cable pressure performs an enormous in exact gear shifting. In case your pressure is simply too unfastened or too tight, it can limit the motion of your bike’s derailleur. With time, overly stretched cables change into worn out. This additionally impacts your cable pressure. When this occurs, you will be unable to shift gears. 

2. Worn Out Chain And Cassette 

Chains Breaking
Chains Breaking

Symptom: Chain slipping over the cogs or skipping 

Generally, the perpetrator is a worn-out chain or cassette. The chain stretches between the cassette tooth and it wears down, or it could not mesh because it ought to with the gears. This may end up in your bike skipping a gear or just refusing to shift to a better or decrease gear. 

Calculate the appropriate chain size: Guarantee your bike’s chain is the proper size by following our directions on bike chain size.

3. Uneven Derailleur Adjustment

Signs: Misaligned gears and inconsistent altering 

The Derailleur is the a part of your bike that’s chargeable for shifting the chain throughout gears. Your derailleur must be correctly adjusted in an effort to work. If not, your gears can be misaligned and your bike won’t shift easily. 

4. Broken Parts

Filanto Slr Components
Filanto Slr Parts

Signs: Noisy and poor shifting 

Your chain, derailleur pulleys, and cassette are the components which might be essentially the most uncovered to filth and attainable harm. As soon as these components get broken or soiled, they make it troublesome to shift gears. When filth accumulates, it causes friction. The components don’t have interaction appropriately resulting in caught gears. 

5. A Bent Derailleur Hanger 

Signs: Issue staying in gear and shifting 

A Derailleur hanger is a really small piece that one can find in your derailleur. It attaches the derailleur to the body. Whether it is bent or not aligned, it can immediately have an effect on the place of the derailleur. This ends in shifting issues. 

6. Misaligned Chainlike 

Adjusting Bicycle Chain
Adjusting Bicycle Chain

Signs: Improper chain engagement and noisy shifting

The chainlike is the alignment of the chain with the entrance cog and the rear one. When it’s misaligned, the chain doesn’t sit correctly on the gears. This causes the gear to get caught as a result of the chain just isn’t shifting appropriately.  

Learn to repair a motorbike chain: Try our complete information on the way to repair a motorbike chain to get again on the highway very quickly!

7. Broken Or Damaged Shifters 

Symptom: Lack of ability To Shift Gears 

Broken or worn-out shifters don’t have interaction with the gears as they need to. Shifters get broken when they’re uncovered to a sudden influence. They’ll additionally put on out earlier than their time since you may need by chance uncovered them to dangerous parts. 

8. Having Worn Out Jockey Wheels 

Signs: Issue in sustaining gear and noisy shifting 

If you’re listening to this phrase for the primary time, it’s okay. Now we have all been there. After I heard the phrase Jockey Wheels in a video I questioned what Jockey Wheels must do with a motorbike. I used to be fairly mistaken. Jockey wheels are additionally current on the derailleur. Their job is to information your chain by the gears. You didn’t suppose the chain saved leaping by itself, did you?

With negligence, these jockey wheels can put on out. This results in poor engagement and it may be a cause why your bike gained’t shift gear.

9. Soiled Or Sticky Cables 

Fixing Bike Cable
Fixing Bike Cable

Signs: Unresponsive shifting or stiffness

This largely occurs if you fail to wash your bike correctly. So over time, the shifter cables will accumulate sufficient grim and filth to change into sticky. The cables will begin feeling sluggish and change into unresponsive. When this occurs, you will be unable to shift gears in any respect. 

10. Mismatched Bike Parts 

Signs: Gear skipping and shifting points

Your drivetrain wants particular parts which might be designed particularly to work with it. Possibly one can find low-cost alternate options available in the market, however they are going to most likely not match your drivetrain. Utilizing a series or a cassette that doesn’t fit your drivetrain will solely trigger poor shifting or worse, you may not have the ability to shift in any respect. 

How To Repair A Gear That Received’t Shift: Icebike’s Options

It’s attainable that your gear is caught since you are dealing with one of many above-mentioned points. Out of all of the totally different options I’ve tried with my caught gears thus far, I’ve compiled the easiest-to-follow ones. So relaxation assured, you’ll be shifting like a professional once more very quickly!

1. Adjusting Cable Pressure 

  1. Shift your gear to the smallest rear cog or the chainring. 
  2. Loosen up the pinch bolt on the derailleur cable. 
  3. Utilizing a barrel adjuster, alter your cable pressure till you are feeling that your shift is exact. 
  4. Now tighten the bolt to safe your cable.

2. Changing Worn Out Chain And Cassette 

  1. Use a series put on instrument to recurrently look at your chain. Change it when it’s excessively worn out.
  2. Look at your cassette at intervals. Change it should you see any broken tooth. 
  3. Be sure that your chain and cassette are suitable. 

3. Fixing Adjustment Points 

Bike Rear Derailleur
Bike Rear Derailleur
  1. You will have to shift to the smallest rear cog or chain ring. 
  2. Use a barrel adjuster and align your jockey wheel with the smallest rear cog. 
  3. Now shift by all of the gears to guarantee that the shifting is easy. 

4. Changing Broken Parts 

  1. I recommend recurrently cleansing your parts with a degreaser to keep away from dealing with this downside within the first place. 
  2. When you find yourself cleansing, examine all of your parts to seek out any broken parts, If sure, exchange them. 

Tip: Lubricating your bike components will cut back friction. I desire to make use of the Smoove Lube however you should utilize whichever you want.  

5. Fixing A Bent Derailleur Hanger 

  1. Utilizing a derailleur hanger alignment instrument, straighten your derailleur hanger. 
  2. You will have to exchange your derailleur hanger whether it is severely broken. 

Tip: You may repair your derailleur hanger with none particular instrument. Watch this video to learn the way: 

6. Aligning The Chain 

  1. Look at the alignment of your chainring and your rear cog. 
  2. If they aren’t aligned with the chain, you must heart them in order that they’re parallel to one another. 
  3. If any of your parts are broken, exchange them. 
  4. Some bikes have spacers or washers between the chainrings. Be sure that they’re appropriately positioned. If not, reposition or exchange them as a result of they’ll have an effect on your chain line. 
  5. To regulate your chainring place, barely loosen the bolts that maintain your chainring to the crankset. Watch out, don’t take away them totally. 
  6. Now very gently shift the chainring to align it. It ought to be in the midst of your chainstay. After getting achieved this place, retighten the bolts. Be sure that the chainring doesn’t transfer if you end up doing so. 
  7. You may equally test the positioning of your rear cog. However the rear cog must be positioned appropriately in your cassette physique or the freehub. 

Tip: Additionally test your wheel alignment. A misaligned wheel also can trigger the chain to be misaligned. 

Maximize your bike’s efficiency: Improve your biking expertise by studying the way to wax your bike chain for improved effectivity and longevity.

7. Fixing Or Changing Damaged Shifters 

  1. Intently examine your shifters. Search for any seen harm. Change your shifters if they’re damaged or broken. 
  2. If you happen to suspect an inner harm, it won’t be simple to repair. If so, I’ll recommend getting skilled assist.

8. Addressing The Jockey Wheel Issues 

  1. In case your jockey wheels are broken you’ll have to exchange them

Tip: One strategy to keep away from having worn-out jockey wheels is to wash them recurrently. Clear your jockey wheels after which apply a lubricant. This reduces friction. 

9. Cleansing Sticky Cables 

  1. Gently detach your cables out of your shifters and derailleurs. 
  2. Take a degreaser and completely clear your cables. 
  3. Utilizing a tender clear fabric, dry them
  4. As soon as you’re carried out cleansing, take a lubricant, I desire to make use of a cable-specific lubricant. Lubricate your cable by making use of a recent coat. 
  5. Now reattach your cable and check out shifting your gear. 

10 Changing Mismatched Parts 

  1. Your parts ought to be designed for a similar pace. You may need 8-speeds or 10-speeds, regardless of the case, guarantee that all of your parts like your chain, derailleurs, and even the chain ring have been designed for a similar pace. 
  2. If you must improve any element, seek the advice of your bike producer‘s web site. You too can go to an area bike store to get assist. 

Options For Bike That Received’t Shift Into Lowest Gear

Downside Answer
Restore or Change Derailleur or Hanger
  • If both element is barely bent, realign with an adjustable wrench (take away the derailleur from the hanger first).
  • If the hanger is bent, think about shopping for a brand new one for a simple substitute.
  • If both element is severely broken, think about changing it for optimum shifting.
Modify L Restrict Screw
  • Tighten the L restrict screw totally.
  • Manually shift into the bottom gear attainable whereas turning the crank arms.
  • Progressively loosen the L restrict screw 1 / 4 flip counter-clockwise till easy shifting is achieved.
Modify B Screw or Barrel Adjuster to Scale back Pressure
  • Find the B screw behind the derailleur.
  • Shift into the bottom gear and test the information wheel place.
  • Make small clockwise activates the B screw to extend the hole.
  • If chain pressure continues to be excessive, use the barrel adjuster to alleviate pressure progressively.
Clear or Change Cables
  • Visually examine the shift cable for filth or harm.
  • Clear the cable if it’s soiled or exchange it if it’s rusty or broken.

Options For Bike That Received’t Shift Into Highest Gear

Downside Answer
Modify H Restrict Screw
  • Tighten H restrict screw totally.
  • Manually shift into the best gear attainable whereas turning the crank arms.
  • Progressively loosen H restrict screw 1 / 4 flip counter-clockwise till easy shifting is achieved.
Modify B Screw or Barrel Adjuster to Improve Pressure
  • Use the B screw to lower the hole between cogs and derailleur information wheels.
  • To extend pressure, flip the barrel adjuster counter-clockwise for crisper shifts.

Suggestions For Excellent Shifting- IceBike’s Particular 

 All of us try for an ideal gear shift, don’t we? What else will we cyclists need? After I began biking, I used to get very anxious each time I needed to change the gear. That is without doubt one of the the explanation why I confronted a caught gear extra quantities of time than I wish to admit. However I realized from my errors so that you don’t must repeat them. 

Listed here are my ideas for an ideal gear shift. They may even make it easier to keep away from having a caught gear in any respect:

1. Clear Your Bike

Bike Cleaning Agent
Bike Cleansing Agent

The procrastinator in me all the time needed to delay this. However belief me, a clear bike performs an enormous function in easy shifting. Clear your derailleurs and shifters. Don’t neglect these cables. 

2. Don’t Overlook To Lubricate 

Lubricating Bicycle Chain
Lubricating Bicycle Chain

I’ve mentioned it earlier than and I’m saying it once more, Use a good-quality lubricator. You don’t have to make use of something excessive however do be certain it’s of first rate high quality. Sparingly lubricate your chain and wipe off something extreme. 

3. Time For Advantageous-Tuning 

Take out time for fine-tuning your derailleur, your entrance, and the rear derailleur. It is rather essential for correct shifting. 

Give your bike a tune-up: Uncover the important steps for a correct bike tune-up with our information on tuning up your bike.

4. Keep away from Being Excessive

I keep away from utilizing excessive gear combos. It’s not wanted in any respect and simply places further pressure on the drivetrain. Attempt to shift one gear at a time. 

5. Pay attention To Your Bike Sounds

Listen if you end up shifting gears. A noise or squeaky shifting normally means that there’s a downside that wants your consideration. 

6. Keep away from Common Soiled Driving 

It’s enjoyable to trip within the sand, I admit it. However regularly using within the mud or sand and never cleansing your bike afterward is rather like asking for gear-shifting issues. Don’t do this!

7. Apply!

If you’re new to biking, attempt to come up with shifting by using on a flat floor first. 

Keep in mind, it’s higher to change your gear if you end up beginning to climb relatively than doing it halfway. Attempt to anticipate the change in your observe to attain a exact shifting. 


Why Are Some Of My Gears Not Shifting?

A few of your gears may not shift due to a broken shifter, misaligned chain, or perhaps a broken or over-stretched cable. Seek advice from your bike’s guide to see when you have the correct pressure. Adjusting your cables may remedy the problem. 

What Is Ghost Shifting?

Ghost shifting implies that your bike begins making unintended gear modifications. These modifications are spontaneous and they’re actually because you’ve gotten cable pressure points or a misaligned derailleur. 


Exact gear shifting is the important thing to having fun with an environment friendly trip. After getting recognized the explanation behind your gear downside, the answer goes to be simple to work on. My professional ideas maintain all of the secrets and techniques to conquering gear-shifting challenges. 

So, observe my ideas, preserve your bike, and trip with confidence figuring out that no matter biking downside you might face, one can find an answer for it right here. Joyful Ridding With A Clean Shifting!

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  2. Guarantee your brakes are excellent: Security first! Learn how to tighten and align your brakes for optimum stopping energy.
  3. Grasp the wheelie: Impress your pals and enhance your bike expertise by mastering the artwork of the bike wheelie.
  4. Get an additional increase: Concerned about including a motor to your mountain bike? Try our information on putting in a motor on a mountain bike to discover your choices.
  5. Begin your mountain biking journey: If you happen to’re new to mountain biking, our information for mountain bike novices is the proper place to begin your journey.

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